LWS V5C35 Help the Sect Master Find Happiness

The place where they finally arrived made Su Yan’s mood drop. This wasn’t a shady place at all! It was well-lit with nice, wooden furniture that just seemed a little old and a diligent boss that ran around taking orders and serving customers with a happy smile. Unfortunately, this also wasn’t the type of high-class place that any young masters would frequent. No, it was just a normal inn. How was anything interesting supposed to happen here?!
Su Yan slowed down and hid his wrist with the bracelet behind his other sleeve. He’d really like to know what kind of excuse the system could come up with for creating such a shitty place. Wouldn’t it have been better to let him use the special dimension to make it? Then this wouldn’t have happened! His inn would have been many times better than this kind of normal place.
Without needing him to say anything, the system very cooperatively showed up. Before he had time to complain, a few rows of text appeared on the surface of the bracelet as if it had been carved:
[Welcome back, host! You unlocked a special mission: Sect Master Xue Chang Fu has been pining for Elder Yue Mu Gang for a long time. Help him achieve his wishes. Time Limit: 1 day.]
Su Yan frowned. Why was something like this a special mission? Without thinking any further about it, he clicked on the bracelet only to realize that there was nothing he could click on. Nothing happened.
He frowned even more. That couldn’t be! The system had always given him more information, hadn’t it? There should be some further information about this task. Maybe he just couldn’t click on this as he did on his phone because it was, well, a bracelet now? Then what should he do? He couldn’t just talk to it while they were in public, could he?
Su Yan glanced around sneakily. Nobody was looking but he wasn’t walking that far behind Nie Chang and the Sect Master and that Elder Yue were also quite close. What if they heard him talk to an inanimate object? He couldn’t let that happen!
Su Yan glared at the bracelet and tipped onto it again. Maybe he just hadn’t hit the right spot before. Some way or the other he would get this thing to work without embarrassing himself!
In front of him, Xue Chang Fu tugged at Yue Mu Gang’s sleeve and leaned over. “What is Xiao Hai doing there? Isn’t that an enhancement bracelet that can heighten your spiritual energy absorption rate, perception, and attack power? Why is he treating it so badly? If he doesn’t like it, he could just give it to the sect!”
Yue Mu Gang also glanced over. “Didn’t I say something was wrong? Why don’t you believe me?”
Xue Chang Fu sighed and patted that broad chest. “Ah Gang, you’re too pessimistic. Who is Xiao Hai’s Master?”
“Grandmaster Ziju.”
“Right. So what could happen to him? If some demonic cultivator tried to do something to him, my senior martial brother would certainly detect it and set things right. There’s absolutely no possibility that something happened to him.”
“But your senior martial brother is just as weird.”
“That’s nothing new. Let’s rather concentrate on those demonic cultivators. Ah, Ah Gang, I’m very, very afraid just thinking about it. You have to hold me very close while we investigate, alright?”
Yue Mu Gang looked away. This guy couldn’t be given any chances. Otherwise, he’d grab onto it and pull and tug until you completely gave in to him.
Seeing that his effort was in vain once again, Xue Chang Fu pursed his lips. How vexing! But he just had to wait. There was no way his great plan to capture Yue Mu Gang’s heart today would fail!
Behind them, Nie Chang had slowed down too and grabbed Su Yan’s hand before he could poke at the bracelet any longer.
“What are you doing?!”
“That’s what I’d like to ask you.” Nie Chang took a look at the bracelet and his brows twitched when he saw the task.
Help the Sect Master find happiness? Normally, that wasn’t a bad mission and in their situation, they couldn’t be fussy either and had to take every task they could. But why did this special mission have to include that Yue Mu Gang who was already suspicious of them? If they really tried to set the two of them up, they might arouse even more suspicion.
Su Yan pursed his lips. “It’s the stupid system. It’s supposed to explain the background of the task but it just doesn’t want to show it to me! What am I supposed to do now?”
Nie Chang looked at his little darling and finally pulled the bracelet off his arm. Taking a closer look at it … There obviously wasn’t anything that could be clicked and thanks to the carvings that had originally been there, there wasn’t too much place for explanations either.
He pondered and finally rubbed the spot where the task was displayed. The characters disappeared and with another rub, several new lines could be seen:
[The most important characters in a romance novel are the main characters that will fall in love with each other. As an author, you have to spend time on developing the rest of your characters though. After all, they will often be the ones that either hold your main characters back from getting together or help them get closer.
After judging the personality of Dou Fang Hai and Ziju An, as well as extrapolating the likely personalities of Sect Master Xue and Elder Yue judging from the chapters written so far, it is very likely that the relationship of the supporting characters will have an influence on the relationship of the main characters.]
Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend. So … they were supposed to help the Sect Master to make their own relationship better in return? That didn’t sound too bad, ah!

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