LWS V5C24 That Counts as a Milestone?

Su Yan pursed his lips. He had already prepared mentally! How could Nie Chang suddenly back down now?! “But we agreed on Friday,” he stressed once again.
Nie Chang felt a headache incoming. “Darling, I know that. And it’s not that I don’t want to sleep with you either. But do you really not mind? This probably isn’t like how you imagined it at all.”
Su Yan pursed his lips further and finally tugged at Nie Chang’s inner robe. “Is it … not what you imagined?”
Nie Chang was torn between reassuring his little darling and telling the truth. If he did the former, they might actually sleep with each other and then Su Yan might regret it. If he chose the latter … Su Yan might get angry or feel bad. He didn’t want that either.
“Darling … Can you get up from my arm first? It’s numb.”
Su Yan blinked and looked at the arm he had squished below him. He grumbled but finally sat up and looked at Nie Chang pitifully. Could it really be that Nie Chang didn’t want him anymore? “Did I do something wrong?”
Nie Chang tried to move his arm and winced. “Darling, that’s not it. I just … This is the first time for us. I want it to be an unforgettable experience that we are both satisfied with. Don’t you want that too?”
Su Yan hesitated but finally nodded. “But who says that it can’t be unforgettable here? It’s in a novel. Who can say they did that kind of thing in a novel?”
Nie Chang smiled and reached over to pat Su Yan’s head. “Nobody else.”
“See? It’s much more unforgettable than what a lot of other people have!”
“That’s true. But it should be unforgettable for us. Us as a couple. And to me, that also means being ourselves. There shouldn’t be anyone else’s face or body involved. It should be Nie Chang and Su Yan. Not any of your characters whose body we’re coincidentally using.”
Su Yan nodded. That sounded really reasonable. “I guess you’re right.”
“Mn. It’s good we’re on the same page with that.”
Su Yan started to nod but stopped halfway. His eyes widened and then he leaped out of the bed and ran out of the room.
Nie Chang’s mouth opened but no sound came out. He just blankly stared after his little darling. Su Yan wouldn’t have reconsidered his opinion that fast, would he? He closed his eyes, rubbed his brow and got up too. He should better take a look what his little darling was up to now.
He threw Ziju An’s outer robe over and grabbed the one he had helped Su Yan take off yesterday and then made his way out of the room too. He didn’t need long to find his little darling. A certain someone had rushed back to the Grandmaster’s study and was kneeling in front of his desk, staring at the mirror with tightly furrowed brows.
Nie Chang went over and draped the outer robe over Su Yan’s shoulders before kneeling down beside him. His little darling was actually looking at the progress bar. “Is something the matter?”
“Don’t you think … it looks pinker today?” Su Yan tilted his head as if looking from another angle could make them gain experience points.
Nie Chang sighed and looked at it too, his lips already parting to refute. Seeing the numbers below the bar he stopped though. Wait a moment! He also furrowed his brows and calculated. Coming up with a different number than before, his brows drew even further together. This couldn’t be! They hadn’t done any other task, had they? He calculated again but the result was still the same. “It’s thirty-four percent now.”
“Ah?” Su Yan looked up at him. “That … Didn’t we have that much before too? So it didn’t change?”
Nie Chang reached over, lost in thought, and combed through Su Yan’s hair again. “No … That’s three percent more. We had thirty-one before. System, show us the list with the already accomplished milestones again.”
This was the only explanation. If they had somehow managed to reach one of the hidden milestones of a relationship without noticing, then this would make sense. Other than that … Maybe Su Yan had reached some goal with the publication stats or something?
The system opened the list with the milestones and both Su Yan and Nie Chang leaned forward, staring at the items. There was indeed a new one at the end of the list:
[Cultivating together]
The two of them turned to look at each other. So this type of thing also counted as a milestone for a relationship?
The one to catch himself first was Nie Chang. He leaned back again and sighed. “Well, this is good. I guess if we just keep doing things we would do if we were indeed a couple of cultivators, we’ll finish this level sooner or later. Three percent isn’t that bad.” He winced. Alright. Three percent weren’t good either considering they only had thirty-four percent overall right now. If all milestones were rewarded like this, then they would need to reach more than twenty of them. They couldn’t expect to do that just by relying on their luck, could they?
“Ah Chang, say, why is it a milestone for a relationship if we cultivate together?”
Nie Chang was pulled out of his thoughts and raised his brows at Su Yan. So that was what his little darling worried about? “I guess it’s because cultivating is such an important part of a cultivator’s life. It’s also something they would mostly do alone so cultivating together probably signifies their close relationship?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. That didn’t sound too bad but he wasn’t sure if he understood. “Don’t a lot of disciples cultivate with their Masters’ guiding them? They certainly can’t all count as couples, can they?”
Nie Chang laughed. “Certainly not. But I guess it can be romantic if done with the person you like. At the very least, I enjoyed spending time with you last night.”
Su Yan beamed. “I also enjoyed cultivating with you! Come to think of it, it’s a little like back in school when we were also working hard together!”
Nie Chang laughed again, ruffling his little darling’s hair. ‘Working hard together’ sure was a nice way to put it. Whether it was yesterday night or back when they had been in school, hadn’t Su Yan often given up halfway and let him finish things up on his own? Ah, well, he didn’t mind as long as Su Yan was happy.

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