LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (3): Master Always Wins

Zhang Yi Fei didn’t see herself as a petty person. She definitely wouldn’t run to her Master to tell on Yan Hong Min because she thought that this method would inflict the most damage on the perpetrator. No, she was doing this because it was the official way for handling such a problem!
When Elder Rong heard that some bastard had dared to send his little junior martial brother to stick a wind summoning talisman onto one of his female disciples’ back, he silently walked to the wall, picked up his big battle-ax and walked over to Elder Baili’s house. He didn’t waste time with knocking and directly struck down with his ax.
Elder Baili who had been cultivating in his study leaped to his feet and drew his sword, hurrying to the door in case demonic cultivators were breaking in. When he saw the person that had come instead …
“Ah? What are you doing here? And what’s with the ax? And my door? What happened to my door?”
“Baili Chao! Still dare to ask! Was it your disciple who had his junior martial brother stick a wind summoning talisman to my disciple’s back or was it your disciple?!”
Baili Chao lowered his sword. “Wind summoning talisman? Your disciple’s back?” He narrowed his eyes. “Which disciples are we talking about?”
“Your Yan Hong Min and my Zhang Yi Fei!”
“That bastard! I’ll get him for you!” Elder Baili hurried past Elder Rong and ran all the way to Yan Hong Min’s house. He didn’t waste time with knocking and just struck down with his sword. “Bastard! Get out here! What did you try to do to Elder Rong’s disciple?! And how could you involve your junior martial brother?! Will you only be content if you’ve ruined him?!”
Naturally, Yan Hong Min hadn’t returned to his house after he saw his plan fail and had instead hidden away. Watching the two Elders with their weapons in hand running around crazily, he clasped his hands over his mouth so he wouldn’t burst out laughing. Ah, he couldn’t return home for a while though. He would need to wait until his Master had calmed do—
Yan Hong Min’s eyes bulged. What was his Master doing there?!
Elder Baili had returned to the house and brought out a big stack of papers, throwing them on the ground and lifting his hands. A small flame appeared at his fingertip. “Bastard! Come out here now or I’m going to burn your damned talismans! And when I’m done with them, all the other stuff in that house will follow suit! Damn it, if you don’t show your stupid self and apologize to Elder Rong and his disciple, I’ll burn down the whole house and deny that you’ve ever been my disciple!”
Yan Hong Min looked from the small, vulnerable heap of his hard work to the big, shiny ax of Elder Rong and gulped. Finally, he climbed out of his hiding place and dragged his feet over.
A little further away, Yun Bei Fen tugged at his third senior martial brother’s sleeve. “Third senior martial brother, who do you think won the game?”
Luo Lin smiled and patted his little junior’s head. “It’s Master. Master always wins.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded and watched how Yan Hong Min was made to kneel before Elder Rong and even had to knock his head on the ground while apologizing. After a while, he tugged at Luo Lin’s sleeve again. “Third senior martial brother, if Master always wins, then who wins when you play with the other senior martial brothers?”
Luo Lin touched his cheek and looked up at the sky. “When I play with the other senior martial brothers … Who knows?” He felt like he was winning a lot but then again, they didn’t seem to lose out either. In the end, he patted Yun Bei Fen’s head again. “You can find out on your own when you have cultivated a little more.”

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