OMF V5C29 Staying True to Him

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The person Leng Jin Yu had just thought of was still chatting amicably with Qiguan Cheng Da at this moment. Honestly, he felt like it had been the right decision to talk about his matters, especially with this person.
He might have had the opportunity to talk about Tian with senior martial brother Yu too but that wasn’t the same. He wasn’t that familiar with senior martial brother Yu and even though he and senior martial brother Qiguan also hadn’t had much time with each other, they had a different connection thanks to the fact that they came from the same place.
He felt this once again when he talked about his current problem. Senior martial brother Qiguan was so sympathetic. He showed a lot of concern for him and his feelings and he understood that Jing Yi had made the decision he had made in such a situation.
Jing Yi felt that he could really count himself lucky that he had such a good friend here in the Yun Zou Sect. He didn’t want to take up too much of his time though. Thus Jing Yi finally bid farewell to him when the sun was already going down and watched him leave for the inner sect.
He smiled and wanted to go back in when he halted. Speaking of friends … He had been gone for such a long time. He should also go and see how Shao Hai and Xiao Dong were doing, shouldn’t he?
He looked up at the sky. Maybe it was a little late now? But he had already been back for a few days. Only thinking of them now … He wasn’t a good friend, was he?
He sighed, went to the house where the practitioners that had arrived with Shao Hai and Xiao Dong back then were living and hurried to Shao Hai’s door. The two of them would be able to understand him. So much had happened in all these years, after all, and even though he was back at the Yun Zou Sect his thoughts were still with Tian.
He raised his hand and knocked. A moment later, steps sounded from the other side and someone pulled the door open. The face that greeted him wasn’t Shao Hai’s though. Instead, it was that of a disciple he had never seen before.
Jing Yi blinked. Had he gotten the door wrong? But he was sure that Shao Hai had been living here … “Ah … I’m sorry. I am searching for Shao Hai.”
The disciple frowned. “Why would you be looking for senior martial brother Shao here? I haven’t even talked to him.”
“But you do know where he lives?”
The disciple frowned even more. “Do you think I’m an idiot? He’s an inner sect disciple. Naturally, he lives in the inner sect.”
“Inner sect disciple?” Jing Yi blanked.
Shao Hai had become an inner sect disciple? Well, it probably figured … It had been several years already and practitioners weren’t like cultivators. They didn’t have spirit veins that determined their aptitude and limited their future possibilities.
Naturally, there were also special body types that could make a path smoother but those were rare and not having one wouldn’t impede practitioners. As long as one dedicated a lot of time and effort to one’s training achieving a higher rank wasn’t impossible. And naturally, that also meant that their chances of becoming an inner sect disciple were generally higher than the chances a cultivator had.
Shao Hai had wanted to become a famous practitioner. It wasn’t so strange that he had managed to become an inner sect disciple by now. “Then … what about Xiao Dong?”
The door was slammed in his face. Jing Yi looked at it blankly and finally turned away with a sigh. It seemed this person thought he had been making fun of him. He left the house and returned to his own dwelling.
“So Shao Hai and Xiao Dong are both inner sect disciples now. It seems I won’t be able to see them if they don’t come here.” He halted in front of the window and looked out.
As soon as he did he froze. Wait! Wasn’t that …
The head he had just seen poking out behind the roof of the house on the opposite side of the road disappeared. Jing Yi narrowed his eyes and continued to observe. If he wasn’t wrong …
Indeed. Not even five minutes had gone by when a head with black hair and a pair of equally dark eyes slowly emerged from behind the roof. The person froze when he noticed that Jing Yi was still looking over. His gaze flitted from one side to the other as if he was considering to take cover again. In the end, the rest of the head emerged and Jing Yi was greeted with a silly smile.
He frowned and stepped away from the window, sitting down in the only corner of his room that couldn’t be seen from outside. He certainly wouldn’t allow him to do something like this!
Jing Yi had just closed his eyes to meditate when someone knocked on the door. He sighed and looked up. “Qiu Ling, please, go. I already told you, didn’t I?”
Qiu Ling scratched at the door. He wouldn’t accept it! “My love —”
“No! I don’t allow you to call me that. It’s over. Can’t you understand?”
Qiu Ling frowned and mumbled some curses. “I’m clearly much better than him.” He thought of how easily he had managed to drive that guy back. How was this person fit to be his beloved’s partner? Obviously, he was a much better match!
Jing Yi sighed, stood up and went to open the door. Ignoring Qiu Ling hadn’t worked. It seemed he wouldn’t be able to make Qiu Ling give up like this. He had to explain it to him again and make sure he understood that there was no possibility of them being together ever again.
Unfortunately, when he opened the door a certain someone’s expression lit up. It really seemed as if he would grow flowers from his head the very next moment. Jing Yi’s heart fluttered and he had to lower his gaze.
Ah, what was he doing? He had to stay true to Tian. So why … was his heart still fluttering when he looked at Qiu Ling?

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