LWS V5C7 Too Biased

“Ah Yan, over here.”
Su Yan stopped with the third scroll in his hand and turned back to his boyfriend. “What is it? If it’s not important, then let’s talk about it later. We should really concentrate on finding the system.” Just when he wanted to turn back, Nie Chang cleared his throat. “What?”
“Darling, I’ve already found it.”
“Hah? No way!” Su Yan let go of the scroll and ran over, looking at what Nie Chang had in his hand. This looked like … the super-special mirror he had created? Su Yan frowned. “Ah Chang, this isn’t the time for jokes. I don’t expect you to find the system in just a minute. There’s no need to pretend.”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Considering that his darling had been going on about how much he understood the system back on earth, maybe he should feel insulted now? “Darling, do you really think I would pretend right now? If I did, you’d know as soon as you come over.”
Su Yan blinked. Well, that was true. Su Yan narrowed his eyes. “You’ve really found it?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Yes. You can come and have a look.” He lifted the mirror and even turned it around for Su Yan to see.
In the face of the familiar interface, Su Yan gaped. This couldn’t be! He was the one who had gotten the system and he was also the one who created this study. How could it be that Nie Chang found the system before him?! This wasn’t logical at all! Could it be the system was actually bullying him and had appeared where Nie Chang searched for it because of that? Well, that could be.
Nie Chang had no idea what his darling thought but he handed the mirror with the system over very earnestly. “Take a look if we can go to the special dimension from here.”
Su Yan nodded and lifted his hand to click. He hesitated though. “Ah Chang, say, this is a mirror. Can I really just tip on it and something will happen? That sounds so … strange.”
“Well … I’ve never tried to use one like this before but this is a cultivation world, after all. You’ll have to try it to find out.”
Su Yan nodded and finally clicked. His fingertip touched the surface and … nothing happened. Su Yan looked up at his boyfriend with an expression that was hovering between ‘See this? I told you it wouldn’t work!’ and ‘Oh no! Look at this! It doesn’t work. Now we’ll never get home!’ as if Su Yan himself didn’t know what he should feel.
Nie Chang sighed. “How about trying something different?”
“Like what?”
“Well, when you were in the special dimension before you didn’t always have your phone with you, did you?”
“No. I don’t think so.”
“In that case … How did you use the system back then? You certainly interacted with it when you were crafting those characters, didn’t you?”
Su Yan nodded. “Well, it’s not very cooperative but sometimes it responds when I talk to it.”
“Oh? Then I guess we should try that now too.”
“Oh. Alright.” Su Yan looked at the mirror. “System? Are you there?”
He didn’t get an answer. With teary eyes, he looked up at Nie Chang again. Did this mean that they wouldn’t get home? Now they had managed to find the system but because the mirror didn’t have any keys they couldn’t use it. This was like putting a bucket full of water right out of reach of a chained dog that was dying of thirst. Simply torturing them!
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Seriously? They were trapped in a different dimension and the only thing Su Yan had to ask the system was whether it was there? “How about … asking something else? It’s pretty obvious it is there, isn’t it? I mean we can both see it.”
“But it didn’t answer. When I come home and ask whether you’re there you would also answer, wouldn’t you? So maybe it only looks like it’s there but actually, it isn’t.”
Nie Chang grinned. “Alright. When we get out of here and buy that house so we can move in together, I’ll definitely always answer when you call out to me.”
Su Yan frowned at him. “Of course, you will.” He certainly wouldn’t accept that his boyfriend just kept quiet when he was so nice to greet him every time he came home.
Nie Chang considered his options and finally just leaned over and kissed his little darling’s cheek. “Mn, you’re right as always. Now, let’s continue with the system.”
“But what should I ask? It doesn’t even acknowledge that it’s there.” Su Yan frowned at it before stuffing it back into Nie Chang’s hands. “Here. You ask it.”
“Uh …” Nie Chang looked at the mirror in his hands and raised his brows. How come he was the one talking to the system now? Wasn’t it Su Yan’s system? But, well, it had also sent him that message back then so maybe it wouldn’t mind talking to him.
He raised the mirror and cleared his throat in an attempt to feel less awkward about this. Well, at least he didn’t have to see his own face while talking to the mirror. “System, can you open the special dimension for us please?”
There wasn’t an immediate reply. Su Yan wanted to point at the thing and curse when a low beep sounded from the mirror and finally, the voice of the system sounded from the glass.
Uh … This wasn’t too good? Nie Chang looked at his little darling who seemed like he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to smash the mirror or not. Before Su Yan could completely blow his top, Nie Chang turned back to it and tried to keep going.
“Why is that?”
[The host has used up his dimension tickets. The special dimension is tied to planet 32847 and can thus only be entered from there without the help of external means.]
Su Yan poked the glass. “You stupid thing! Why are you answering all of Nie Chang’s questions but ignore me?! Who’s the one you’re supposed to help here, huh?! Don’t you feel like you’re too biased?!”

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