OMF V5C37 A Night Or Two Won’t Suffice

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Leng Jin Yu took a shaky breath. Had he really just heard that? “I … I’m afraid I don’t understand.”
Jinde looked at him with sad eyes. “Maybe it’s better if you don’t. I myself was shocked. How much worse would it be for you who doesn’t know me yet? I wouldn’t want you to think that I’m impressionable or even easy.”
Leng Jin Yu’s breath hitched again. Alright. He couldn’t get any more direct, could he? “I … would never.”
“Mn. I also can’t believe you would be so quick to judge.” Jinde leaned his head back until it came to lie on Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder. A few strands of his hair slipped to the side and fell down Leng Jin Yu’s back.
He shuddered and his grip around Jinde’s waist tightened. This person, he really didn’t understand how he deserved his feelings. His thoughts about Jinde obviously weren’t as pure as they should be. Well, he wouldn’t think badly about Jinde because of that though. He was rather questioning his own morals. Even now …
Leng Jin Yu turned to look at him and gulped. Ah, those golden eyes … That gentle gaze … “Jinde …” He tightened his grip on him. “I … I really didn’t want to bite you.”
Jinde’s lips hooked up. So, he had only wanted to kiss and strip him? That was alright with him too. “I know that. It just happened … on the spur of the moment. As I said I didn’t mind at all. So … What about you?”
“Mn. Do you mind … what I said before? Will it change how we treat each other?”
“That …” Leng Jin Yu gulped. What was he supposed to say now? Naturally, he wouldn’t think any less of Jinde. But, of course, this didn’t mean that it wouldn’t change the way he saw him either. Naturally, he would! If he understood correctly, then Jinde … liked him? So their feelings were mutual and nothing to be ashamed of?
Jinde’s eyes narrowed. It couldn’t be that his plan had backfired, could it? Hmph. This guy was really such a tough nut to crack. Well, if it was like that, then he had to try a little harder.
“Jin Yu. If you can’t accept my regards, then I can handle that. You can just say so. I just want you to know that you are the only person I’ve ever felt for like this.” Jinde turned in his arms and his hands gently rubbed his chest. He didn’t forget to include the most sensitive spot in that movement either.
Leng Jin Yu gulped again. Alright. It would probably be difficult to stay civilized in this situation. “Jinde, I —”
“Ah!” Jinde raised a hand and put a finger against Leng Jin Yu’s lips. On one hand, shutting him up and on the other using the opportunity to touch his lips. Mn, they felt good. “Wait. Don’t say anything yet. Let me … Let me finish first. There are some things I feel I need to say. Otherwise, I won’t be able to take your rejection.”
I didn’t want to reject you though.
Jinde leaned against Leng Jin Yu more heavily and once again, his head came to rest on Leng Jin Yu’s shoulder. “I … had to leave my home because of … some unfortunate circumstances. All those people I cared for had to be left behind. I never wanted to do so but there was no other way. If I had stayed, then even more problems would have come up and they would have had to suffer. I didn’t want that so I left.”
He sighed and his fingers traced invisible lines on Leng Jin Yu’s robe. “I was badly injured back then and I honestly didn’t even know if I would survive. But then Grandmaster Zhangsun from your sect found me and after listening to my story, he brought me here. I went into the special dimension to recuperate from my injury and even though he came to visit me sometimes and even brought the Sect Master along, I always felt … terribly alone.
“I never could have imagined finding myself company though. These men … I couldn’t feel anything when I looked at them. Whether it was the Grandmaster or the Sect Master or even Xin Lan … I just couldn’t imagine it. Actually, I didn’t even have that thought. I just sometimes wondered if maybe … someday somebody might come who would free me from that misery. I just wanted to escape that loneliness.
“But finally, I had to admit to myself that that would never happen. It hadn’t in so long and I saw no way that could change in the future. So I gave up hope.” He smiled and looked up at Leng Jin Yu, holding his gaze for a while before looking down again.
“Sometimes fate is strange. Just when I had resigned myself to a life in solitude I was rudely awoken. I had to leave the special dimension and somehow ended up here and then … you stepped into the house.” His golden eyes once again lifted and an enchanting smile lit up his features. “I don’t know what it was but when you appeared …” He grabbed Leng Jin Yu’s hand and pressed it against his chest. His voice sank to a whisper. “My heart beat wildly. I actually felt a little faint and I knew, I just knew that you would be the only person that could free me from this loneliness. The only man I would ever be able to accept.”
He sighed and looked down, his fingers absentmindedly caressing Leng Jin Yu’s hand on his chest. “I don’t expect anything. You are free to do whatever you want. If you can’t accept the way I feel and want me to leave, then I will do so immediately. I will leave you alone and I won’t bother you in the future. If you feel like you can’t love me but would enjoy spending a night with me, then I would gladly give my body to you. Other than that …” Jinde’s golden eyelashes fluttered and shielded his eyes. Only the faint blush across his cheeks told what he thought of at that moment.
Leng Jin Yu’s own gaze softened. He carefully grabbed Jinde’s cheek with his free hand and tilted his face up. “One night definitely won’t be enough.”
Joy seemed to light up Jinde’s expression before he forcefully suppressed it. “If you want me longer than that … Maybe two or … even three …”
Leng Jin Yu bent down, his breath mixing with Jinde’s. “That won’t suffice either.”
The two of them closed their eyes and leaned closer to each other. Their lips were about to meet and both their hearts leaped. Finally! Finally, they could give in to this desire! Finally … Jinde took a shaky breath and also reached up with his free hand, encircling Leng Jin Yu’s neck. And then …
The door was smashed open, bringing in a rush of cold air that rudely awakened them.

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