OMF V5C128 A Child Throwing a Tantrum

The two people leaning over the rim of the tub froze with their lips just a hair’s breadth apart. They looked at each other and turned to the door in unison only to see Qiu Ling with Jing Yi on his arms staring unabashedly at them, taking in the whole scene.
Qiu Ling blinked when he felt that he had seen enough. “Is this some kind of weird foreplay? Have you started yet? If not, then wait for a while and help me first. Jing He’s soul is cracked. I need a way to repair it. It shouldn’t be painful though. Oh, and I want one that will really heal everything. You should know one, shouldn’t you?”
Leng Jin Yu’s lips twitched. Suddenly, he seemed to understand what Jinde had meant when he called Longjun a bear child. This guy had no decency at all! Couldn’t he see that Jinde was still naked?!
Qiu Ling definitely could see that but he didn’t care. He had already promised himself to his Jing He and the old geezer was married to his father anyway. What was there to fuss about? Anyway, even if there wasn’t his beloved, he certainly wouldn’t go after someone that old. Thus he walked over to the chair opposite the tub without any embarrassment at all, intending to sit down to discuss the problem at hand.
At least Jing Yi was embarrassed though when he saw the situation in the room and Qiu Ling’s non-reaction to it. He grabbed onto Qiu Ling’s robe and hissed into his ear. “Qiu Ling! How can you … Let’s go back!”
Qiu Ling only blinked and still sat down on the chair. “Why? He hasn’t told us yet how to heal your soul. There are several cracks around the engraving. You should take this seriously.”
Jinde looked at his stepson with a contemplative gaze before he turned to his husband. Maybe he had described it too harmless?
Leng Jin Yu also turned back to look at Jinde. He really didn’t know what he should say or do. This was his son, wasn’t it? So was he supposed to tell him off? Especially since this was about his husband? But then again he didn’t really know him. Jinde was more familiar with him than he was.
Opposite them, Jing Yi tugged at Qiu Ling’s clothes again. His cheeks had already flushed and even his ears were turning red. He didn’t dare to even glance in the direction of the tub. “Qiu Ling! Please let’s leave, yes? We can come back later.”
Qiu Ling secured Jing Yi on his lap and patted his back. “Don’t worry. The old geezer knows me. He’ll certainly help you with your soul.”
“Qiu Ling! That’s not what this is about at all!”
Jing Yi tried to wriggle out of his arms but a certain dragon king naturally held onto him securely. He finally had his beloved in his arms. He certainly wouldn’t let go!
Jing Yi could only give up with a sigh and hope that this wouldn’t be put onto his head. Ah, why did this have to happen? And especially with senior martial brother Yu and the person he had fallen in love with! Hadn’t that person already seen him kiss senior martial brother Yu before he left the sect? Then what would he think now that they walked in on them like this? He really regretted agreeing to Qiu Ling’s suggestion.
Jinde propped an elbow up on the edge of the tub and harrumphed. “You should try and learn from your fiance, brat. Do you think it’s forgivable to walk in on your parents like this?”
Qiu Ling frowned. “You’re not my mother though.”
“Thanks for the reminder but I think I would have remembered if I gave birth to a difficult child like you.”
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. This old geezer! How could he say something like this?! Before he had the time to complain though Jinde had already turned to the other person that was feeling embarrassed about the situation.
“My dear, can’t you do something? That’s your son! And he’s refusing to leave while I’m still naked. Do you think it’s acceptable to just wait? You should be fighting for my honor!”
Leng Jin Yu’s brows twitched. He was pretty sure that Jinde would be able to handle the dragon king way better than he could but, well, if his husband insisted … He turned to Qiu Ling and Jing Yi and smiled wryly. “Longjun, it’s not that Jinde is refusing to treat him. It’s just that you came at a rather inopportune time. Why don’t you take Zhong Jing Yi to the study and wait there? We’ll come over as soon as we’re finished.”
Jing Yi nodded and tugged at Qiu Ling’s clothes but a certain someone wasn’t too thrilled at the prospect.
“What are you talking about? Coming over when you’re finished? Who knows how long the two of you will take! And who knows if you’ll just go for one round if nobody is looking? I definitely won’t wait that long! I’ve promised to take Jing He to the Nine Heavens afterward.”
“You …” Leng Jin Yu looked up at the ceiling. Heavens! Just what was that guy thinking? Well, never mind the first part. They should just talk about the second one. “Longjun. This can’t be done. You —”
“Whose side are you on?!” Qiu Ling frowned. “Aren’t you my father’s reincarnation? You should help me but instead, you’re first siding with the old geezer and now you’re even telling me I can’t take my beloved to the Nine Heavens, even though you were the one who screwed everything up!”
Leng Jin Yu raised his brows. What should he do? Somehow, he felt like he was facing a child throwing a tantrum …

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