LWS V5C29 A New Type of Spiritual Energy

Su Yan didn’t notice that he was being followed by a strange pair of cultivators. By now, he had already reached the forest halfway down the mountain. Well, calling it a forest was probably an overstatement. In fact, it was a small grove at most. He didn’t care though. This was a grove in a cultivation sect, ah! And even one on the peak of the strongest person in the sect. He was bound to find some kind of treasure that he could show Nie Chang!
Ah, maybe he would also find something that could help him figure out what this ‘chaos constitution’ was.
Su Yan pursed his lips while continuing down the path leading through the grove. Actually, this shouldn’t be too difficult. He was the one who had come up with the story and created the characters. He should also be able to think of some meaning for Dou Fang Hai’s constitution.
Hm … Chaos … Something really chaotic …
Su Yan’s lips twitched. The only thing he could think of was the way one of his co-workers from the railroad station had worked. When they had run that advertisement campaign, the notes she made had been everywhere. Half of the time when she needed them, she couldn’t find the right one. The same happened on normal days when she had to write something down for a passenger. She would search for a pen forever. Sometimes the passengers had even taken out their own pens, making everyone who watched embarrassed on her behalf.
He couldn’t use that for Dou Fang Hai’s cultivation though, could he? It wasn’t like he could suddenly lose some spirit veins or something.
Ah, what else was chaotic then?
He stopped walking and looked up at the treetops. The branches swayed in the wind, making the leaves rustle. A patch of sky could be seen and some white clouds drifted by.
Eh? Su Yan blinked and stared at those clouds. Weather was also kind of erratic … Mn, this wasn’t too bad. At least weather had something to do with elements. After all, it could rain and storm and … and … things.
Su Yan looked back at the way he had just come down. He really wanted to go back up and ask Nie Chang what he thought of this idea. But Nie Chang had said he wanted to continue cultivating. He couldn’t disturb him now.
Su Yan sighed and crouched down at the side of the path, picking up a twig and poking the ground. “Ah Chang … Why can’t you hurry up?”
Not far from him, Yue Mu Gang turned to look at Xue Chang Fu. “So who is ‘Ah Chang’?”
The Sect Master smiled and rubbed his cheek against Yue Mu Gang’s. “I don’t know. But if you had me guess, then I’d say he is to Xiao Hai what you are to me.”
“Someone who disciplines you? Wouldn’t that be his Master?”
Xue Chang Fu pouted. “You’re such a brute. I clearly said something very romantic. Why can’t you reciprocate a bit?”
The Elder kept quiet and instead watched Su Yan poke at the ground. “What is he —”
“Heh!” Xue Chang Fu grabbed his ear and twisted. “I was scolding you! Can’t you say something corny to me at least once? I also want the opportunity to coo your name and tell you what a great man you are while giving you a hundred pecks.”
“Think of your status.”
“How could I? You didn’t give me one yet.”
Yue Mu Gang sighed.
“How about at least telling me I’m your favorite person?”
“Will you shut up if I do?”
Xue Chang Fu blinked. Eh? He was actually considering it? Well, if he was already offering a confession, he shouldn’t play hard to get and reject it. “If it sounds honest, I’ll consider it.”
Yue Mu Gang’s lips opened and closed before he finally uttered the words Xue Chang Fu had been waiting for. “You are my most important person.”
“Awr! That really sounded very honest! Especially the way you stressed it. Do you want a kiss as a reward?”
Yue Mu Gang didn’t answer immediately and a pair of lips pressed against his cheek.
“You can get one on your lips too.”
“No need.” The Elder concentrated on Su Yan again and this time, the Sect Master didn’t bother him. In fact, he even very cooperatively got down from his back and stood next to him while they observed Su Yan.
Well, there wasn’t much to observe. Su Yan was still crouching on the ground, digging away at the earth around a tuft of grass while he thought about Dou Fang Hai’s cultivation. Mn, weather was chaotic because it changed very often and without any forewarning. So maybe Dou Fang Hai’s cultivation also changed?
He pursed his lips. This didn’t sound as bad as the cultivation suddenly vanishing but it still wasn’t good enough. Why would the cultivation change? And how? He also didn’t know how to explain why Dou Fang Hai’s spiritual energy hadn’t been displayed when he took that spiritual energy detection orb on the market square. Regardless of his cultivation, there should still be the spiritual energy he had accumulated, shouldn’t it?
Su Yan froze. Wait! Maybe that was it! Maybe the chaos constitution made it so that something was up with the spiritual energy inside his body. Mn, this made sense. Maybe the constitution made the energy chaotic so it couldn’t be detected! As for how it was made chaotic …
Su Yan pursed his lips. If he remembered correctly, then he hadn’t written down anything about the spiritual energy of this world. But in most xianxia novels, there would be different kinds of spiritual energy. The more someone had the worse it was because they had to split their attention on cultivation several spirit veins instead of one.
Ah! Su Yan leaped to his feet. Maybe Dou Fang Hai’s chaos constitution made it so that he could transform all these different spiritual energies into one new one?! And because it was new and unique to his constitution, the spiritual energy detection orb couldn’t detect it!
Su Yan heaved a sigh of relief and smiled brightly. Ah, he was so great! This had been such a difficult question but he had solved it almost instantly. He should go back and tell Nie Chang!

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