OMF V5C114 Too Heavy-Handed

Leng Jin Yu glanced at the corridor behind him but, naturally, he couldn’t go and ask Jinde now. He first had to deal with the two dragons in front of him. “Alright, I know now. Thank you for your effort and please also convey my thanks to Senior Xin Lan. This information is very valuable to us.” He cupped his fists and bowed slightly, hoping that the two would get the hint and leave.
Fu Heng nodded and turned to his partner to see if he wanted to go. Fu Min didn’t seem like it though. He couldn’t help but take a closer look at Leng Jin Yu. Even though this person seemed calm at first glance, his brows were drawn together slightly and he obviously avoided looking at them. Huh. Why was he worrying so much?
“His Majesty is still with the Son of Heaven.”
Leng Jin Yu glanced at the blond dragon in front of him and nodded. “I see.”
“So …” He glanced at Fu Heng, urging him to provide him with an idea. Something was obviously fishy here.
Fu Heng met his partner’s gaze and understood instantly. They had spent so many years together and he had paid a lot of attention to him so he didn’t have trouble to guess what he wanted.
He turned back to Leng Jin Yu. “Senior Xin Lan only told us to inform you but considering that His Majesty and the Son of Heaven aren’t here at the moment, this might be a good opportunity to act. So what should we do?”
Leng Jin Yu lowered his hands. Why wouldn’t those two leave? “I —”
“How about inviting us in?” Fu Min smiled brightly and motioned down the corridor.
Leng Jin Yu gritted his teeth. Seriously? Why was this happening now of all times? Hadn’t he just promised Jinde that he would be back soon? Well, he could hardly tell them to go outright.
He cleared his throat and pretended not to have heard Fu Min. “I don’t think it would be wise to act. Qiguan Cheng Da was pulled into this because of the crown prince’s trial and he is human. It is neither our duty nor do we have the right to do anything to him. That would be the task of the humans or, more precisely, the Yun Zou Sect.”
“The Yun Zou Sect doesn’t know though.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. “Then I’ll find a way to let them know. Other than that we shouldn’t interfere with this though.”
“Mn.” Fu Heng glanced at Fu Min to see if he still wanted more time.
“Then … Will you also keep an eye on him?”
Leng Jin Yu suppressed a sigh. Were all dragons this talkative? Or had such a bad sense of timing? Longjun had also managed to interrupt him and Jinde just when they had been getting closer.
He forced himself to smile. “Certainly.”
“Ah, that’s good then.” Fu Min smiled back at him and nudged his husband.
“Mn, yes. If there is anything we can do …”
“Thank you for the offer but I don’t think that will be necessary. I am already in the Yun Zou Sect, after all, and am regarded as a disciple. Me being here and having an eye on him won’t be suspicious. If you got involved though …”
Fu Min smiled even more brightly. “Don’t worry about that! We could just glamor our appearances.” He turned to his husband. “How about you be His Majesty and I’ll be His Highness? People probably wouldn’t notice the difference.”
Fu Heng stared at his partner. No one would notice the difference? So in Fu Min’s mind, he was actually as strange as His Majesty?
Leng Jin Yu’s lips also twitched. Even if those two changed their appearances, he doubted that it would work out. At least not in that constellation. Considering what he had seen just in the short time since meeting them the red-haired dragon would probably fit Zhong Jing Yi’s quieter temperament better while the other one … Well, he wasn’t as strange as Longjun but still quirky enough to imitate him at least for a while.
Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat again. “Really, that shouldn’t be necessary. Furthermore, Grandmaster Zhangsun and Sect Master Yuchi know that Longjun and Zhong Jing Yi are out.”
Fu Min pursed his lips. This guy was such a tough nut to crack! Just what was going on here? “Uh … How about —”
“Jin Yu!” From inside the house, a whiny voice sounded. “What are you doing out there this long? Didn’t you promise you’d be back in a minute? It’s been so long already …”
Leng Jin Yu’s ears reddened and he gulped. Ah, Jinde … He should have expected this, shouldn’t he? He smiled wryly at the two dragons in front of him who were looking back at him with blank expressions. They certainly hadn’t expected this!
Jinde wasn’t even finished though. After lamenting for a moment, his approach got a little more forceful. “What kind of husband are you? It’s only the first day after our wedding and you’re letting me wait this long! Come back here already! Or do you want me to get out of here and put my clothes back on?!”
Fu Heng wordlessly turned around, grabbed Fu Min’s arm and pulled him out of the house, closing the door behind them. Ah, as a newly-wedded man himself, he definitely didn’t want to be the reason another man got into trouble with his partner.
Inside the house, Leng Jin Yu facepalmed. Alright, it was his own fault for not being able to drive those two off fast enough. But had Jinde really needed to be this heavy-handed? Half of that should have sufficed. Well, that wasn’t important now.
He went back to Jinde’s room, picking up a chair on the way.
Hearing his husband approach, Jinde happily sat up in the tub, slipping to the side to make room for him. “Finally! I thought you’d …” He stopped when he saw the chair in his lover’s hand. “Uh … Jin Yu, my dear, what is that thing for?”

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