LWS V5C36 You’re My Lover

Su Yan took the bracelet from his boyfriend and rubbed the engraving only to be left with nothing. He stared at the empty spot and frowned. What was this? Could it be the system had only wanted to show him the new task? What about his current progress, ah! He wanted to know just how many tasks they still needed to do.
He frowned at it and rubbed again but the bracelet stayed the way it was before. Stupid thing! It was clearly bullying him! What kind of behavior was that for a system? He pursed his lips and looked at Nie Chang for comfort.
Unfortunately, there was nothing his boyfriend could do besides looking helpless. After all, there were still two cultivators in front of them, even though Xue Chang Fu seemed to have stopped paying attention to them and was already harassing Elder Yue again. “You can take a look when we go back. Let’s finish this mission first.”
Su Yan nodded. That was also true. Such a special mission should give them a lot of experience points so they should do it anyway. And since they had already accompanied the Sect Master onto his mission, it shouldn’t be so hard to help him find happiness. Although … he really couldn’t understand how Xue Chang Fu’s happiness was tied to demonic cultivators.
Could it be that this would be like in ‘Like a Ray in My Night’? Would Xue Chang Fu be injured in an ambush of the demonic cultivators? And then Yue Mu Gang would finally understand his true feelings for him, care for him until all the poison was cleared out of his system, and finally confess to him resulting in them getting together and living happily ever after?
Su Yan tried to imagine it but considering how the Sect Master and the Elder had behaved until now … he couldn’t picture it. Never mind that Xue Chang Fu was one of the strongest cultivators in the Jin Shan Sect that wouldn’t get easily injured, he also didn’t seem like the type of person that would have any tragic near-death experiences. If he was hit with a deadly poison, he might even start making jokes about how only Yue Mu Gang could heal him with the power of true love or something. And considering how the Elder always brushed him off … he might just leave him to die. End of the story.
Su Yan tightened his lips. These two weren’t cooperative at all! How were they supposed to make them get together in less than a day? That was completely impossible!
Nie Chang gave an indulgent smile before schooling his expression again. He tugged at Su Yan’s sleeve and they followed the other two to a table.
Su Yan sat down in a bad mood. He certainly hadn’t wanted his characters to be so troublesome! Couldn’t they make things easier and just get together?
Seeing Su Yan frown on the other side of the table Xue Chang Fu blinked. “What’s wrong, Xiao Hai?”
Su Yan pursed his lips and looked at him reproachfully. This guy still dared to ask! But what had he expected of a character that didn’t respect its creator?
The Sect Master smiled. “Come on, you can’t still be angry about what I said yesterday, can you?”
“Hmph.” Su Yan turned to the side only to be met with the face of his boyfriend who seemed like he wanted to communicate something with his eyes. Su Yan turned in the other direction. Since it hadn’t looked like he had a plan on how to finish the special mission, there was no need to figure it out! Maybe Nie Chang even wanted him to be nice to that guy!
Xue Chang Fu looked at Su Yan a little longer before turning to Yue Mu Gang and making use of the situation. “Ah Gang, you have to know, actually, we talked about you. I was telling Xiao Hai what a great man you are and that if he ever wanted to find a partner in the future, he should go and find someone similar to you. I’m afraid I praised you too much so now he’s angry that he can’t have you. It certainly wasn’t my intention! I know perfectly well that you only love me! I just wanted to advise him since I was able to find such a perfect man. Who could have known it would turn out like this?”
The Sect Master wasn’t impacted in the least by the lack of reaction. Instead, he slipped closer to Yue Mu Gang and put a hand on his chest, stroking the firm muscles through the dark robe. “You don’t have to worry about it. Xiao Hai is still young. It’s just a crush. He’ll get over it with a bit of time.”
“Can we concentrate on the mission?”
“Sure! Sure, we can! I made a great plan!” His eyes sparkled, clearly begging Yue Mu Gang to ask what this was about.
The Elder took a deep breath and finally gave in. “Tell then.”
“Well, we have to observe them secretly so we have to take on suitable roles to do this mission. I’ve thought long and hard about it and have already come up with the best possible identities for us: We’ll be a close-knit group of cultivators out on an outing to let the youngest one among us experience the world! The youngest one will naturally be Xiao Hai. Senior martial brother will be Xiao Hai’s Master, I’ll be senior martial brother’s junior martial brother and you’ll be —”
“An Elder from the Jin Shan Sect.”
Xue Chang Fu frowned. “No! Of course not! You’re my lover!”
Yue Mu Gang looked at the ceiling. Were they talking about a mission or about reality here? Somehow, he wasn’t sure anymore.

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