OMF V5C97 A Peaceful Night

Qiu Ling had a look around and indeed spotted a good place just a stone’s throw away. It was a clearing in the forest with a little creek flowing by and if he didn’t see wrong, then there was some grass growing there. Mn, it would probably be much softer to lie down there. Perfect for his beloved!
Just to make sure he still looked around a little further in case there was an even better place around but finally, he decided that this was the best one of all. Thus he flew back down.
He landed next to Jing Yi and wanted to tell him what he had found when he noticed that something was off. His beloved had wrapped the blanket he had given him around him and sat down against a tree trunk. His head was leaning to the side and his eyes were closed gently. His breath was also coming in a gentle and steady rhythm. It seemed his beloved had already fallen asleep.
Qiu Ling smiled and knelt down in front of him, peering at his face for a moment. Mn, Jing Yi was a little cuter than Jing He. Now that he slept, it was even more obvious than usual.
He reached out but didn’t dare to touch him. His fingers hovered next to him in the air, just a hair’s breadth away from Jing Yi’s cheek. Ah, he would really like to touch him but if he did, maybe his beloved would wake up? He couldn’t go too overboard.
Qiu Ling sighed and didn’t touch his cheek. He still picked him up though. Just look at how tired his poor beloved was! He definitely couldn’t let him rest at such an uncomfortable place. Thus he flew back up and over to the clearing he had spotted.
Landing on the ground again, he took a look around. Mn, this was indeed not bad. So, where to put him down? Next to the lake? But that might be a little chilly. Not that he couldn’t adjust the temperature for him.
In the end, Qiu Ling walked to the side of the clearing where they would be covered by the tree branches but could still see a bit of the night sky. It was also just a few steps away from the pond, not too close that it could get chilly but also not too far in case his beloved woke up and wanted to drink some water.
Mn, he had thought of all this. Ah, he was such a good lover. His beloved would certainly be very impressed when he woke up again.
He gently put him down and looked at his sleeping figure again. Mn, one blanket might not be enough … Since caring for someone should always go the whole way Qiu Ling took out another blanket. He put it on the ground and then carefully lifted his beloved onto it. Mn, how nice! Now his beloved didn’t have to lie on the cold ground.
Qiu Ling very happily sat down next to him, propped his elbows on his knees and his chin onto his hands and continued to stare at Jing Yi. Mn, tomorrow, he would wake up and be really, really happy that he would be the first thing he saw. Especially if he noticed all the things he had done for him. Ah, he just had to wait a few hours … Qiu Ling continued to stare at Jing Yi until his own eyes also fell shut.
While the one pair of dragon and human just fell asleep, the other pair in the Yun Zou Sect finally woke up again.
Leng Jin Yu opened his eyes with a smile only to freeze just like Jing Yi when he noticed just how much time had gone by. The sweat on their skin had already dried and the last light long vanished.
He lifted a hand and rubbed his face with a sigh. If Jinde woke up now, it could really be called the next day already. Ah, hadn’t he just wanted to keep him company while he slept? How come he had fallen asleep himself?
Just like Jing Yi with Qiu Ling Leng Jin Yu had no idea that the person in question had already opened his eyes and was fixating him, waiting for what he would do. Even though they had already spent the night or, well, the day together, he couldn’t help but dread if Leng Jin Yu might get up and leave.
Leng Jin Yu sat indeed up but before Jinde even had the time to furrow his brows he leaned over to the other side of the bed and pulled the blanket up, gently covering both of them with it when he lay back down. He even carefully wrapped him in his arms again.
Jinde’s gaze softened and his lips curled into a splendid smile. Mn, he had worried without reason. Leng Jin Yu definitely wouldn’t just leave him. No, he wasn’t that type of man and this time, there wasn’t anyone interfering from outside either. He didn’t need to worry at all.
Jinde snuggled up against Leng Jin Yu’s chest and closed his eyes again. Ah, falling asleep in somebody’s arms really felt good.
Leng Jin Yu also sighed in satisfaction. He reached up and gently stroked Jinde’s back. He never would have thought that the mess with the fate of the Son of Heaven would finally lead him to the person that had been missing from his life. It really made him feel that everything had its cause. Maybe it wouldn’t be obvious at first but someday you would look back and find out that each step you took unwittingly brought you closer to something like this.
Leng Jin Yu raised his head and gently kissed Jinde’s brow. “I might not be the person you longed for originally but I promise I won’t repeat his mistakes. Tomorrow when we wake up, let’s start our life as a married couple. With everything both our races expect of that.”
Jinde didn’t want to give away that he was awake and heard everything but inwardly he answered him. Yes, of course, from tomorrow onward he would leave all that pain in the past and look forward to their happiness. They certainly deserved it.

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