OMF V6C30 A Sooty, Battered Robe

The Heavenly Emperor stared at the shameless beast that had dared to climb in his son’s bed and even touch him indecently. His whole body trembled. “You better get out now!”
Qiu Ling didn’t move. He blinked his eyes in confusion. How come his father-in-law was scolding him? Hadn’t Jing He and he already married? What was there to be angry about? Wasn’t it normal for spouses to sleep in the same bed and touch each other here and there? Don’t tell him his father-in-law and mother-in-law weren’t doing so?
Qiu Ling finally raised his gaze from Jing He’s figure and turned to give his father-in-law a pitying gaze. “Father-in-law, if mother-in-law doesn’t let you touch her, maybe you should try humoring her more often?”
“You! Now you’re even cursing me?! And who allowed you to call me father-in-law, huh?! I’d rather die than let you marry my son! Now get up! I won’t let you taint him any longer!”
Qiu Ling blinked again. Eh? Won’t let him marry Jing He? Don’t tell him … Qiu Ling’s expression fell. Oh no! So all of that had only been a dream. How sad! Mn, he had to work hard so that it would turn into reality soon.
The Heavenly Emperor gnashed his teeth. Was this bastard still not getting up?! He stepped forward to drag Qiu Ling down but just when his foot touched the ground, the room erupted in colors.
Rong Su froze and stared at the colorful dust sprinkling down on him, dyeing his clothes and hair. This … What was this?!
Qiu Ling also froze but after a second he leaned over Jing He’s body. Ah, he had forgotten about that! He still needed to lay down an array that would repel all the things he had used to hinder Jin Ling! He certainly couldn’t let his beloved suffer such an affront to his beauty!
Seeing the person he had been furious at lying down on top of his precious son, the Heavenly Emperor dashed over. The first step gifted him with an ear-shattering explosion that made sparks fly through the air, igniting the dust that had settled on his body. He cursed but didn’t stop. He had to pull that bastard down there! With the second step, a roar sounded not much unlike that of a dragon.
Outside of the palace, the Heavenly Empress, the God of War, the Heavenly Guard, as well as Qiang Wei and Yi Zan, flinched and exchanged a glance before running inside.
“What happened?”
“Your Highness!”
“Bastard, get down there for me!”
“Your Majesty!”
All the voices sounded at once. The beast that had rolled up in the crook of Jing He’s neck and managed to continued resting through the whole of Qiu Ling’s dream finally leaped to its feet. It looked from the person it was supposed to guard to the person it didn’t like and finally at the person jumping at them. Its fur stood on end and it opened its snout. It sneezed out a fireball, finally making the Heavenly Emperor stop in his tracks.
Maybe the little beast had too good an aim or maybe the Heavenly Emperor hadn’t taken it seriously and thus hadn’t tried to evade but the fireball hit and the already battered robe lost the last bit of resemblance with its former white-gold splendor.
All eyes fell on the spiritual beast. As if it knew that it had done something bad, it backed a step off. Finally, it turned to Qiu Ling for help. It had only done what this terrible person asked! Now, shouldn’t he save it as thanks?
Qiu Ling looked at the thing and then at his father-in-law. Finally, his lips curved up. “Ah, you did well! Do that again if somebody bad comes along!” He reached over and generously patted the beast’s head.
Behind him, the Heavenly Emperor clenched his hand into a fist and wanted to jump at Qiu Ling. This damned dandy! Not only had he shamelessly clung to his precious son the past ten years, now he even dared to take advantage of Jing He while he was on his trial and thus defenseless. And on top of that, he even dared to have some demonic beast attack him when he came to protect his son’s chastity!
Thankfully, the others reacted fast enough.
Qiang Yan leaped forward and grabbed his brother-in-law by the shoulder. “Alright, alright. Calm down. I’m sure that was just an accident.”
Bai Fen also hurried over, putting a hand on his arm while trying to ignore the sooty sleeve. “Brother is right. Don’t mind that. Wouldn’t it be better to talk about Jing He? His mortal reincarnation is still in the demon king’s hands. We need a plan as soon as possible!”
The Heavenly Emperor ground his teeth. Ugh. He really wanted to bash this guy! Well, even if he wanted to, he wouldn’t win if they pitted their physical strength against each other. Ah, Jing He, my precious son, forgive your father! I’ll try to find a stand-in to avenge you!
With no way to deal with Qiu Ling, the Heavenly Emperor could only turn to his brother-in-law and find a way to vent his anger on the demon king instead. “Whatever you need, just take it. Even if we have to wage war on the demon realm for a thousand years, it still won’t be too long!”
Qiang Yan nodded. “Yes, I’ll gather the Heavenly Generals and we’ll try to come up with a plan.” He said so but he wasn’t very hopeful.
The original plan had been to catch Jin Ling with their swift response off-guard, embroil his soldiers in a battle and free Jing He’s mortal reincarnation while they were occupied. Who could have known that the demon king would guard the boy himself and never separate for even half a step? This way, there really was nothing they could do. Ah, if things went on like this, then as much as he didn’t want to say so but they might not be able to free Jing Yi at all.

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