OMF V6C28 A Dragon’s Other Half

Xiang Yu inched closer, his face only separated from An Bai’s by a hand’s width. The dragon didn’t recoil though. It was a dangerous plan but if he could get this fallen god’s help, it would be worth it.
“It’s our king. He fell in love with the Son of Heaven and bound his soul to him. Before they could marry, the crown prince had to descend for a trial though and then the demon king took him. His Majesty is powerless to do anything. He wants to save him but as long as the crown prince is in the demon king’s hands …” He shook his head, lowering his gaze. “They are currently facing off on the battlefield and the demon king has started to demand things in exchange. That is also why I’m here. He wanted someone from the dragon race but I doubt he’d let His Highness go just like that. My king will have to do even more and I’m afraid … even then the demon king might not let his beloved go.”
Xiang Yu’s brows drew together. “He stole a dragon’s other half?”
An Bai nodded, a faint hope rising in his heart. It seemed he had been right. This person indeed valued relationship. “Xiang Yu, there is nothing our king can do at the moment. But you’re different. You’re already here in the palace and I doubt the demon king would dare to stand against you. So … could you try to find His Highness and help him escape?”
The fallen god stared blankly, his thoughts seemingly flown somewhere else.
An Bai reached out but finally didn’t dare to touch him. “Xiang Yu, please. I can’t see any other way. Our king is helpless. He loves him way too much to risk anything but this way, he won’t be able to free him either. Isn’t that pitiful? Not being able to see each other just so the other can live? I’m sure both of them would rather lay down their life than to be separated forever. His Ma—”
The fallen god turned around and walked away.
An Bai blinked and clung to the bars. “Xiang Yu!”
Unfortunately, his call was met with silence. The fallen god didn’t stop. He didn’t even turn around. An Bai sighed. He had really hoped that this person might be able to solve their dilemma. But now, he didn’t even listen until the end. Ah, well, maybe it was better this way. Fallen gods were crazy and who knew if His Highness would be able to deal with him now that he was mortal? It might be better if they didn’t meet after all.
The crazy person directly left the dungeons but stopped at the entrance, tilting his head. The Son of Heaven … He touched the mark between his brows. No, this person shouldn’t be the true Son of Heaven. Still, the demon king shouldn’t have taken him. This wasn’t right. He was obviously the partner of a dragon. How could he separate them? And the gods … How could they force him to go to this trial instead of letting him marry his lover?
The fallen god’s eyes flashed with gloom. It wasn’t right. None of this was right. Since that was the case, then he had to make it right.
He closed his eyes and the mark between his brows turned into black mist that slowly diffused in the air, drifting off in all directions. The demon king’s palace appeared in his mind and he looked through all the miscellaneous images.
There were the guards patrolling on the corridors. There was one of those stupid men that needed to be taught a lesson. There was the demon king looking at his stupid collection of flowers … Oh. There was the fake dragon.
The fallen god tilted his head in the other direction. That person seemed to have returned just now and he looked anything but happy. Right now … he walked toward the demon king.
The fallen god watched him for a moment but finally ignored the two. He searched further until he finally found what he had been looking for: In one of the rooms not far from the demon king’s chambers sat a mortal. He had closed his eyes and spiritual energy swirled around him.
What was he doing? The demon king wasn’t there. Shouldn’t he try to flee? Or was it that he missed the dragon king less than the dragon king missed him?
The fallen god frowned and pulled out of his inner self. The black mist returned and the black mark reappeared between his brows. He continued on his way until he stood in front of the door where he had seen the mortal before. He didn’t bother to knock or call out and directly opened the door, slipping into the room.
Behind the door, he stopped again and looked at the person inside. He was sitting on the bed, the knees pulled up to his chest and his arms wrapped around his legs. His eyes were closed and the spiritual energy continued to swirl around him as if he was quietly cultivating.
The fallen god stepped closer, his robe barely touching the ground. Not a sound could be heard, even when he sat down at the edge of the bed. He quietly stared at the person.
This mortal … He couldn’t be much older than twenty years. Exactly the age where they were easily impressionable and gullible, believing anything you would tell them. And this person was now in the demon realm.
The fallen god reached out and tipped the spot between his eyebrows.
Jing Yi’s eyes flew open and he flinched. This … Where had this person come from?

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