LWS V4C28 A Fight under the Blanket

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Nie Chang finished cooking in a good mood, placed everything on the table and went to get his little darling. At this moment, a certain someone had rolled himself into his blanket but was still shivering. When he heard steps approaching he looked up pitifully.
“Ah Chang!”
“Mn, my poor darling!” Nie Chang went over, sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled the dumpling into his arms. He bent down and kissed his forehead. “You must be really, really cold. How about letting your boyfriend get you something to wear? Is there anything you’d like?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. This didn’t sound too bad although … “Can’t we just eat here?”
“In bed?” Nie Chang blinked and looked at the bed. “It’s a little small for that, isn’t it?” It was indeed small. In the night, it didn’t matter since they were cuddling anyway so they didn’t need much space. But if they wanted to lie down comfortably to eat, it could get tricky.
Su Yan also looked at the bed and came to the same conclusion. He pouted. “Let’s buy a bigger one in the future.” He definitely wouldn’t allow this to happen again!
Su Yan’s casual remark made Nie Chang’s heart jolt. Had he heard that right just now? Had Su Yan said … they should buy a bigger one in the future? Didn’t this essentially say that he wanted them to move in together?
He himself had almost forgotten about it after that episode with the birds but it was true that they had talked about it just yesterday. So Su Yan had actually thought about it after he brought it up. Mn, how nice. So his little darling trusted him more than he would have thought in the beginning. His only issue was indeed the time and, well, Nie Chang had already seen just how flexible Su Yan was in that regard. Maybe they would be living together in a few months already.
Nie Chang kissed Su Yan’s forehead again and went over to the wardrobe. He rummaged around and finally found a sweater he had seen his little darling wear at home a few times. It probably wasn’t the most beautiful but it would do for now. Anyway, it was only for the time they used to eat. He also picked out a pair of pants and a pair of fluffy socks and carried his spoils over to the bed, offering them to Su Yan. “What do you say? That looks warm, right?”
Su Yan eyed the clothes suspiciously. They looked indeed warm. Unfortunately, he’d have to come out from below the blanket if he wanted to put them on. He didn’t want that! He wanted to continue being warm! Without any other option, Su Yan sent Nie Chang a gaze asking for help. He couldn’t force him to change, could he?
Nie Chang sighed. He really felt helpless when he was faced with such a Su Yan. He put the clothes away and just grabbed the socks.
Su Yan immediately tensed in his dumpling-roll. This didn’t look good at all! His bad boyfriend would certainly do something atrocious. He couldn’t allow that!
Unfortunately for him, his ‘bad boyfriend’ had already advanced to attack. He climbed onto the bed and tried to find a way under the blanket. Su Yan gave a yelp and wanted to slap him but reconsidered. To slap him he would need to expose his arm to the cold air and anyway, wouldn’t that just open the hole Nie Chang was searching for?
Without any better idea, Su Yan grabbed the ends of the blanket as tight as he could. Unfortunately, he only had two hands and the blanket had four corners. And while his bed might be small but since he easily got cold when working on his notebook he loved having a really big blanket to roll himself up. Now, this big blanket sealed his fate.
Nie Chang naturally found a spot that Su Yan hadn’t been able to weigh down fast enough and thus his head and hands managed to get below the blanket.
“Argh! What are you doing?! Nie Chang, stop right this instance!” Su Yan tearfully complained but there was no use.
Nie Chang burrowed further under the blanket and reached out. One of his hands finally grabbed onto Su Yan’s leg. His little darling … tried to kick him. With quick reflexes, Nie Chang evaded the attack and even managed to hold onto the leg. He pushed himself forward and managed to grab the ankle.
Ah, now he only —
This time a foot made contact with his shoulder. Nie Chang gave a grunt but still didn’t let go. He hurriedly unfolded the socks and pulled one of them over Su Yan’s foot.
Su Yan’s other leg once again kicked out. Nie Chang ducked his head, rolled around and grabbed onto it. Thus a second sock found its place on Su Yan’s foot. Su Yan paused. He tilted his head before retracting it under the blanket, then he curled his feet. He was … wearing socks? Fluffy socks?
Nie Chang leaned to the side and propped his elbow up while holding his chin. “And? Still cold feet?”
Su Yan frowned. “I never had cold feet!”
“Then you’re going to get up on your own to get dressed now?”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “No way! It’s still cold! Those are just my feet.”
Nie Chang sighed, turned around and reached out from under the blanket. He patted around and found the pants. They were thick enough that he shouldn’t even be cold in winter and now was August. If he could still complain about being cold after this …
Nie Chang shook his head and went to work. This time his little darling was especially well-behaved. Nie Chang could only smile wryly. It figured. If Su Yan could have someone serve him, then he certainly wouldn’t do it alone. Ah, his little darling was a lot like a lazy cat. That sweater he had bought really fit him very well.

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