LWS V5C28 You Would Be Heartbroken

While Nie Chang worked hard to familiarize himself with Ziju An’s cultivation technique and tried to guide the spiritual energy through his body, Su Yan made his way down the Fu Yun Peak, curiously looking around.
Ah, he hadn’t spent much time thinking about how the sect looked since he had only been able to craft Ziju An’s study anyway. Seeing what the system had made out of it, he felt like it deserved some praise. This really looked like a cultivation sect! There were different peaks with some mist floating around that sparkled in the sun, a forest halfway up the mountain, and majestic palaces. If he had thought about the sect, this was probably how he would have imagined it! Really not bad, ah! Even though the system wasn’t always dependable, it had done quite a good job with this.
While Su Yan happily followed the path, two people stood hidden behind a row of trees and watched him.
“I really don’t know what you’re going on about. Xiao Hai seems normal to me.”
Yue Mu Gang narrowed his eyes but didn’t answer.
Xue Chang Fu sighed. “Isn’t he just out making mischief like always?” When he still didn’t get an answer, he poked the other man in the side. “Heh! I’m talking to you!”
The Elder furrowed his brow even further and sidestepped to evade that finger.
The Sect Master followed suit. “Ah Gang, you’re being too paranoid! I talked to Xiao Hai yesterday and he was completely normal. We even talked about our —”
Yue Mu Gang finally turned to face him. “Your what?”
Xue Chang Fu gulped. He couldn’t say that they had talked about their plan, could he? “Uh … Naturally, we talked about the mission. It’s really important so I wanted to make sure he’s sufficiently prepared.”
“I thought the Grandmaster was accompanying us?”
“Well … He is! He said he is, didn’t he? You already made sure yesterday! Why are you still bothering me with this?” His eyes widened and he leaped at Yue Mu Gang, jumping onto his back and clutching his neck. “Ah Gang, be honest with me! Are you pretending that something is wrong with Xiao Hai and my senior martial brother because you don’t want to accompany me to the city?!”
Yue Mu Gang grabbed the hands that were tugging at his robe and tried to pluck them off. Unfortunately, Xue Chang Fu held on tightly. “Fuck! Get down there now!”
“No! I won’t get down before you answer me!” The Sect Master clasped his neck even tighter. In fact, he even managed to somehow wrap his legs around Yue Mu Gang’s waist. “Answer me! Answer me! Answer me!” He burrowed his face in Yue Mu Gang’s hair and held back from laughing.
The Elder took a deep breath and stopped moving. “Xue Chang Fu, if you don’t get down there now, I really won’t accompany you!”
Xue Chang Fu raised his head. “Ah, that’s so mean of you!” Naturally, he didn’t let go.
Yue Mu Gang frowned but didn’t know what else to do. Dealing with this person had always been hard. “Then can we at least talk about the matter with Xiao Hai seriously?”
Xue Chang Fu tightened his grip around his neck and leaned forward, brushing Yue Mu Gang’s hair back. “I thought we were.”
Yue Mu Gang glanced at him. “I was being serious. The way he reacted when he saw me yesterday … And even if you ignore Xiao Hai’s behavior, there is still the Grandmaster. Which cultivator breaks his nose? And then can’t straighten it himself? Even just taking a low-level healing pill should have been enough to deal with it.”
“Mn …” Xue Chang Fu put his head on the other’s shoulder and looked up at his profile. “Have you considered that he might have done it for Xiao Hai?”
Yue Mu Gang furrowed his brows. “Your meaning is?”
“Ah, the only person that could get close enough to my senior martial brother to hurt him would be his disciple. And you know how Xiao Hai is, always playing around instead of focusing on his tasks …”
The Elder raised his brows and looked at Yue Chang Fu’s arms around his neck as if he wanted to question just who the person always playing around was.
“Isn’t it possible for him to break his Master’s nose with something crazy? Naturally, he’d be anxious afterward and try to keep anyone from finding out.”
“Then why did your senior martial brother not heal himself?”
“Because he’s worried about what Xiao Hai will think!” He shifted on Yue Mu Gang’s back and rubbed his head against his neck. “You know, if you broke my nose, I also wouldn’t heal it. I would make sure to bear the pain like a real man and show you that the pain didn’t faze me at all!”
Yue Mu Gang frowned. “That’s stupid.”
“No! It’s clearly super romantic! After all, I’m doing it so you won’t feel bad about hurting me.”
Yue Mu Gang frowned even more. “Why would I feel bad? If we had a spar —”
Xue Chang Fu grabbed his chin and turned his head toward him. “Naturally, it’s because you like me so much. Your heart would hurt seeing me hurt. So …”
“How about I break your nose now so we can see whether or not I’d be heartbroken?”
“Ah, you wouldn’t!” Xue Chang Fu leaned forward and kissed his cheek, earning him a dissatisfied look.
“Forget it. Let’s just watch what Xiao Hai does. Maybe I’m really thinking too much.”
“Mn! Alright, then let’s go!”
“Will you get down?”
“No. You have to carry me.”
Yue Mu Gang sighed but in the end, he still marched on with the Sect Leader clinging to his back. Ah, hopefully, nobody would see them or else Xue Chang Fu’s prestige would diminish even more. Then again, there probably weren’t many people left in the Jin Shan Sect that thought of him as a model cultivator of the righteous path. Not after everything he had done already.

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