LWS V4C23 The Not-So-Difficult Admission Test

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Su Yan was indeed already appeased. He didn’t want to just continue lying in bed though. As nice as cuddling with his boyfriend would be he had an important mission!
Thus Su Yan sat up and slapped Nie Chang’s chest. “Let’s get up! We should use the early morning as much as we can!”
Nie Chang sighed. Ah, he really would have liked to stay in bed for at least a few minutes. Just why could he never enjoy waking up together with Su Yan?
Seeing his boyfriend dawdle around, Su Yan grew displeased. “Why are you still not up? Today is a really important day.”
Nie Chang blinked. “Is it Friday already?”
Su Yan blinked back. “Hah?”
“Ugh … I guess not.” Nie Chang also sat up and brushed his hair back. “Alright, do you want to use the bathroom first?”
“Then what do you want to do?” Because you’re looking at me as if you have high expectations of me …
Su Yan had indeed expectations. “You can use the bathroom. I just need my notebook first. And then you can make us breakfast.”
Subtext: I expect you to get me my notebook now and please hurry up! I really can’t wait any longer. How long you’ll take for the things after that is none of my concern but I’d prefer it if you take very, very long.
Nie Chang nodded and got up. “I’ll get you your notebook.” He hurried over to the living room and very thoughtfully grabbed the charger too. His little darling had been using his notebook for quite a few hours at work yesterday. Most likely, the battery was already low.
He handed Su Yan the notebook as soon as he could reach the bed and then went to plug in the recharger. God forbid his darling would have to get up and take one step barefoot on his own! Wouldn’t that disturb him at work?
Nie Chang was even so prudent to secure the cable so it wouldn’t get in Su Yan’s way. Then he bent forward and used the moment the notebook would need to boot to kiss Su Yan’s forehead.
“Work hard! If you need anything, just call for me. I’ll hurry back immediately.”
“Mn.” Su Yan pursed his lips and leaned over while peering intently at his screen. He wanted a kiss but he definitely couldn’t miss out on the moment his notebook was finally ready for him to use.
Nie Chang smiled and bent down, his lips touching Su Yan’s.
“Ah!” Su Yan gave a yelp and turned to his notebook completely, ignoring the person that had just tried to kiss him. It was finally finished! Now he could continue writing!
As fast as he could he opened the document and read over the last few paragraphs he had written, not even noticing when Nie Chang left with a sigh. It seemed he had already finished writing that so-called fight between the protagonist Dou Fang Hai and the antagonist Jin Bao Fu. So, now should be the actual admission test for the other disciples and the efforts of the Elders to make sure the prince would get an adequate Master even if he couldn’t be the disciple of Grandmaster Ziju.
Su Yan rubbed his brow. It hadn’t been that long since he wrote the beginning and took all his notes but right now, he actually couldn’t remember if he had thought about this issue already. Well, whatever. There was only one logical solution anyway.
Jin Bao Fu had to become Sect Master Xue’s disciple. After all, Xue Chang Fu was the next highest-ranking person in the sect. Having him as his master wouldn’t be too much of a slight against Jin Bao Fu and even his father wouldn’t be able to make a ruckus.
Normally, the sect wouldn’t care anyway but with that reclusive expert the royal family had, it was better to treat them seriously. Even if Xue Chang Fu didn’t worry that Ziju An would lose to that expert, it was still better to be safe than sorry.
He first had to write about the tests though. Not that there was much to write. After all, the protagonist and the male lead were only spectators. There was no need to provide too much detail. Thus he started summarizing large chunks of the tests.
[With Jin Bao Fu’s ridiculous request out of the way, Dou Fang Hai returned to his seat next to Ziju An. He grabbed his hand in a very conspicuous manner to make sure that none of the other children down there would covet his wife. One person was more than enough already!
The children below indeed continued to whisper about Ziju An but the Grandmaster didn’t care so Dou Fang Hai also didn’t pay them any attention. He only looked over for a bit and finally turned to look at his wife.
Ziju An smiled and patted his hand. “They’ll start with the test soon.”
He was right about that. While one of the Elders tried to console the livid Jin Bao Fu and told him that he could still show his might in the upcoming admission test the rules for the test were explained.
The Jin Shan Sect wasn’t fuzzy about them. In fact, it wasn’t wrong to call this one of the easiest admission tests of all the known sects which was why whenever the time came to take in disciples the Elders would cause a ruckus to have an additional test or at least change the rules to make their current tests more demanding. Unfortunately, Xue Chang Fu didn’t care and just followed the old rules every time.
For the physical test, the possible disciples just had to show their physical strength somehow. Nobody cared if they lifted something heavy or demonstrated some sword arts they had learned at home or even ran ten laps around the sect grounds.
The spiritual test wasn’t any more difficult since having some kind of spiritual strength at a young age wasn’t common anyway. For this task, the disciples were pushed into a field filled with spiritual energy that was set up with the help of an array. If they were able to show that they had at least some affinity with spiritual energy, they would have passed this test too.
The test of their mental fortitude was just as easy. The Elders would watch how they fared in the other two tests and as long as they didn’t show any strange results like breaking down and crying it would be alright.
Sect Master Xue really wasn’t too harsh on his future disciples. It was a wonder that the Jin Shan Sect still managed to be one of the best sects out there.]

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