LWS V4C74 She Deserves to Be on That List

“Mn …” Su Yan typed a line into his phone before frowning at the screen.
“What is it, Darling?”
“I thought of another good point but I don’t know how to write it down.”
Nie Chang took a deep breath to calm himself and prepared for the worst. “Can I help?”
“Mn. Maybe. I wanted to write ‘broken bird’ but that’s two words. How can I make just one out of that?”
Nie Chang coughed. Broken bird? Seriously?
Su Yan seemed to feel his doubt. He furrowed his brow and harrumphed. “What? You think having a broken bird wouldn’t be enough of a reason? Maybe Old Lao and Yuan Hai wouldn’t care but who says others wouldn’t? Look, Gong Gong can’t even be with a woman because of that. And now imagine Yuan Hai would break his bird too.”
Nie Chang facepalmed. Excuse him, but he didn’t want to imagine anything like that. Actually, he didn’t want to imagine anything about his love rival’s bird at all. “I think if someone leaves their boyfriend just because he has a disability, then they weren’t really in love in the first place. What about the third person? Did you write that down already?”
Su Yan looked up at him and blinked. “Third person?”
“Yes. Didn’t we talk about that just now? You said Yuan Hai would be a problem for the relationship between Old Lao and Gong Gong.”
“Oh, that. Yeah, I did. Look?” He raised his phone and showed it to Nie Chang.
Hie boyfriend only smiled wryly though. So ‘third person’ could be condensed into ‘CEO’ if you didn’t want to write more than one word? Well, hopefully, the system could indeed read his thoughts.
Su Yan lowered the phone again and stared at the screen. “What about the broken bird now?”
“I still don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“Why? You think a bird isn’t important?”
“That …” Nie Chang rubbed his forehead. “Ah Yan … I mean sure it is. But would you leave somebody for that? I’m sure I wouldn’t.”
Su Yan blinked. “Well, my bird isn’t important. Yours is.” He tilted his head and took a look at Nie Chang from head to toe, obviously pondering the question if he would really leave him if something was wrong with his bird.
Nie Chang’s brows twitched. “Never mind. Let’s search for some other ideas for your list. How many do you still need? Three?”
Su Yan looked at his list, pondered and finally shook his head. “Four.”
Nie Chang was right. Never mind the bird. They had never had sex anyway so he wouldn’t miss anything just because something was wrong with Nie Chang’s bird. Actually, it might be better if something was wrong with it. After all, who knew if Nie Chang had been right when he claimed that it wouldn’t hurt at all? Maybe he had gotten it wrong. Not having a working bird might be better in that case.
His boyfriend leaned over and took a look at the list. He couldn’t help but raise his brows when he noticed that nothing that could be linked to ‘broken birds’ had turned up there.
So his little darling agreed with him? Not bad! Now he at least didn’t need to worry that he’d become single again if something happened to him. Uh, regardless of whether that something happened to his bird or something else. He rubbed his forehead again, a little speechless that they were talking about birds again. Well, he could probably get out of that if he suggested another point for the list.
But … what should he suggest? He couldn’t really imagine anything that would make him break up with Su Yan. As for the other way around … He didn’t want to think about it. It was better if Su Yan didn’t think about it either. Then did he —
Nie Chang let go of that thought when he saw Su Yan lift the phone to his ear and look at the sky. Who was his little darling calling? Don’t tell him he wanted to —
“Zhi Bao Yu?” Su Yan’s face lit up. Ah, he couldn’t believe that he had so much luck! She had actually taken the call after it rung twice. Today had to be his lucky day.
“Su Yan! What is it? Did something happen?”
“No. I just thought you’ve been together with your boyfriend for such a long time and you’ve talked a lot about relationships with the others so I’d like to ask you a question.”
Next to him, Nie Chang held his head. How had this happened? Why did Su Yan call that Zhi Bao Yu out of all people? Someone like her might even qualify to be put on the list as one of the reasons for a breakup. Ah? Come to think of it he could suggest that when his darling had finished the phone call.
“Awr, you need relationship advice? Don’t worry! You’ve definitely called the right person for that! What do you want to do? Prepare a romantic surprise for him? Have a spectacular date? You wanted to go on a date with him soon, didn’t you? Wasn’t that what you went shopping for? Don’t worry! I have a ton of ideas already! Just tell me a bit more about him and your situation and I’ll give you the one that suits you best.”
“Oh.” Su Yan tilted his head. “Well, what do you want to know?”
“Anything is fine. What type of character is he? What do you do normally?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Mn … He’s pretty nice. At least to me. Actually, to other people, he can be really nasty. He has a poisonous tongue. Well, he does love teasing me too but it’s not as bad in comparison.”
“Ah? I never would have thought he’s that type of guy …” Zhi Bao Yu looked over to her co-worker that had shown them the picture of Nie Chang and Su Yan in the repair shop. Well, she hadn’t been able to see him too well so maybe she had gotten it wrong.
Meanwhile, Nie Chang watched his little darling pensively. Why did it sound as if those two were talking about him instead of the task the system had given to Su Yan? Could somebody explain that to him?

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