OMF V5C98 Bearing Witness

While Leng Jin Yu fell asleep again in the matter of a few minutes, Jinde couldn’t relax. There was still one thing that bothered him: Where would they find the witnesses for their status as a newly-wedded couple tomorrow?
It was all well and good that they both agreed they were married but the customs still required at least one person to see the marks on their bodies. Even better if it were more people. But they were living far away from the dragon realm right now and he couldn’t leave the house for long without having to worry about being seen. Even when he had followed Leng Jin Yu yesterday to continue to seduce him, his heart hadn’t been able to settle down. Who knew if Jin Ling would come back, after all? If he saw him, everything would be over.
In that case, there were only a few people left that could serve as witnesses. Grandmaster Zhangsun, Leng Jin Yu’s Master Yuchi Bing Xia or Qiu Ling. But the latter had already run away to go after his beloved while the former didn’t want to pry into other people’s matters. As for Leng Jin Yu’s Master … Jinde sighed. That guy had wanted to separate them yesterday when nothing had happened yet. If he found out that things were different now, he definitely wouldn’t bear witness to anything.
Ah, how sad! Now they were finally married but they couldn’t make it official because his circumstances were so special! Other than Qiu Ling and Xin Lan nobody from his race knew that he was still alive.
Eh? Come to think of it … Xin Lan had been gone for quite some time already. Whatever he was doing should be finished more or less. It shouldn’t be a problem if he reached out to him to have him bear witness, should it?
Jinde looked at Leng Jin Yu’s face and smiled. “Mn, don’t be angry, my dear. It’s not that I don’t trust you. This is just to make sure that nobody will get in the way of our happiness again.” He kissed his cheek before leaning over the edge of the bed and fishing around for his robe. Mn, it should be somewhere around there …
Jinde finally grabbed onto the embroidered fabric. His face lit up and he searched further for the pendant Xin Lan had given him. Finally, his fingertips touched the cold stone. Jinde pulled it out and lay down next to Leng Jin Yu again. He looked at his lover and snuggled closer up against his chest. Leng Jin Yu sighed and tightened his grab around his waist. Jinde gently patted that hand before pushing the blanket a little further down. Mn, if he wanted Xin Lan to bear witness, he had to show him a bit. Ah, thankfully, his lover was working with him!
Jinde imbued the pendant with a bit of spiritual energy, his face paling slightly. Thankfully, Xin Lan had made a habit out of always getting the best things for him. This kind of transmission stone would require much less energy to work. It was probably the only kind he could still use in his condition.
In the demon realm, Xin Lan stopped in one of the corridors and stared down at his chest disbelieving. Was this really his Master reaching out to him? He hurriedly took the pendant out and imbued his own spiritual energy, establishing the connection between the two sides. His Master was already weakened. He couldn’t let him waste any energy. “Master!”
“Xin Lan.”
There was a special lilt to Jinde’s voice that gave Xin Lan pause. His gaze flitted across that familiar face. He seemed … tired but at the same time content. Could it be … Xin Lan finally noticed the black strands next to Jinde’s golden hair and then the transmission stone was tilted a bit, letting him see Jinde’s skin.
Xin Lan tensed. His first impulse was to lower his gaze how he had always done when he came close to Jinde but he understood that this wasn’t the time for that. He gritted his teeth and forced himself to take a good look, to take in every one of the tell-tale signs on his Master’s body.
It had happened. It had actually happened while he was away. “I see. Congratulations.”
Jinde chuckled happily. “You haven’t even seen Jin Yu yet.” He stroked his lover’s hand and turned the pendant to the other side, letting Xin Lan take a look at him.
Xin Lan clenched his hand into a fist and cursed that bastard inwardly but he still looked. This was what his Master had wished for. And he had left with Jin Ling to ensure that he could get to this point. Bearing witness for him now was the least he could do.
Seeing the scratches on Leng Jin Yu’s back Xin Lan narrowed his eyes. This was a far cry from the claw marks his Master had left on Chun Yin’s body back then. Ah, he really needed to find something so his soul could be regenerated. It couldn’t go on like this. Unable to use most of his magic, unable to transform his body … How could his Master be forced to live like this?
The pendant was turned back and Jinde’s happy smile came back into view. It dimmed when he saw Xin Lan’s expression though. “What is it? You … It couldn’t be that you’re worried the same thing as back then would happen, could it?”
Xin Lan hurriedly schooled his expression and shook his head. “No, that … How could that be?”
“Right. Jian Heng is dead and Jin Ling doesn’t know that I’m alive. There is nobody manipulating us this time. It will work out.”
Xin Lan nodded. “Yes, I know. I just thought that … you’re looking rather tired.”
Jinde smiled wryly. “I slept a few hours. It has to be because of that.”
Xin Lan shook his head. “No, it’s not. But don’t worry. I’ve already promised I would find a way to heal you. I just need a bit of time.”
“You don’t have to. Over time …” Jinde shook his head and sighed. “It’s already much better than back then. In a few … millenniums, I’ll probably be back at full health.”
Xin Lan just stared at his Master. They both knew that this was nonsense. Even if he submerged himself in spiritual water of the finest quality for that time span there was only a slight chance of him healing completely. That type of minuscule chance … he wouldn’t depend on it. No, he would find a way to make sure Jinde would get back to full health and he would find a way that was fast enough to enjoy his time with his lover.
Xin Lan’s lips twitched. No, that was wrong. From now on, he had to say that he wanted him to enjoy the time with his husband.

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