OMF V5C28 Do as I Say

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Seeing that he couldn’t do anything Leng Jin Yu didn’t waste time with another attempt and cut straight to the matter. “It was discovered that His Highness, the Son of Heaven, used something known as the soul-engraving dagger and the Heavenly Emperor fears that his soul might have been injured because of that. His Majesty sent me to inquire if you might be able to help in this matter.”
Xin Lan frowned. “So they want me to take a look?”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and cupped his fists. “If you would.”
Xin Lan snorted. “Why would I? I don’t have anything to do with the Son of Heaven. I don’t care what happens to his soul.”
The two of them stared at each other. The leaves of the plum tree rustled in the breeze.
Leng Jin Yu looked up, his thoughts returning to the moment he met Jinde. He sighed. Somehow, he could understand the dragon king a little better after meeting him. If he imagined that something could happen to Jinde … And they weren’t even a couple. They didn’t even know each other that well. Not in this life, at least.
“Aren’t you part of the dragon race? The crown prince is the beloved of your king. Shouldn’t you want to make sure there is nothing wrong with his soul?”
Xin Lan smirked. “You said it yourself. He’s his lover, not mine. If he can’t protect his lover, then he can’t expect me to do it. So if the Heavenly Emperor wants someone to take a look at his son’s soul, shouldn’t he let you ask him?”
Leng Jin Yu hesitated. What this Senior Xin said wasn’t completely wrong but was this really how he should talk as an ally of the gods? “Senior Xin, this matter is very important to the Nine Heavens. As far as I know, you are very knowledgeable. The Son of Heaven would have the best chances if you took a look.”
Xin Lan wanted to retort but finally rubbed his brow. Whatever. This person was his master’s lover. He might not like it but he had to live with it.
Leng Jin Yu straightened when he saw this gesture. It somehow seemed as if this Senior Xin was relenting? It couldn’t be that he was the type that was susceptible to praise, could it? He really couldn’t imagine that but he had no idea what else could have swayed him.
Xin Lan looked up again. He didn’t look happy at all but still started to explain. “You don’t understand. Souls are fragile things. There is no way to casually take a look. That could have serious consequences for the person.”
“Which is why His Majesty had hoped you could do this.”
Xin Lan frowned. “That —” He stopped himself and took a deep breath. “It won’t change regardless of whether the person taking a look is me or not. In fact, the Heavenly Emperor might have better chances at success than I because he has a connection with the Son of Heaven that I lack. The soul is a vital part of a person. In a sense, it is even more vital than the body. Because even if you destroy the body, the soul could live on. But without a soul, the body would inevitably stop functioning and start to rot and decay. Something this important, you wouldn’t think it is just something floating around somewhere in the body, right?”
Leng Jin Yu lowered his gaze. Honestly, he had never thought about that. But being asked like this … “That is unlikely. It should be well-protected.”
“It is. And taking a look without that person’s conscious and unconscious acquiescence will most likely end in injury. Both to the one whose soul is being examined and to the one who examines it.”
“So there is no way to make sure His Highness’ soul is undamaged?”
“As I’ve said you’re asking the wrong person.”
Leng Jin Yu tilted his head. “You mean … we should ask Longjun?” He blinked. It would make sense. At least the crown prince and the dragon king had a close relationship. “But shouldn’t this be about as dangerous as it would be for the Heavenly Emperor to do this? Whether it’s his father or his lover … It shouldn’t make too much of a difference.”
Xin Lan huffed. “You forgot he’s a dragon.”
“Does that make a difference?” Leng Jin Yu hadn’t spent much time in the Nine Heavens compared to the mortal realm. Naturally, that time had mostly been spent on understanding the gods he had become part of.
Xin Lan turned to look at the house. Ah, his master would have trouble being with someone who didn’t know much about the dragons. Wouldn’t this guy always misunderstand things? In the end, his master would be the one suffering because of that. He couldn’t let that happen.
Xin Lan turned back to Leng Jin Yu and nodded. “Considering the three immortal races the dragons are the most capable in matters regarding the soul. That is because they are able to split their own souls and attach one part to their destined partner’s. Naturally, viewing a soul without damaging it is an inherent ability of theirs. Of course, this still necessitates that their partner is willing or at least doesn’t guard against it. So considering all people you could ask Longjun would still be the most suitable.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded and bowed. “Thank you.”
Xin Lan murmured something that didn’t sound friendly at all but maybe the actual content wasn’t too bad. He still turned around and wanted to walk back into the house without another word. Before he stepped in he once again looked at Leng Jin Yu though.
“Right. About the soul-engraving dagger … Don’t mention it again. Especially not here.”
“Why that?”
Xin Lan frowned. “Just do as I say.” With that, he turned back and went into the house again, leaving a confused Leng Jin Yu alone in the courtyard.
Just why shouldn’t he mention the soul-engraving dagger again? Furthermore, how could he promise it so casually? Maybe he would be required to find out more about it. After all, even though he had told the God of War he wouldn’t return to the Nine Heavens for the time being, he was still an ascended deity and he knew that the gods and their crown prince were important to the balance in the immortal realms. He certainly couldn’t ignore this issue completely if he was able to make a difference.
In the end, he could only shake his head. He didn’t understand this man but at least he had told him what to do next. The only problem was … How was he supposed to ask the dragon king for a favor when the man obviously wanted to kill him?
He touched his shoulder absentmindedly, his thoughts hovering somewhere between the rage-filled expression of the dragon king and the worried face of Jinde. Mn, for now, he should make sure his injury was fully healed. In the meantime, he could try and find a way to have a civilized talk with the dragon king. Maybe he could find Zhong Jing Yi for help?

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