Announcement: Next Batch of Revised OMF Chapters Incoming

Just a short heads-up: I’ve almost finished revising the next bit of the second volume of Oh. My. Fate?! so I’ll start uploading these days.
These are mostly new chapters so if you’re getting email notifications … let this be my apology in advance 😶

Honestly, there will be loooooads of new chapters. I mean volume 2 originally only had 88 chapters (it was the shortest volume, in fact) and I’ll have to push lots of them (actually it’s almost the entire second half … *cough*) into a completely new third volume (and I’m still at almost 90 chapters for volume 2 😶) because there are just so many things I originally wanted to include in the series but didn’t because time and stuff and, ugh, now I really want to have it in there after all because I just feel it’ll make OMF a much better story 😣
So I hope you can bear with it for a bit. I’ll try to upload several chapters at once again. I’ve found out you’ll still get one email per upload but at least they’ll all come at once which will hopefully be less annoying 😅 (If anyone can think of a better way to do this, tell me in the comments!)

For the curious: Why the heck a new volume?

In case anyone’s curious about how this whole ‘new third volume’-thing will play out and what will be left in volume 2 … ***caution please for everyone who didn’t read the first version this will likely contain spoilers*** What is currently marked as chapter 47 (“Nothing Has Changed”) to 88 (“He Turned His Life Upside Down”) in part 3 of volume 2 will all be in volume 3, “Wandering Cultivator” and will be supplemented by completely new chapters that detail the one-year journey that Qiu Ling and Jing Yi went on.

The reason for this is that I feel this time is an important milestone in their relationship because this is where they actually get closer (since there wasn’t much time for that in the sect) and this is also the basis for how they manage to work together in “Demonic Sect Spy”. It will also give me more time to explore Qiu Ling’s backstory which didn’t have enough room in the first version IMO but was also important since this is where Jing Yi originally finds out about Jing He and we know what that means 😁 Also, I think that Qiu Ling’s tragic backstory deserves a bit more room considering he’s the main male lead and it’s important for those … other things as well (*ahem* Not looking at you, Jinde …)

With all that stuff now being in volume 3, there’s much more room in volume 2 for the other characters like Shao Hai, Xiao Dong, Yu Jin, Jinde or even Jin Ling (you might have noticed already if you’ve followed the new version 😉). I hope that this will make it less jarring to read when the later volumes focus more on other characters than Jing Yi (*cough* volume 6 *cough*) since they’re just much better established than they were in the first version. It will also fill in some blanks that I previously only mentioned in passing (Like how tf is the demon king married to a goddess?) and I’ll be able to focus slightly more on the cultivation/sword art aspect that I often glossed over as well.

Anyway, I hope the new chapters will add to the series (I think they do but I’d also love to get some feedback in case any of you has read both versions 😁) and make reading OMF overall more enjoyable.

ETA: If you want to know more about the new volume 3, I have made a detailed post about the individual changes, not only explaining what I changed or addes respectively but also why I decided to do so.

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