LWS V5C14 I Could Try to Straighten It

“Ow!” Nie Chang held his nose but his painful groan was tuned out by someone’s angry clamor.
“Ew! What the hell did you just do?! How gross! Who is kissing other people’s feet?!”
Nie Chang crouched on the ground with tears in his eyes. Ah … Yes, he was asking himself the same question right now! He should have known his darling would react like this!
Su Yan was still fuming but when he saw that his boyfriend didn’t get up, he stopped scolding him. He hesitated but finally called out. “Ah … Ah Chang? You … Are you alright?”
Nie Chang turned to him but didn’t lower his hands. He really wanted to pretend to be alright but … God, it hurt! It seemed they wouldn’t be immune against pain just because they had transmigrated into a novel and into the bodies of cultivators no less.
Su Yan blanked when he didn’t get an answer but only an accusing look. “Uh … I’m sorry? It … It was a reflex!” He got up and hurried to Nie Chang’s side, grabbing his arm and trying to take a closer look at him. “How … How about showing it to me? If it’s broken, I could try to straighten it. You know, like in those movies where —”
“No.” Nie Chang waved a hand.
Su Yan frowned. “What do you mean ‘no’? Listen to yourself! You’re sounding strange. Your nose is definitely broken.”
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. Yes, his nose was very likely broken. And whose fault was that?
Seeing his boyfriend’s look, Su Yan lowered his paws that had already reached over and folded them in his lap. Alright, if Nie Chang said he didn’t need him to readjust his nose, then he wouldn’t insist. Although he still felt that it would be better to let him have a look. He might have never done it before but it couldn’t be so hard, could it? Or could it be that Nie Chang didn’t trust in his abilities?
Su Yan looked at his boyfriend and finally stood up. “I … I’ll go and get you help.” Then he ran out of the study, still barefoot.
He stopped in front of the palace though. It was nice to go and try to get help but … Who should he ask? He might have been the one who wrote the novel but … he was still at the beginning, ah! He had barely had the time to introduce the main characters. How would he have been able to describe the Jin Shan Sect in so much detail that he would know where to find someone? Not that he would know whom to find.
Well, he did know one person in the sect but that Sect Master Xue didn’t look too dependable. Most likely, he would make it even worse if they let him take a look at Nie Chang’s nose. And the few other people he had introduced until now …
There were those two Peak Masters that had argued at the beginning and … Su Yan’s brows raised. Right! There was still that Elder Yue. Contrary to the Sect Master, he had seemed like a dependable guy. And since the Sect Master always clung to him, he should be able to tell him where to find the Elder. So in the end, it would suffice to find Xue Chang Fu!
Su Yan smiled happily and took a look around. Hadn’t he written in the first chapter that the Sect Master and the Elders had held their meeting in a palace at the highest peak of the sect or something? Well, even if he hadn’t, it made sense for the Sect Master’s palace to be at such a place. After all, the previous Sect Masters had probably been very respectable people. It was just this Xue Chang Fu who was ruining their good reputation.
Su Yan continued to look around and finally spotted what he deemed to be the highest peak. At least there were clouds slowly drifting by it as if it had been built in heaven.
Su Yan grimaced. What was that? It couldn’t be that the Sect Master’s palace was up there, could it? Then how was he supposed to get there?! He might be wearing Dou Fang Hai’s robe but that didn’t make him a cultivator! He had no idea how to sense spiritual energy or use a flying sword. Actually, he didn’t even know if Dou Fang Hai already had a flying sword.
Su Yan frowned and started to pace up and down in front of the palace. Ah, just what should he do? He had hurt his boyfriend and now he couldn’t even do something to help him. Maybe Nie Chang would have to live with a crooked nose from now on!
He stopped and furrowed his brow even more. Oh no! Well, it wasn’t that he would love him any less if his nose was crooked but maybe Nie Chang would mind? And would he still be able to smell anything? If he remembered correctly, then the nose would also influence what people tasted so maybe Nie Chang would also lose his sense of taste on top of his ability to smell. Oh no! Just what had he done?!
Su Yan raised his hands and bit his nails. Ah, just why had he kicked him? Well, it hadn’t been something he had done consciously but still … The poor Nie Chang! How could he make this up to his boyfriend?
“Xiao Hai?”
Su Yan flinched and turned around only to be faced with a serious-looking man in a dark robe. Uh? Who was this? Weren’t they in the Jin Shan Sect right now? Shouldn’t there be only cultivators around? Then why was this guy not wearing a white robe? Wasn’t that what cultivators normally wore?
The man frowned. “Is something the matter?”
“Uh … no.” Su Yan pursed his lips. This guy didn’t sound nice at all. Hadn’t he just taken a slightly longer look at his robe? It wasn’t even as if he had examined his face! He didn’t need to anyway. His boyfriend was already the most handsome person around!
The man didn’t dwell on it and instead motioned at the palace. “Is your Master in?”
Su Yan wanted to nod when he remembered just what Nie Chang was going through right now. He couldn’t let some random dude bother him while he was coming to terms with this!
Thus he hurriedly jumped in front of the door and wildly shook his head, even going so far as to stretch out his arms. “No!”

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