LWS V4C21 Such a Smart Person

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Nie Chang looked at Su Yan blankly. Uh … Had he just heard that right? Su Yan wanted them … to swap? As in he wanted to be on top when they had sex on Friday? Nie Chang rubbed his brow. What was he supposed to say now?
If he said no, then Su Yan would think he had lied and become angry. Never mind that they wouldn’t have sex on Friday this might equal the start of a glacial period in their relationship. In fact, it wasn’t unthinkable that Su Yan would run to his mother and abandon him. At least for a while. But if he said yes, then their first time on Friday would turn out completely different from how he had imagined it.
Su Yan raised his chin. Hah! Look at that! So Nie Chang had really —
“Ah?” Su Yan blinked, unable to understand what he had just heard. “Could you repeat that?”
“I said it’s alright. We’ll do it as you suggested. We’ll swap.”
Su Yan narrowed his eyes. “Really?”
Nie Chang nodded. “Really.” After all, instead of losing Su Yan he would rather forget about the ideal vision he had had of that night. And, well, whatever happened on Friday there were still many more days to come, weren’t there? And after he had agreed to it, his little darling would have no more reason to reject the idea of having sex with him.
Su Yan pursed his lips. How could this be? Did Nie Chang really not mind? So … what he had said was true? “But why?”
“Well, I can’t expect something from you if I’m not willing to do it myself, right? I’m your boyfriend but you’re also my boyfriend. We should be on equal standing, shouldn’t we?”
“Oh. Well, if you insist. Then we’ll do it that way.”
Nie Chang nodded and leaned forward, giving Su Yan a kiss. “If you want to, then we’ll naturally do it.” Nie Chang hugged his boyfriend and held onto him, facing away so Su Yan wouldn’t see his smile.
Ah, his little darling was obviously regretting his words already! Despite the fierce attitude he had shown before he certainly wouldn’t want to really do it that way on Friday. He had worried without reason.
“Alright.” Nie Chang kissed his cheek and leaned back. “Then do we go to sleep now or do you want to continue reading that novel?”
Su Yan stared at his phone. Uh. This stupid thing! Wasn’t he in this situation just because of this novel? It was all the system’s fault! How was he supposed to prepare himself until Friday?! He wasn’t like Nie Chang! He knew nothing about having sex!
Su Yan continued to purse his lips. He really didn’t know what to say. Maybe he should stay up and continue to read? He might find some hints as to how it was done. But actually, he didn’t really want to. This thing had caused so many misunderstandings already. He shouldn’t continue to read it.
Su Yan leaned forward and encircled Nie Chang’s neck with his arms. “The novel is stupid. Let’s just go to sleep.”
“Alright.” Nie Chang grabbed his waist, gave him another kiss and pulled him onto his feet.
Su Yan slowly followed him into the bedroom and mechanically took off his clothes. Finally, Nie Chang pulled him into bed.
“Don’t think about it any longer. We’ll just … try it on Friday. Regardless of how it’ll turn out, it’ll be a precious memory to us, won’t it?”
Su Yan scrunched up his face and snuggled up against Nie Chang. “Are you sure about it? What if it isn’t as good as you think it’ll be? Wouldn’t you be really disappointed in me then?”
“Of course not! Why would you think so?” Nie Chang wrapped his darling into his arms and leaned his forehead against Su Yan’s. “I love you and nothing will change about that. Especially not Friday.”
“Are you sure?”
“Mn. Very sure. You’re the most important person in my life. How could I change my attitude so casually? If I did, I wouldn’t be worth you worrying about me.”
“That’s true.”
“See? So stop worrying. It’ll really be alright.”
“Mn.” Su Yan went into koala mode and clung to Nie Chang. It was easier said than done not to worry though. “Ah Chang.”
“What is it?”
“If … If on Friday I don’t feel that good, then … can we swap back?”
Nie Chang lifted a hand and combed through Su Yan’s hair. “If you’re not feeling good on Friday, then we can just watch a movie. No need to force yourself to do anything. I … I really want to have sex with you. I won’t deny that. But if you can’t imagine doing it at all, then I won’t insist either. We’ll just … stay together as a couple for a while longer and when you’re comfortable with the thought of doing it, then we’ll follow through with it.”
“No. I am comfortable with it. I just … I don’t want to do anything wrong, you know?”
Nie Chang smiled in the darkness of the bedroom. “There’s nothing you could do wrong. Honestly, I feel like things will be a little strange. But I also think that that’s natural. I mean nothing really works out on the first try, right? So I guess having sex is just like that.”
“Mn.” Su Yan grew silent before patting his boyfriend’s chest a moment later. “Eh, Ah Chang, say, how do you even know how sex works? Did you … Did you already do it with someone?”
“Darling, are you trying to insult me? Of course, I haven’t. I’ve been in love with you for so long. How could I have gone and had sex with somebody else? I wouldn’t do that.”
“Then how do you know that you haven’t gotten it wrong? You could have read some strange novel that only tells you wrong things.”
“Don’t worry about that either. We’ll just try it and then we’ll know, alright? Let’s sleep now.”
“Oh. Alright.” Su Yan closed his eyes and clung even more tightly to Nie Chang. Well, his boyfriend wasn’t completely wrong. He should stop worrying. On Friday, when the time came he would just allow Nie Chang to swap back. Then Nie Chang would be the one who was responsible that everything worked out fine.
Ah, he was such a smart person!

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