Announcement: First Upload OMF Revision Volume 2

I’m almost through the first part of the revision of Oh My. Fate?!s second volume so I’ll start uploading that today. Please be warned: There are a lot of completely new chapters in this volume so if you’re subscribed to my blog, you’ll get several notifications per email. I’ll try to update several chapters at once every time so that the notifications will hopefully get bundled. Not sure if that’ll work though but I think it’s worth a try. 😊

Overall, the update will likely take me two to three days. I’ll leave another note when I’ve finished.

Announcement: OMF Revision – Upload #3

I’ve finished the revision of the first volume of Oh. My. Fate?! so I’ll start uploading the last batch of chapters starting tomorrow morning. I should finish with the upload this weekend. After I’m done, I’ll add a remark to the table of contents that the whole volume has been revised and delete the ‘°’ symbol that previously marked a revised chapter.

Afterward, I’ll start working on volume 2 and will go about it in the same way: The chapters will be posted daily on Tapas and ScribbleHub and when I’ve finished off a larger batch, I’ll announce it here and upload them together. I’ll also continue to indicate them the same way in the table of contents.

Announcement: OMF Revised Version, Chapter 61-112

Before I get to today’s chapters, here comes a short announcement: As you probably know already I’m uploading the revised version of OMF in batches. Now, it’s time for the second batch!

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be uploading chapter 61 (“Let Them Spend Time Together”, previously chapter 54) to 112 (“Just a Friendly Spar”, a new chapter).

Since that’s quite a lot and I’m also updating the navigation (a.k.a. inputting buttons so you can click ‘next’ or ‘previous’ to navigate the series) this will likely take a few days. As usual, I’ll also update the ToC and mark the chapters of the revised version with a ‘°’-symbol.

Sorry for any inconvenience I’m causing those that are reading the first volume right now!

Update: OMF Revision

About a week back, I announced that I would upload the first batch of chapters of the revised version of Oh. My. Fate?! to my website. Or maybe I should rather say that I wanted to exchange the chapters of the first version for the new one. Anyway, I’ve finally uploaded the last one of them today! 😊

So the first 60 chapters of “Mortal Child” are the chapters of the revised version now. If you’re unsure whether a chapter is of the first or the revised version you can recognize the revised ones through the °-symbol in the Table of Contents on the series’ main page from now on. Chapters of the first version won’t have the “°”.

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Announcement Regarding OMF’s Revision

You probably remember that I announced a revised version of “Oh. My. Fate?!” some time last year. I only uploaded that version on Tapas until now since I didn’t want it to interfere with the people currently reading the series.

By now, I’ve managed to revise the first half of the first volume “Mortal Child” so I’ve decided to upload the revised version on my website too. This will happen over the next couple of days (So expect some more notifications than usual if you’ve subscribed to my website!) and concern the chapters 1 (“Descending to the Mortal World”) to 53 (“Some Stupid Law”). So in case you are currently reading that part of the novel, you might want to put it on hold until I’ve exchanged the first version with the revised one or at least take note of which chapter you’re currently reading since the revised version has more (7 to be exact) chapters than the first one.

The chapters of the revised version will be marked on the main page of Oh. My. Fate?! until the whole volume is finished. I’ll go about uploading the revised version of the other volumes in the same way but always give you a heads-up before.

About the Versions of Oh. My. Fate?!

On May 19, 2018, I started writing my first web novel series, Oh. My. Fate?!. As it often is with new things there is a bit of trial and error involved and now that I’ve almost reached the end of the fourth volume of the series I sometimes look back and think “Damn, I could have done better!”. Continue reading