OMF V6C32 I Came to Save You

At the same time, one reincarnated god and one fallen god looked at each other in the demon king’s palace.
Jing Yi couldn’t help but shiver when he was subjected to the gaze from those black eyes. “Who are you?”
The fallen god took his hand back and sat up straight. So this was the reincarnation of the Son of Heaven? How strange! How come he was so … mediocre?
Jing Yi furrowed his brow when he didn’t get an answer. Just who was this person? He was sure that he had never seen him before but that didn’t have to say anything. He couldn’t remember everything from his previous life and he had hardly seen anyone from the demon or dragon race. Even those people who had come with Qiu Ling to save him had been strangers to him.
“Are you … someone the demon king sent?”
The fallen god looked at him. “He can’t send me. Nobody can.”
Jing Yi nodded but he didn’t understand. So this person had come on his own accord? But why? Well, if he wasn’t someone working for the demon king … could it be he was someone Qiu Ling knew? “Then do you know Qiu Ling?”
“Is that your lover?”
Jing Yi’s cheeks flushed. This … Wasn’t this too direct?!
“I see.” The fallen god stood up and walked to the window, staring out at the courtyard. Mn, the demon king sure had an interesting way of imprisoning people. Putting dragons in the dungeon and reincarnated gods in simple rooms … Well, a mortal wasn’t a threat and this mortal was one even less.
He turned around and tilted his head. “You’re only in the third stage. It wasn’t even long since you entered it.”
Jing Yi’s eyes widened. How did he know? He looked at him more closely. Seeing the black robe, there was only one place he could think of. “Are you from the Hei Dian Sect?”
The fallen god raised his head and touched the mark between his brows. “The Hei Dian Sect?” He stopped talking until he lowered his hand. “No.”
“Then … Why did you come here?”
“To save you.”
Jing Yi had no idea how to answer. He still didn’t know who this man was. Why did he want to save him?
The fallen god turned back to the window. “The dragon in the dungeon told me. You are the dragon king’s beloved. He bound his soul to yours. You shouldn’t be separated from him. You should … stay at his side and enjoy your time with him.”
“So you know Qiu Ling.” Jing Yi heaved a sigh of relief. If that was the case, then he didn’t have to worry. He got up from the bed and walked over, looking up at the fallen god’s face. “Then do you know how we can get out of here? I don’t know much about the demons and I don’t even know where exactly we are. I have no idea how I can get back to Qiu Ling.”
The fallen god looked back at him. “We’re in the demon king’s palace. It’s in the part of the demon realm that is farthest from the Nine Heavens. You do know about the Nine Heavens, don’t you?” He reached out and once again tipped the spot between Jing Yi’s brows. “Mn. You do. But you don’t know everything.”
“I …” Jing Yi furrowed his brows. “How do you know?”
The fallen god lowered his hand and blinked. “Naturally, it’s in your soul. Part of your memories is still sealed by the water of the river of forgetfulness. The rest has already become undone so you can see what happened then. It’s quite chaotic though. You don’t even know the right sequence of those events, do you? And you lack almost all understanding about the Nine Heavens or the gods. That’s not good.” He frowned and turned away, muttering under his breath. “We shouldn’t lack such knowledge on our trials. It’ll just make us do stupid things. Who can decide on anything if they don’t know?”
His brows relaxed and he turned back to Jing Yi, his gaze inquisitive. “How did you come to be the dragon king’s beloved after your descension?”
“De … Descension?”
The fallen god frowned again. “So you don’t even know about that. That’s not good. He should have told you. What if you fall in love with somebody else?”
Jing Yi tightened his lips, his face flushing in shame. He still didn’t know who exactly this person was but this man still managed to see all his shortcomings immediately.
His expression made the fallen god pause. “You … fell in love with somebody else?”
Jing Yi’s lips parted. He wanted to explain but something in the other’s gaze made him halt. His hair stood on end and he gulped the words down. In the end, he shook his head. “No. I’m in love with Qiu Ling. He’s my fiance. We wanted to get married when … this happened.” He motioned back into the room and his face fell.
The fallen god relaxed but couldn’t help but tighten his lips. “It’s good if you love him. There is nobody worth falling in love with other than a dragon.”
Jing Yi raised his brows but didn’t dare to ask. He still remembered the feeling from just now. Whoever this person was … he shouldn’t anger him. Although he didn’t know what exactly he had done wrong for him to look at him like this. Well, that wasn’t important now anyway.
He cleared his throat and stepped a little to the side so he could see the other’s face. “In that case … I should return soon. So do you know how to get out of here? I’m sure Qiu Ling is very worried about me.”
The fallen god nodded. Yes, he certainly was. After all, which dragon would take it lightly if their other half was imprisoned? In the demon realm no less.

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