LBM C2 Starving Disciples (2): Shall I Go Hunt?

Baili Chao didn’t take much time to think. His disciple had already starved for a day. He couldn’t go and search for a long time to find someone to make him a meal. No, he had to find someone to help in the shortest possible amount of time!
His gaze locked onto a house not far from his own and he dashed over, grabbing the person behind it. “Zhi Guan, do you remember the time before reaching the fourth layer of Qi Refinement when you still needed to eat? Hurry and help me make something for your little junior martial brother!”
Make something to eat? Zhi Guan looked at his Master and then looked at his sword before raising his gaze again. “Shall I go hunt, Master?”
Baili Chao frowned. “Your little junior martial brother hasn’t eaten since yesterday. We can’t make anything that will take much time. A simple porridge should suffice.”
Zhi Guan continued to look at his sword. “Master, is there some special ingredient I should hunt for?”
Baili Chao frowned. “Why are you still going on about hunting? We just need a simple bowl of porridge.”
Zhi Guan also frowned. Cutting up spiritual beasts didn’t sound difficult but making a bowl of porridge … How was this a simple thing? It couldn’t be that his Master wanted him to undertake this task. No, there had to be something more behind this! “Master … Could it be the cook you have your eyes on is held captive in the den of heretic practitioners? Shall I go and exterminate them so he can return to our Teng Yong Sect?”
Baili Chao stared at his eldest disciple. “I want you to make a bowl of porridge!”
Zhi Guan looked at his Master uncomprehendingly. “Make a bowl of porridge? But … how?”
Baili Chao sighed. It seemed asking his oldest disciple was useless. He waved. “Forget it, forget it. Just continue to practice your sword arts. I’ll go and ask your second junior martial brother.” With that, Elder Baili went on his way to consult his second disciple on the art of making porridge.
Zhi Guan watched his Master leave, furrowed his brow and raised his sword again. If you couldn’t make porridge with a sword, then making porridge had to be a waste of time anyway.

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