OMF V6C25 How about an Array?

Qiu Ling opened his spatial ring and grabbed the thing crouching in one of the corners, dragging it out by its ears. The beast shivered in his hands but Qiu Ling just smiled. “I finally brought you over. Look at him!” He turned it around and showed Jing He to him.
Ah, actually, he was a little envious that this thing would be able to spend time with his Jing He while he had to go and trick the demon king. Couldn’t they swap tasks? Unfortunately, he knew that that wasn’t possible. Tricking Jin Ling was much too important to leave it to such a little thing.
The beast looked at the person lying on the bed and continued to shiver. So this was the one who the terrible person wanted him to stay with? Would he be just as terrifying?
Qiu Ling lifted the beast before it had time to take a closer look. “He’s very important to me so you better behave yourself. You can’t burn him so keep your flames to yourself. And should somebody who shouldn’t be here come, you better drive them away. If something happens to my beloved but I still find you unharmed, then don’t think I wouldn’t drown you. Do you understand?” He narrowed his eyes to make sure the beast knew he was serious.
The poor thing shivered and hurriedly moved its head, indicating that it had understood very well. It would certainly defend this person with its life!
Qiu Ling’s expression brightened. “That’s good then.” He carefully placed the thing on Jing He’s chest and used the opportunity to brush his beloved’s hair. “Mn, this thing will keep you safe, my love. It’s probably not of much use but at least it can bite and burn whoever comes close. And maybe it’ll be loud enough to warn people.” He turned to the beast and poked it. “Heh! You can hiss or something, can’t you?”
The beast didn’t know whether it should nod or shake its head and just froze on Jing He’s body, looking at the dragon king vigilantly. Couldn’t it just stay here and keep this person warm? The body was quite cold.
Qiu Ling tightened his lips. What a stupid thing! It didn’t even understand such a simple question. He really shouldn’t depend on this alone.
He sighed and once again rummaged through his spatial ring. Mn, he had collected quite a lot of stuff over the years. Some of this could probably be used to set up a formation or something? Hm …
Outside of the crown prince’s palace, thumps and thuds could be heard as if someone was redecorating the place and moving His Highness’ furniture. Qiang Wei’s brows twitched. This wouldn’t be their king who was doing something ridiculous again, would it?
He turned around to knock on the door and make sure that there wouldn’t be another incident when hurried steps approached. Both dragons looked over, only to find the God of War and his sister approaching.
“Is Longjun inside?” Bai Fen furrowed her brows, obviously not very pleased.
The Heavenly Guards next to the door bowed. “Greetings, Your Majesty. We didn’t see Longjun enter but the two dragons left just a moment ago. There are sounds coming from inside so Longjun should be there.”
Huang Lan’s cheeks seemed to burn while saying this and he couldn’t help but glance at the God of War. Ah, they were really throwing away the face of the Heavenly Guards with their inability to detect the dragon king. Just how often had this guy managed to infiltrate their crown prince’s palace already?
Qiang Yan nodded. “Alright. Continue to guard the palace then.” He didn’t say anything else and followed his sister inside.
The person in question was indeed there. Although …
Bai Fen’s brows twitched. “Qiu Ling! Kindly explain to me what you are doing there?”
Qiu Ling looked up from where he was sitting next to Jing He’s bed, his face lighting up. “Mother-in-law! It’s good that you’re here. Look, I’ve already started to go through all the things in my spatial ring. I think some of that can be used as materials for an array. Let’s set one up around Jing He’s bed. We have to make sure that that despicable bastard won’t try to steal his immortal body too!”
Bai Fen stared at the ores and crystals littering the ground and rubbed her forehead. “Qiu Ling …”
“Yes, yes, I know we still have to decide which formation to make but, actually, I think having several wouldn’t be too bad either. Wouldn’t it be for the best if we have them overlap? If that despicable bastard comes by and tries to do something to Jing He, he’d have to solve all of them first.” Qiu Ling straightened up and puffed out his chest as if he had suggested something extremely great. He deflated just as fast though. “Ah, now that I think about it, he’d only need to solve half of them, wouldn’t he? Then maybe it would be better to stack them all on top of each other? We can make them a little bigger so they keep the bastard several steps away. What do you think?” He looked up at Bai Fen with hopeful eyes.
The Heavenly Empress sighed, went over and patted his head. “It’s a good idea. Just see what you have there and put some down.”
Qiang Yan raised his brows. Hadn’t his sister still been angry just now and wanted to scold him? Why was she suddenly praising him for doing a good job?
Bai Fen shook her head at him and left the room, waving him with her.
Qiang Yan took a last look at Qiu Ling before following her into Jing He’s garden. “What’s the matter?”
Bai Fen sighed again. “I just feel that … I can understand him a bit. He’s afraid to lose Jing He. But he also doesn’t want him to suffer. Let him calm down for a while. After that, we can sit down together and try to think of something we can do. There has to be a way to save Jing He without sacrificing his mortal reincarnation. We just need to find it.”

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