OMF V5C38 Not the One on Top

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“Old geezer, I need your —” Qiu Ling stopped and stared at the scene in the study as if struck by lightning.
One really couldn’t call the way Leng Jin Yu and Jinde hugged and looked at each other ambiguous. No, it was long past that. They had already reached the part where it was blatantly obvious what had been going on.
Jinde’s lips twitched. This brat! Couldn’t he have come at least a few minutes later? Or, no, better an hour later? Then they could have been in bed already! He had almost had Leng Jin Yu!
Qiu Ling stared at the two of them dumbstruck. What … What was happening here? Why was the old geezer … with some stranger? Hadn’t he always regarded his father as his one true love? Then why was he suddenly …
Qiu Ling looked at the other man and his expression derailed. “Fuck!” That was actually that Yu Jin guy! “You damned bastard! What do you think you’re doing?”
Leng Jin Yu tensed. Never mind that somebody had walked in on them. But why did it even have to be the dragon king that hated him?! And look at this. He was already fuming with rage again. This wasn’t good. He had to make sure that nothing would happen to Jinde. He gently pushed Jinde to the side to step in front of him. If Longjun lost control, at least he would be the one to bear the brunt of the attack.
Qiu Ling was indeed getting more furious, especially when he saw Leng Jin Yu guarding Jinde like a gentleman. Damn this! What was this guy thinking? “Do you have some vendetta against my family or something?! First, you seduce my fiance, now you’re even going after my fa—”
Jinde’s eyes widened and he rushed forward. This bear child! He definitely couldn’t let him mention Chun Yin in front of Leng Jin Yu! He couldn’t remember so he wouldn’t understand! Even worse, he would certainly misunderstand and think that he had lied when he told him he was the only person he had ever felt for like this. Then he would really seem like he was easy!
Thus Leng Jin Yu who had just wanted to shield Jinde from the dragon king suddenly found the gentle beauty dash out from behind him and in front of said dragon king.
“Jinde!” Leng Jin Yu wanted to follow but Jinde’s next action rooted him to the spot.
Jinde lifted his hand and rapped Qiu Ling on the head. “What are you making such a ruckus for?!”
“You!” Qiu Ling frowned and clenched his fists. Damn this! “Old geezer, what —”
Qiu Ling was rapped on the head once again. “Who are you calling old?” And in front of my lover to boot! “I look like I’m in my early thirties!”
Qiu Ling frowned and examined Jinde’s face. How did this guy look like he was in his early thirties? “You look like —”
Jinde’s eyes widened ominously and his hand twitched.
Qiu Ling gulped. Uh … He probably shouldn’t say what he really thought. After all, he still needed the old geezer’s help. He cleared his throat and smiled. “Ah, what are you saying? You look like you’re in your late twenties at most.” His eyes turned into little crescents.
Jinde lowered his hand. Mn. This was better! “Ah, don’t flatter me.”
“I’m not, I’m not! You’re looking beautiful. Ah, my dear ancest—”
Jinde’s eyes blazed and Qiu Ling hurriedly looked away and coughed.
“Ahem, how about sitting down first?” Qiu Ling grabbed Jinde’s arm and led him back into the study and to the chair where Leng Jin Yu had sat before. “Let me massage your shoulders!” Qiu Ling didn’t even wait for Jinde’s answer and just went to work.
Jinde tensed and slapped his hands away though. “Heavens! Just tell me what you want, you’re terrible at this.”
“Ah? How am I terrible? Should I —”
Jinde turned and rapped his head. “Just tell me what you want.”
“Uh, well, it’s like this …” Qiu Ling eyed Leng Jin Yu. “That bastard over there seduced my beloved.”
“Jin Yu seduced nobody.”
Qiu Ling looked from Jinde to Leng Jin Yu and back and again and raised his brows. Was the old geezer really sure about that? It had certainly seemed as if that Yu Jin had seduced him when he walked in on them.
Jinde frowned. “So what were you going to say?”
“Ah, right, it’s not that much of a problem. My Jing He was just … a little confused. It’s a temporary issue. Actually, I’ve almost solved that problem.”
“Then why are you disturbing me?”
“Because of that bastard!”
Jinde sighed. He really didn’t understand what Qiu Ling was talking about. Hadn’t he just said that Leng Jin Yu wasn’t a problem? “Who are you talking about?”
“That Jin Ling, of course! He actually kidnapped Fu Min and Fu Heng. So what am I supposed to do now? I can only either seduce my beloved back or I can go and save those two. I can’t do both at the same time!”
“Then what have you come here for? It’s not like I could do something about that. So why don’t you go and bother somebody else with this?” So that he could continue to seduce Qiu Ling’s father.
Qiu Ling pursed his lips. “You owe me! But you didn’t even think about it.”
Jinde sighed again. What a pity that he couldn’t lose his temper in front of Leng Jin Yu. “Look, Qiu Ling, I can’t leave the Yun Zou Sect and I certainly can’t and go see the demon king. So what am I supposed to do? Seduce your beloved for you? I’m afraid I’m unable to do that.”
“Of course, you can’t. You’re also not the type of guy who’s on top.”
Jinde and Leng Jin Yu both looked at him incredulously. He hadn’t really said that just now, had he?
Qiu Ling blinked and looked from one to the other before his gaze settled on Jinde. He tilted his head. “Or are you?”

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