LWS V5C37 Secretly in Love

Seeing that his victim didn’t reject the idea Xue Chang Fu smiled mischievously and slipped closer, wrapping tightly around his arm. “We have to make sure that it’s very believable! How about I cling to you while senior martial brother advises Xiao Hai a bit on his cultivation?”
“I don’t think it needs that to be believable.”
Xue Chang Fu still leaned closer and rubbed the Elders chest. “So you think we look a lot like a couple even without being this close?”
Yue Mu Gang glanced at him without speaking and naturally, the Sect Master didn’t let go and instead snuggled up to him even closer.
Nie Chang watched the two interact and couldn’t help but feel that something was off. Those two were obviously very familiar with each other. That wasn’t anything strange considering they had known each other for years as members of the same sect but the way they treated each other … The Sect Master liked the Elder so he pestered him all day long. That wasn’t surprising either. But why didn’t Yue Mu Gang shrug the Sect Master off for real if he hated his advances?
He was certainly able to do so. Don’t kid him! This guy might be quiet most of the time and thus wasn’t as eye-catching as the Sect Master but he was definitely one of the strongest people in the Jin Shan Sect. Between him and the Sect Master, it was even hard to say who was stronger.
If he had understood it right, then with a higher cultivation base impurities would be shed from the bodies. In Su Yan’s story, these impurities also seemed to comprise of color pigments. Otherwise, why had the strongest cultivator, Ziju An, snow white hair while Dou Fang Hai with the lowest cultivation sported a head full of ink black hair? The same could be said about their eye color.
As for the two people opposite them … Xue Chang Fu’s hair had turned a light brown while Yue Mu Gang’s hair was still dark but gave off a hardly perceptible golden hue. The situation of their eye color was opposite though. While Xue Chang Fu’s eyes had stayed black, Yue Mu Gang’s had lightened to a silvery-gray. As for their skin … There wasn’t much difference to that of Ziju An. All three of them had the type of skin that would be described as jade-like in a novel. They were obviously all powerhouses.
Nie Chang glanced at his little darling that curiously looked around everywhere. Dou Fang Hai’s skin wasn’t dark if compared to that of a normal human but next to these strong cultivators it stood out like a sore thumb. Well, he was the youngest of the four people and since he was supposed to be a disciple now … Ah, no, he actually was Ziju An’s disciple. It was normal for him to look like this.
Nie Chang looked back at the Sect Master and the Elder. Whoever might be stronger between them, Yue Mu Gang shouldn’t have trouble to get someone that bothered him off his back. But he didn’t do so. Did this mean … he actually liked the Sect Master but didn’t dare to admit it because of some reason?
If that was the case, it would make their lives much easier. Making someone fall in love in one day was almost impossible but if that person already was in love and only needed a push in the right direction, then things might be different. They just had to find out why he didn’t want to get together with Sect Master Xue despite the other’s very obvious advances.
Mn, with how tight-lipped that guy was, their chances should be higher if they tried to get something out of the Sect Master. They couldn’t be too obvious though. Maybe … He glanced at Su Yan but immediately dropped the idea. No, asking Su Yan to investigate this was bound to cause a disaster. Furthermore, there was no idea to tell him in front of these two, was there? Ah, they needed a moment to themselves …
Opposite them, Yue Mu Gang finally gave in to the person clinging to him. “Alright, we pretend to be someone else. Then what? We just wait?”
Xue Chang Fu chuckled. “What are you saying, silly? Naturally, we will … drink!”
“Ah?” Su Yan couldn’t help but turn back to the Sect Master. “You want to drink? Will that help us find the demonic practitioners?”
Xue Chang Fu frowned. “No, but it’ll help us pretend to be somebody else. Xiao Hai, since you’re the youngest here and I certainly can’t send my senior martial brother or my lover, how about the two of us go and get some drinks?”
“Ah? Why don’t we just call the boss over?” He motioned at the person running around the inn.
Xue Chang Fu frowned even more. “What are you even saying? The boss is so busy. We can’t disturb him. Come with me now or do you want to let your Master do all the work?”
Nie Chang looked at his darling to indicate that he would love to do this work but Su Yan had already pursed his lips and looked at the Sect Master indignantly.
“How could I do that? He’s my Master!” Don’t kid him! He had written xianxia novels long enough to know that a disciple would respect their Master the most! How could his Master be forced to carry drinks for him? Hmph!
Xue Chang Fu grinned like a fox, leaped to his feet and pulled Su Yan up. “Great! Then come with me. I can also give you some valuable tips for your cultivation on the way.” With that, Su Yan was pulled away and Yue Mu Gang and Nie Chang stayed alone at the table, eying each other warily.

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