OMF V6C23 Make an Example of Him

Jing Yi trembled. This couldn’t be, could it? Jing He … was still alive somewhere? No. No, this was ridiculous. Jing He was his past life. How could he be alive if he was here? That didn’t make any sense. This was just the demon king trying to take advantage of the things he didn’t know yet. There was certainly a very good explanation for why Qiu Ling had reacted like this.
Jin Ling chuckled when he saw Jing Yi close his eyes and slowly restore his calm. “You don’t believe it? Well, that’s alright with me. You can slowly think things through.” He stopped paying attention to him and turned to the God of War instead. “How nice of you to remind me of this point. I had almost forgotten that this boy’s body holds no value to you. But … now that you’ve said it, you should probably fear for his soul.” His eyes narrowed and his lips curved up further, making Qiang Yan shudder.
Don’t tell him he had just given the demon king an idea? He couldn’t let that happen! “I certainly don’t have to tell you what will happen if you dare to hurt our crown prince’s soul.”
Jin Ling nodded. “Of course, of course. An all-out-war where you and the dragons join hands to eliminate the demon race. I’ve heard it. The problem is … whether or not his soul will be hurt depends on you. After all, I don’t have a reason to hurt him as long as nobody forces my hand. So the God of War should better hold back and also put the dragon king on a leash or I won’t guarantee anything.”
Qiang Yan frowned. This guy! Did he really intend to threaten them with his nephew’s life? In that case … they couldn’t lose any more time. Right now, the demon king certainly wasn’t prepared to do anything. If they let him get away, things would be different.
He glanced at the Heavenly Guard beside him and nodded. The gods drew their weapons. He himself also unsheathed his sword and stepped forward.
“The gods won’t let that happen.” He dashed forward, his blade directed at the two people in front. He also didn’t want to kill this child but if he had to choose between him and Jing He, then naturally, his nephew’s soul would take precedence.
Jin Ling remained where he was and leisurely smiled. As if they would actually kill the boy.
Qiang Yan’s weapon drew close, the tip almost touching them. Jing Yi closed his eyes, preparing for the pain. He would be able to take this for Qiu Ling’s sake.
With a thud, Qiang Yan was tackled to the ground.
“Uncle-in-law! What are you doing?!”
Qiang Yan cursed and tried to throw Qiu Ling off but it only resulted in them rolling around on the ground a few times. Those claws were still grabbing onto his shoulders. “Damn this! Qiu Ling, let go! Haven’t you heard him? If we let him get away, he might injure Jing He’s soul! You can’t want that!”
Qiu Ling grimaced but still held onto Qiang Yan. “I can’t let you go and hurt him.” That was his beloved, ah! It might not be his immortal body but it was his soul. His Jing He shouldn’t have to suffer like that!
“Qiu Ling, wake up! We’re not going to be able to free him if we let the demon king get away with him now!”
Qiu Ling glanced over to where Jin Ling stood with Jing Yi, smiling enigmatically. Ah, he knew Jin Ling couldn’t be trusted but … he didn’t want to see Jing Yi suffer. He tightened his lips and shook his head. “I’m sorry, uncle-in-law. I promise I’ll find a way.”
“Stupid! By the time you figure something out, it might be too late!”
Behind them, Jin Ling chuckled. “You should listen to him. What makes you so sure that I won’t take your beloved back to my palace and take my time to chop him up slowly and imprison his soul while I’m at it?”
Qiu Ling’s grip around Qiang Yan’s shoulders tightened. “You wouldn’t.”
“Oh, whether I would or not … You won’t get to decide. After all, I don’t think there is anything you can do about it.” He smiled and before Qiu Ling could answer his body dissolved into black mist and vanished, taking Jing Yi with him once again.
Qiu Ling stared at the spot where his beloved had been standing just a moment before. He couldn’t help but feel lost. What should he do? How was he supposed to free him now that Jin Ling had brought him away?
Qiu Ling closed his eyes and took a deep breath. What was he doing here waiting stupidly? Even if Jin Ling imprisoned Jing Yi in his palace, that wasn’t the end of the world. He had broken into the demon king’s palace before. There wasn’t any reason why he shouldn’t be able to do so again. Furthermore … didn’t he have someone he could ask for help now?
Xin Lan had lived in the demon king’s palace for a long time and he knew Jin Ling well enough to be able to guess where his beloved would be held. And even if he couldn’t guess it, he shouldn’t have any trouble to find out.
Qiu Ling let go of Qiang Yan, his gaze thoughtful. “Don’t worry too much, uncle-in-law. I definitely won’t let him get away with this.” His eyes flashed with a vicious light.
This time Jin Ling had gone too far. Kidnapping his beloved, then threatening him with his life, and finally even daring to insinuate he would torture him and trap his soul. This kind of thing, he wouldn’t let him get away with it. No, for the sake of his beloved, he would make an example of Jin Ling. He really wanted to see if anyone would dare to threaten his beloved again after that day.

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