OMF V3C241 He Should Do His Part

“My love, you shouldn’t hastily promise anything.” Qiu Ling looked at Jing Yi imploringly, his thoughts clearly written on his face: My love, we wanted to marry when we return! What if that stupid mission takes a lot of time? Let’s just turn them down and enjoy our blissful life as a couple! Clearly, he had no regard for the sect at all.

Jing Yi observed the minute changes in Qiu Ling’s expression before he hastily turned back to Sect Master Yuchi. The longer he looked at that man, the more he would start to waver. But this wasn’t something he could waver on. The Yun Zou Sect was important. They had given him a place to live and the opportunity to become a cultivator and realize his dream. This was something he was grateful for, something he owed them for in return. Thus, especially now that he had finally started cultivating, he should do his part to pay them back.

Normally, a person like him who was merely in the outer sect and of a laughable low level compared to others wouldn’t get a chance to ever do so. At most, they could do some menial tasks or get one of the simplest missions in the hopes of making up for even a fraction of what the Yun Zou Sect offered them. Since he knew that, how could he refuse when the Sect Master offered him to do a mission that was this important?

Jing Yi had already made up his mind but seeing Qiu Ling’s reaction, Sect Master Yuchi was a little hesitant to explain any further. The Grandmaster’s disciple was an important person for their sect. Not only was he of a high level but he even had a special constitution. That was someone even he as the Sect Master had to humor a bit. After all, it was their good luck to get a disciple like this. In the future, this person’s prospects were boundless. If he remembered them fondly by then, it would be good for them.

Since Qiu Ling didn’t want his fiance to go it might be better to find another candidate for this. It was an easy thing to achieve and if it allowed them to keep him happy …

Then again … He thought of what Yu Jin had said. It was true that the Elders might have something to say if Jing Yi was just raised to the status of an inner sect disciple like that. And a marriage without him being an inner sect disciple would make them a laughingstock in the good faction. How could he allow that? It was also for their own good to have Zhong Jing Yi take on this mission.

Yuchi Bing Xia made up his mind but he still decided to explain his reasons first. Maybe that would make the Grandmaster’s disciple drop his harsh attitude on the situation. “Actually, it’s not like you are the only person who could do this. But you are one of the most suitable candidates and considering your circumstances, I’d like to give you the chance to take on this mission.

“The situation is as follows: A while back I was informed by the Sect Master of the Chun Feng Sect that one of their disciples went missing. This is quite the peculiar case because the same happened to her older sister a long time ago. Both were talented cultivators and they both vanished seemingly overnight. We don’t know anything about it despite the fact that both times a man seemed to be involved.”

“Oh,” Qiu Ling injected with a deadpan expression. “So you want us to find out who their secret lover is. That shouldn’t be too hard. I guess we’ll be back in no time.”

Yuchi Bing Xia blinked and took a look at Grandmaster Zhangsun. That man didn’t seem to have heard though. The Sect Master coughed and turned back to Jing Yi. He felt like this boy was the only normal person here. He should try to communicate with him directly. “It’s highly likely that this has to do with the demonic faction and is only part of a larger plan. We decided to send somebody over to find out more and inform us of their intent.”

“So you’re sending over a spy.” Qiu Ling looked less than thrilled. This guy couldn’t be serious! His beloved, the good-natured Son of Heaven, was supposed to infiltrate a demonic sect and spy on those guys?! How could that be possible?

Unfortunately, Sect Master Yuchi nodded. “That is indeed true. I know this is a difficult mission. After all, you’ll have to hide your true identity and try to adjust to their lifestyle. It definitely won’t be easy. But it is also the only feasible approach to find out what happened to those two women.

“If you decide to do this, then you’ll have several tasks: First, locate the missing disciples and find out if there are more than those two. Second, find the reason behind the kidnappings, and all the details of how it was done. Third, uncover all the demonic sects partaking in the operation and reveal their larger plan.”

“I understand.” Jing Yi nodded. He didn’t understand why he of all people had been chosen for this mission but he would gladly take it. This was his chance to prove himself, his chance to do something for the sect, his chance to become a powerful cultivator that could help the common people, and someone that could stand equally next to Qiu Ling. This was what he wanted. Why wouldn’t he take the Sect Master up on this chance?

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