LWS V5C8 Getting to Rank 5?

The system didn’t react to Su Yan’s accusation, making a certain someone even angrier in return. Nie Chang hurriedly grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him into his arms before he could do something that might strand them in the novel forever.
“Alright, alright. The system didn’t treat you nicely. But let’s not forget why we’re here, yes?”
“We’re here because the dumb thing didn’t warn us and just threw us into my novel!” Su Yan pouted. He really wanted to scratch that stupid mirror!
“That’s true. You’re naturally right, darling. But we still need the system to get back, right? So wait with your revenge until we’re on earth again, alright?”
Su Yan took back the hands that had tried to grab onto the mirror. Alright. He could accept that reason. He wasn’t happy with it but he could wait at least that long. “Then you talk to it. I don’t want to speak with the stupid thing. Hmph.”
Nie Chang sighed and kissed his little darling’s cheek. Thankfully, he had managed that. He really didn’t want to know what kind of disaster would occur if Su Yan started breaking everything that could contain the system.
He put the mirror down on the table and sat down with Su Yan in his arms just in case he needed to hold him back again. Then he turned back to the system. “That planet 3-something should be earth. So are you saying we can’t get back there with the special dimension?”
The system took its sweet time to answer as if it was considering whether it wanted to answer or not. Finally, it spat out one word: [Yes.]
Su Yan grumbled again. This might not be an elaborate answer but it was still more than he had gotten. So unfair!
Nie Chang hurriedly patted his little darling’s head and continued to ask. “Then how else can we return to earth?”
[The host may return with a dimension ticket.]
Nie Chang frowned. “Then how could he …” He straightened up. “Wait. The host can return with a dimension ticket? Then what about people traveling with him? Would they also need a dimension ticket?” That couldn’t be, could it? After all, Su Yan had only had one ticket and they had come here together.
[A dimension ticket can open a gate between dimensions. The more people are transported through the gate, the less stable it will become. It is advisable for every person to use a dimension ticket of their own.]
Nie Chang rubbed his brow. Alright. “I guess this means we could use one but using two would be better for safety. Then how can we get such a dimension ticket?”
[The host may acquire a dimension ticket through fulfilling special tasks.]
“May? Is there a way to find out whether he will get one or not beforehand?”
This time the system didn’t give a response.
Su Yan straightened up and gave his boyfriend a gloating look. See that? Now you know how it feels to be ignored by the system!
Nie Chang just smiled wryly in response and ruffled Su Yan’s hair. “Seems like it doesn’t treat me any better than you. It was probably just going for a nice first impression. Such a mean thing.”
“Mn!” Su Yan nodded happily and snuggled up against his boyfriend’s chest. Ah, if this wasn’t inside his novel but at home, this would actually be nice. Mn, it would be even nicer if he could send Nie Chang to the kitchen now and have him make something to eat. Some egg-fried rice would be nice …
While Su Yan was drooling over his boyfriend’s food inwardly, Nie Chang had turned his attention back to the system. He didn’t believe that they could only rely on luck to return home.
“System, is there any other way to return home besides using a dimension ticket?”
The system once again kept mum before spilling the beans. [The special dimension can be used to open gates at regular intervals upon reaching the highest level.]
“The special dimension’s highest level? How much would Su Yan need to level up to get there?”
[The host needs to attain rank 5, ‘Master of Love’, to be eligible to use the advanced special dimension.]
“Eh?” Su Yan couldn’t help but butt in when he heard that. “Isn’t my current rank the 4, ‘Expert of Seduction’? Then wouldn’t that mean I only need to get to the next level so we can leave? Yes!” Su Yan hugged Nie Chang and kissed his cheek. “You heard that too, didn’t you? That means we can go home soon!”
Nie Chang kissed his little darling back and rubbed his cheek. “I heard that. But don’t be happy too soon. Getting to the next level took longer and longer every time, didn’t it? The last level should have taken you several days. If we’re gone for that long … We’ll have a lot to explain when we get back.”
Su Yan blinked. “Why would we? It’s not like anyone but us knows about the system.”
Nie Chang sighed. “Do you remember what happened when you went into the special dimension on Tuesday to create the characters for your second story? You stayed there for fourteen hours. If you need several days to level up before we can go home, then how much time will have passed on earth? Today is Thursday and I told Lao Lao and Gong Gong that we won’t be in the shop tomorrow either but what if your parents try to reach you? Or what if you still haven’t become a ‘Master of Love’ by Monday morning and we don’t turn up at the shop? People will start searching for us, the police might get involved. How will we explain where we went and why nobody could reach us?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “That … How am I supposed to know that?”
“That’s what I’m saying. It’s good we don’t need to wait for the off-chance of getting another dimension ticket but things might still not be that easy.”

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