LBM C3 Everyone Wants to Play Now and Then (2): The Art of Secretly Sticking Paper Talismans

Yun Bei Fen carried the very special paper talisman that his second senior martial brother had made over to the peak of Elder Rong. He hadn’t been here very often but he had seen Elder Rong’s disciples train with especially big swords and something his Master had called a halberd. It seemed they were really fond of big weapons.
Senior martial sister Zhang was one of the direct disciples of Elder Rong. He had heard other disciples say that she was very beautiful but also very strong and very brutal. To be honest, he felt that senior martial brother Mei was much better looking than her but maybe she was stronger and more brutal than beautiful anyway. Although she definitely wasn’t as strong as senior martial brother Mei.
Yun Bei Fen finally arrived at the peak and spotted Zhang Yi Fei on top of a hill where she was comparing notes with another martial sister. Several others were surrounding them, most of them cheering Zhang Yi Fei on.
Yun Bei Fen hurried up the hill and squeezed through the crowd of martial sisters. Since he was small, they didn’t mind either, even making way for him so he could also watch the fight.
Yun Bei Fen had only joined the sect a year ago and even though he had made progress in his cultivation thanks to his hard work, he didn’t know anything about fights. He had only seen his senior martial brother Mei fight once too so he wasn’t very interested in learning about it. His Master had said that senior martial brother just cultivated most of the time so he should do the same.
Thus instead of watching the fight, Yun Bei Fen looked at Zhang Yi Fei’s back. Right now, she was moving all the time so it was hard to say but he felt like this back was very high above the ground. How was he supposed to secretly stick the paper talisman onto it?
Yun Bei Fen continued to watch until Zhang Yi Fei won. When her opponent’s weapon flew away, she straightened up. It was as he had thought: Her back was really high up! He wouldn’t be able to stick the talisman on there by himself.
Yun Bei Fen turned to the cheering martial sister next to him and tugged at her sleeve.
The girl looked down in surprise but her eyes lit up when she saw Yun Bei Fen. “Aren’t you Elder Baili’s disciple? What are you doing here? Did you also come here to watch senior martial sister Zhang’s fight?”
Yun Bei Fen shook his head and raised the paper talisman. “Second senior martial brother gave me this paper talisman and said I should stick it onto senior martial sister Zhang’s back. But senior martial sister Zhang is so tall. Can you help me stick it on? Second senior martial brother said I have to do it secretly though!”
The senior martial sister took the talisman with a complicated gaze before looking at Zhang Yi Fei who was already walking over. Naturally, as one of the direct disciples of Elder Rong with a very high cultivation base, she had heard every word.
“What did that Yan Hong Min do this time? Let me see the paper talisman!”

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