OMF V6C24 How to Save Him

Qiu Ling left the battlefield under Qiang Yan’s worried gaze. He couldn’t tell anyone what he intended to do. Neither the gods nor his own race could be allowed to know about the things going on in the background. If anyone found out that the old geezer was still alive or that Xin Lan was actually living in the demon realm … Who knew what would happen? It might hinder his plan or, in the worst case, even thwart it. He couldn’t let that happen.
Qiu Ling stopped not far from the border of the demon realm. A few ideas were circling in his mind but he wasn’t sure yet how to go about this exactly. The easiest way to solve this should be to go to the Yun Zou Sect and ask the old geezer for help. If he told Xin Lan to rescue Jing Yi, then he would do so.
But Jin Ling was certainly waiting for him to run over to Jinde. That was what he wanted so, naturally, he couldn’t let him have his way. No, Jin Ling had taken his beloved from him. He certainly wouldn’t let him find his own happiness now. If he could, he would make it so that Jin Ling would never have the opportunity to see the old geezer again.
In that case, he couldn’t contact him now. The best would be if he didn’t contact him directly at all. He had to wait some time and then send someone over in a sneaky manner.
With that decision in mind, Qiu Ling finally made his way over to the Nine Heavens and sneaked into Jing He’s palace. “You can leave.”
Qiang Wei and Yi Zan flinched and turned around with their claws extended. Seeing their king sitting at the crown prince’s bedside, they relaxed.
“Your Majesty …” Qiang Wei sighed. Couldn’t this guy use the door? And how had he managed to get behind them anyway? He hadn’t heard anything at all!
“Mn. I’ll stay with him for a while. You …” He lowered his gaze and glanced at Jing He. Even though he would have loved to send one of them over to the Yun Zou Sect, it wasn’t the time yet. Jin Ling certainly had someone monitor the people coming to this palace and leaving. He couldn’t rush this matter. “You just wait outside until I leave.”
“Yes.” Yi Zan and Qiang Wei bowed and left the palace, not daring to say anything else to him.
Yi Zan couldn’t help but furrow his brows when they closed the door behind them though. “This means that they weren’t able to save him, doesn’t it?”
“I think so. He’s surprisingly calm though. Maybe they have a plan?”
Yi Zan looked at the door, his thoughts wandering. Considering how their king behaved normally when His Highness was concerned … “The God of War should have been there. He wouldn’t let anything happen to his nephew.”
Qiang Wei nodded and the two fell silent again.
Inside the palace, Qiu Ling took Jing He’s hand, gently caressing the soft skin with his thumb. “Don’t worry, my love. I won’t let you suffer. I’ll free you soon. Just give me a bit of time to prepare so you won’t be hurt.”
Naturally, Jing He couldn’t answer. Looking at his face that still showed the faint trace of a smile since the day he had descended for his trial, Qiu Ling sighed. Ah, when would he see him again? He couldn’t deny that he wanted Jing He to wake up again soon. He just couldn’t bear to see Jing Yi get hurt for that. His beloved was his beloved, after all, regardless of which body he used.
He leaned down, his hair covering Jing He’s face, and kissed his forehead. “I won’t let him hurt you. Whether it’s your immortal or your mortal body. Nothing may happen to you.”
He got back up but even though he said these things to Jing He, his heart wasn’t calm at all. Right now, Jin Ling had Jing Yi in his hands. If he went to get him, he would have to leave Jing He alone. And with how Jin Ling was, it was entirely possible for him to come up with the plan of letting him rescue Jing Yi only to lose Jing He’s immortal body.
In fact, this whole thing might just be a big trap that was used to lure him away so this would be possible. After all, Jing He’s immortal body was even more useful to him than Jing Yi’s. Because Jing Yi just had to be killed to save Jing He from Jin Ling’s clutches while Jing He’s body was where Jing He’s soul would ultimately return to. If it was lost, they really would be in trouble.
He couldn’t risk that. So either he had somebody else rescue Jing Yi … or he made sure Jing He’s body couldn’t be taken away.
Qiu Ling looked over at the door. He trusted Qiang Wei and Yi Zan but he himself had been able to get past the two of them. Who was to say that Jin Ling wouldn’t be able to do the same? Especially if everyone else was occupied with thinking about how to free Jing Yi without jeopardizing Jing He’s soul.
Mn, he had to take some more precautions against that bastard.
Qiu Ling narrowed his eyes. Jin Ling wasn’t dumb. He was a good fighter but both he and the God of War were able to best him. So he wouldn’t risk trying anything funny while they were close. But if both of them weren’t around, Jin Ling wouldn’t have any reason to stay his hand.
So if he went to save Jing Yi himself or at least pretended to do so while he asked Xin Lan for help, then he had to make sure that his uncle-in-law would be here fast enough. And that … shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.
Qiu Ling’s lips curved up in a smile. “Ah, my love, don’t worry anymore. Your future husband already has an idea of how to save you.”

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