LWS V4C22 You’re Always the Best

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When he managed to concoct this great plan Su Yan’s heart settled down and he didn’t need long to fall asleep. He even slept soundly until the early morning hours. When he opened his eyes the first thing he did was to turn to look at Nie Chang. Mn, great! He really didn’t mind waking up next to such a handsome person every day.
He pursed his lips and thought of Friday with a lot less pressure than he had before. Ah, they would just have sex and then he would tell Nie Chang that he wanted to move in with him, after all. Wouldn’t his boyfriend be really surprised then? He should be moved to tears by this great show of his trust!
Mn, and considering what Nie Chang had said yesterday he didn’t care at all if he had no idea how sex worked. So, he didn’t need to prepare. He could really just wait for Friday evening to arrive and concentrate on the tasks the system had given him until then.
Eh, come to think of it … He leaned over Nie Chang who was still sleeping soundly and fished around for his phone. The first thing he did was to open the website and take a look at how his own stories were doing.
Ah … A big grin emerged on his face and he could hardly contain a squeal. Ah, his first story had gotten even more reviews and as for the comments … Mn! He was such a great author!
He navigated to his second story and blanked. Wait. Could it be he had only uploaded the first chapter yesterday and then forgot about it because of the dinner with his parents and the stupid novel with the birds? Oh god! He needed to upload the second chapter as soon as possible!
Argh, he also needed to write the next chapter as soon as possible! He might have written a few already so he had a little stockpile but that was hardly enough. Who knew what would happen in the future? What if he got sick? Or what if he didn’t have time to write when Nie Chang and he moved?
Eh? Maybe he wouldn’t have that problem if he convinced Nie Chang to move into his apartment instead? But Nie Chang would probably still expect him to help, wouldn’t he?
Ah, how troublesome! Then he definitely needed to write some more chapters now. After all, since his readers really liked the story they definitely wouldn’t want to wait too long for the next chapter. Especially not now when he was someone who had only published one short story.
If this was his old account where he had already published a lot of things and where people knew he would definitely come back and finish writing his story, then it wouldn’t be too bad. Most of his readers had already followed him longterm. They would understand if he had some private issues and needed a few days’ time to get himself organized. And if there were some new readers who liked his projects, then they could just go and read one of the things he had already finished.
This time everything was different. There were no longtime readers and no previous finished works. Well, there was one but it was just a short story. How long would it take people to read it? An hour if they were slow? He couldn’t expect them to be content with that. If he was one of them, he wouldn’t be content with it either.
So what should he do? Move in together with Nie Chang later when he had stockpiled some chapters? But just how long would that take? He had always felt that writing the beginning of a story was the easiest and that the later parts would get more difficult. So he would only get slower from here on out. So stockpiling would only work for these first few days. After that, he might get into trouble if he got to a difficult part. After all, he had experienced getting only a single chapter done in a day if things went badly.
Su Yan sniffed and slid closer to Nie Chang. Ah, he had finally solved one problem but now another one popped up. All of this was so complicated! Well, maybe Nie Chang wouldn’t mind if they only moved a little later when he had had enough time to sort everything out. He could just see how it went the next few days and then they could talk about it again.
“Ah Yan.”
Su Yan looked up with a big smile. “You’re awake already?”
Nie Chang grimaced and rubbed his eyes. “Darling, you’ve been scratching my chest for a few minutes now. Do you really think I can sleep like that?” He turned to face Su Yan and found his little darling pouting. “Uh … I don’t mind. It’s probably late enough to get up anyway.”
Su Yan continued to pout. “What kind of boyfriend are you? You’re not saying anything nice! When I woke up I was happy because I realized what a handsome boyfriend I have. Now, I actually have to reconsider if having a handsome boyfriend is really an achievement. I should have found a nice one instead. Hmph!” He let go of Nie Chang and turned around with a huff, pulling most of the blanket with him. Ugh, this Nie Chang! What kind of attitude was that?
Nie Chang counted until ten before slowly leaning over and pulling Su Yan into his arms. “Ah, don’t be like that, darling. Don’t you know yet that I always think that you’re the best? Whether it’s about you being handsome or cute or nice or a great writer you’re always the best. And that has nothing to do with the time of the day. You’re as great in the morning as you are in the evening. I was just a little slow because I didn’t sleep that well tonight. You know I thinking about you the whole time and how I have such luck to have found you.” He bent down and kissed his darling’s shoulder while trying to peer into his face. If he didn’t see it wrong … Su Yan’s lips had already quirked up.

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