OMF V6C29 The Happiest Man in the Immortal Realms

At the same time, Qiu Ling laughed happily and clutched his beloved’s hands. “Ah, Jing He, my love, I’m so happy!”
Jing He looked back at him and his rose-colored lips curved up into a beautiful smile, his face illuminated by the golden rays of the afternoon sun. “You certainly can’t be happier than me. Qiu Ling, my husband, marrying you was the best thing that happened in my life.”
“Ah, don’t say that. My love, haven’t we spent many happy days together already? And there will be even more happy days in our future. I really don’t know how I deserve this bliss.”
Jing He freed his hands from his grasp but only so he could cup his face. “What are you even saying? You are the most handsome man in all immortal realms, the strongest warrior, the gentlest lover. You are so excellent. Isn’t it natural for me to fall in love? Marrying you is just logical.”
“Ah, my love, there is no logic to this. I’m just madly in love with you!”
“I feel the same!” Jing He looked at him, his gaze full of love and longing.
Qiu Ling wrapped him in his arms and leaned down and their lips finally met in a sweet kiss. Jing He’s hands stroked his cheeks but finally, he clung to his neck, his slender body pressing up against Qiu Ling’s as if he wanted to melt and become one with him.
Naturally, Qiu Ling wouldn’t disappoint him. His grip around Jing He’s waist tightened and he held him as close as possible, their kiss slowly deepening.
“Qiu Ling …” Jing He broke away from his lips and sighed his name, stroking his chest. “I’m so happy. Can it really go on like this? It seems too good to be true.”
Qiu Ling smiled gently. “But of course, my love. Now that we’re married, nothing will be able to get between us. We’ll forever be happy and in love.”
Jing He sighed and snuggled up against his chest. “This is too great! Qiu Ling, my love, hold me tight! Else, I won’t be able to continue believing this.”
“Mn!” Naturally, Qiu Ling complied happily. He hugged Jing He to his chest and his hands slipped into Jing He’s hair as if on their own. Mn, those silky strands … Qiu Ling combed through them and hummed. This was the ultimate bliss! There was probably only one thing that could be even better …
Qiu Ling trailed the curve of his beloved’s spine and lowered his head, gently placing a kiss on his cheek.
“Qiu Ling …” Jing He sighed his name and his fingers curled into the fabric of his robe. He looked up, his eyes glittering with anticipation.
Qiu Ling carefully cupped his face and their lips once again met in a kiss. Qiu Ling held the back of Jing He’s head and deepened the kiss, making his beloved sigh in satisfaction. His lips opened slightly and Qiu Ling took advantage.
Ah, they were already married. What need was there to hold back? Whether they wanted to kiss or do some other things … Who would say anything against it?
He pulled Jing He closer, his hand stroking his back and igniting a fire in his body. Jing He sighed again, the sound smothered by Qiu Ling’s tongue. Qiu Ling cracked his eyes open that had inadvertently closed and saw a faint blush spread on his beloved’s cheeks. He smiled and deepened their kiss even further, his tongue entwining with Jing He’s.
His beloved’s fingers tightened their grip on Qiu Ling’s robe and he broke away from his lips. “Qiu Ling, this …” He looked embarrassed and a little guilty as if what they had done was something shameful.
Qiu Ling’s gaze burned on his skin and his cheeks flushed even further.
“My love, why are you still being shy? Aren’t we a married couple already? Doing this is normal.”
Jing He nodded but still looked around uneasily. “But what if someone sees? This … I certainly look indecent like this.”
Indecent? Qiu Ling’s pupils contracted. He picked Jing He up, making his beloved lightly cry out in surprise. “Ah, my love, then let’s go to a place where only I can see how you’d look indecent.” He turned around and carried Jing He into the palace, kicking the door shut behind them. His steps led them to the bed and he put Jing He down with a smile. “Show me. I’m afraid I didn’t have enough time to appreciate it on our wedding night.” His fingers slipped into Jing He’s robe. Unfortunately, his beloved was really very decent, actually wearing several layers.
Qiu Ling smiled wryly. Ah, but this was just a short setback! If he had to take off two layers, he would do so. If he had to take off fifty, he would still take up the challenge!
Qiu Ling very meticulously pushed the overcoat from his beloved’s shoulders before his hands turned to the belt holding his outer robe. His fingertips glided over the fabric and finally opened it. The belt fell to the side and the outer robe fell open, revealing the fabric of the next layer.
Qiu Ling smiled proudly. Ah, this was going well! Soon … Soon, he would reveal his beloved’s bare skin and then …
He took the outer robe from his shoulders and his hands caressed Jing He’s chest before opening the inner robe. The fabric slid to the side and —
“Bastard! What do you think you’re doing to my son?!”
Qiu Ling flinched and the beautiful image before his eyes cracked. He opened his eyes and was faced with his beloved’s still body. Uh? Huh? Why was Jing He’s robe crumpled?

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