OMF V6C22 Second Choice

All eyes swiveled to the direction where the arrow had come from.
Qiang Yan tsked and lowered the bow. It seemed he should have waited until the demon king was even more enraged. Now, he was already alarmed and wouldn’t let his guard down again. He sighed and gave the bow back to the guard next to him before facing Jin Ling again. “The demon king certainly isn’t in a hurry to resolve this conflict. While Longjun might indulge your flights of fancy because he wants to save his lover, I won’t take part in this game of yours. Longjun already surrendered one of his people and even laid down his own dignity to beg you. If you want one of the gods as well, that can be arranged. But the demon king should know that our patience has its end too. You either take one of our people and surrender our crown prince or … this will become an all-out-war.”
Jin Ling snorted. “The God of War must be jesting. Would you —”
“Uncle-in-law!” Qiu Ling wasn’t even listening to Jin Ling. He turned to stare at Qiang Yan incredulously. “How can you say something like this? He still has Jing He in his hands! What if anything happens to him?!”
“Exactly.” Jin Ling was seldom of one opinion with Qiu Ling but he felt the God of War’s words unbelievable as well.
Qiang Yan sighed. He answered neither of the two men and instead turned to Jing Yi. Even though he had known that Jing He had been in the mortal realm and that things were rough for him, he hadn’t gone and taken a look at him. This was Jing He’s trial. If he could pass it like all the other gods did and gain some experience, that would have been for the best. Unfortunately …
Qiang Yan sighed again. “Jing He, forgive uncle. It’s my fault you weren’t protected well enough previously and were taken away by this man. Now, uncle even has to do something like this and put you into danger … My heart also hurts. But it’s the only way. I’m sure you’ll understand.”
Jing Yi wanted to nod but there was still the claw that was pressing up against his carotid so he just smiled. This uncle from his previous life … He had a good impression of him. This person hadn’t tried to force his opinion on him but had tried to encourage him to follow his own heart. And it seemed that had worked sooner or later or else, he never would have gotten together with Qiu Ling in the end.
Qiang Yan appreciated that smile and the way the boy looked at him. He didn’t say anything but just the way he carried himself even in this situation was nothing like Jing He’s way of doing things. Ah, maybe even those few years in the mortal world might have had an influence? He would really like it if Jing He could retain a bit of that confidence after waking up in the Nine Heavens.
“Uncle-in-law!” Qiu Ling wasn’t going to just let Qiang Yan do whatever he wanted though. This was his beloved! How could they kill him just to get him out of Jin Ling’s claws?!
The God of War sighed. “Longjun, no need to be like this. Did you forget that this is just Jing He’s reincarnation? If he dies, it just means he’ll wake up in the Nine Heavens sooner. Shouldn’t that be to your interest?”
Qiu Ling’s eyes widened. Right … How could he have forgotten about this? This wasn’t his Jing He. It was Jing Yi, Jing He’s reincarnation. If he died here … Jing He would wake up sooner. But … his beloved would suffer at the same time. Whether it was this body or his immortal body back in the Nine Heavens, it would still hurt him. And Jing He would certainly remember this pain when he woke up. He didn’t want that for him! Qiu Ling’s gaze flitted about. What should he do? He wanted to have his Jing He back as soon as he could but … he also didn’t want him to suffer.
Jing Yi looked at his fiance, his lips parting to call out to him. He didn’t like the look on Qiu Ling’s face at all. Just what was going on? He didn’t mind dying to reunite in their next life. In fact, he was already prepared to lay down his life if it meant that Qiu Ling wouldn’t have to sacrifice even more for his sake. But why was Qiu Ling now looking so torn? It was as if … There was more to this than he could see?
Jin Ling noticed the person in his arms stirring. He glanced at him and his lips curved up in a charming smile. “What is it, Your Highness? Are you curious why your ex-fiance is behaving like this?”
Jing Yi ignored him. This was obviously Qiu Ling’s arch-nemesis. He couldn’t fall for his tricks.
“Yes? Then I’ll be so kind as to tell you.” He leaned closer, his breath tickling Jing Yi’s skin. “It’s because you … are nothing but a placeholder. The one he truly loves is still the person in the Nine Heavens that is currently peacefully sleeping. And killing you … would make your soul return to the Nine Heavens and wake that person up. So right now … your ex-fiance is considering whether he should wait … or kill you immediately to reunite with his true lover. Mn, I can already imagine the splendid wedding they’ll hold.”
Jing Yi clenched his fists. He couldn’t believe even one word this person said. Most likely, this was just a ploy to drive a wedge between Qiu Ling and him. He couldn’t let it get to him.
Unfortunately, Jin Ling wouldn’t let go now that he had found an opportunity. “It must sting being the second choice and watching how he still pines for his true lover. Ah, maybe I should just kill you now so your soul can return to your original body? I’m sure your ex-fiance would be very, very happy should the Son of Heaven finally open his eyes again. Letting him wait so many days … it must have been hard for him. I truly can relate to that.”

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