LBM C1 A Bad Good-Night-Story (3): Romance of the Sword

Yun Bei Fen was reassured now that the prophetic owl had spoken. It seemed nothing had happened to his senior martial brother Mei. In that case … he should go and ask his first senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ meant.
The little bunny skipped over the meadow and to a third house. On the free plain behind it, a person could be seen whirling about with a sword in hand. Yun Bei Fen ran over on his short legs and stared at the person unblinking.
Finally, the man stopped. He continued to hold his sword in front of him before slowly standing up and lowering it. He turned to Yun Bei Fen and looked at him wordlessly.
Yun Bei Fen rushed over and looked at his big senior martial brother with bright eyes. “First senior martial brother, I have a question!”
“What is it?”
“Second senior martial brother told me a story about a bunny and a moon and he said it’s unromantic if the moon doesn’t learn martial arts after the bunny looked at it for a long time.”
His first senior martial brother frowned. “And?”
“What does second senior martial brother mean with ‘unromantic’?”
His first senior martial brother frowned even more. “Mn … He certainly means … the romance of the sword!” Zhi Guan grabbed his own weapon tighter and looked at it lovingly.
Unfortunately, the little bunny didn’t understand. “What’s the romance of the sword?”
Zhi Guan patted his sword. “It’s this. As a real man, you should never separate from your weapon. Through all the ups and downs in your life, your weapon will accompany you and you will use it to strike down your foes and save those important to you. The only one you can trust is your sword.”
“Oh.” Yun Bei Fen looked at his big senior martial brother’s sword. He didn’t really understand why he should trust it but then again their Master had also brought him here on a … sword. “First senior martial brother?”
“Mn?” Zhi Guan looked at the little person that was tugging at his sleeve. “What is it?”
“Then what about senior martial brother Mei? He isn’t a sword. Does that mean I can’t trust him?”
Zhi Guan frowned. “How could that be? Your sword will always be there but sometimes one man and one sword won’t be enough. In the face of too mighty a foe, the ones you can turn to will be your brothers-in-arms. So naturally, you should also trust them. That is also the romance of the sword. Those who understand it and accompany you on this way, they will naturally be your companions. With your sword, you will strike out on one side while the other side will be guarded by them.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded slowly. “So it turns out the moon was training martial arts because of that. Second senior martial brother really didn’t explain it very well.”
Zhi Guan looked at the little bunny and finally took one hand from his weapon, reached down and awkwardly patted the little head. “Don’t listen to that brat. He’s not serious enough about the way of the sword. Go practice now.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded and hugged his big senior martial brother’s leg before hurrying away.
Zhi Guan looked after him before flashing to a shrub close to him and picking something up by the scruff of its neck. “Seen enough yet, brat? Then train a bit with me.” With that, Yan Hong Min was thrown to the ground and a weapon pointed at him.
“No!” With tears in his eyes, Yan Hong Min looked at the person in front of him. “Have mercy, senior martial brother!”
Unfortunately, the sword came right at his face. Wuwuwu, he would never try to set their big senior martial brother up again!

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Author’s Note: This is the last part about Yan Hong Min’s story. The next update will deal with another episode of Yun Bei Fen’s life but it might take a while longer until I get around to writing that one 😊

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