LWS V4C18 Don’t Lie to Me!

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Nie Chang looked at his little darling in a daze. What was this supposed to mean? Could someone explain to him?
“Ah Yan —”
“Stop!” Su Yan resolved himself to point at Nie Chang and only cover his backside with one hand.
Nie Chang shut up and lifted his hands in surrender. Su Yan would probably tell him what the problem was anyway.
Su Yan waited and only when he saw that Nie Chang really wouldn’t pounce on him did he dare to lift his chin. “You! Tell me the truth! Where does the bird go?”
Nie Chang looked right back at him, his expression blank. Huh? What was he talking about? He blinked and forced himself to ponder the question. The bird … that should be referring to the bird from the novel? So …
Nie Chang almost took a look at his own bird to make sure that it hadn’t gone anywhere while Su Yan was lying on his lap. He refrained from doing so at the last moment though. First of all, he hadn’t felt anything. He still didn’t feel anything and this wasn’t something that would happen without him knowing, right? And even if there was some possibility that his bird had indeed gone somewhere it shouldn’t, he felt like he shouldn’t look at it now. Because if he did …
Nie Chang gulped. Right now, he felt like there was a minefield between him and Su Yan and each word he said or each thing he did, equaled one step he took on this minefield. Unfortunately for him, there was only one safe way to the other side and neither was it straight nor was it continuous. It was rather like he’d have to leap from one safe spot to the next and knowing Su Yan there might only be one safe spot on this whole minefield at all.
“Uh …” Nie Chang continued to hold his hands in the air and took a leap of faith. “Nowhere?”
The first mine blew up.
“Don’t talk any nonsense! Naturally, the bird has to go somewhere! Do you honestly want me to believe it’s just left hanging there?!”
Nie Chang shook his head like a rattle drum. “Of course not!”
“See!” Su Yan lifted his chin even further. “So speak! Where does the bird go?!”
Nie Chang’s gaze shifted to where Su Yan’s other hand still covered his backside. It couldn’t be that … Su Yan had read that novel and only now figured out how they were supposed to have sex, could it?
He gulped again. This was bad. This was really bad. Su Yan obviously didn’t like the idea that the bird was supposed to go there. So what was he supposed to do? Lie and tell him it would go somewhere else? But then he’d get it when he tried to have sex any other way than he described on Friday.
So he could only say the truth but that meant he would get it now. Well, maybe there was the possibility that Su Yan would calm down until Friday if he was honest right now? That was at least better than nothing and if all else failed, he could call Madam Su and have her help him. With her wise words in his ear, Su Yan would probably understand that it was supposed to be like that.
Nie Chang cleared his throat. “Well, the bird …” Nie Chang paused. God, he felt so stupid saying this! Why did Su Yan have to read a novel that called it a bird? Wait. Nobody said he had to call it a bird too … He sighed and shook his head. That wasn’t the point right now. Whatever he called it Su Yan still wouldn’t like what he did with it.
“I guess you’ve already figured out where it goes. It’s true.”
Su Yan’s eyes went wide. He had hoped he had somehow misunderstood but … The bird’s nest really was his backside! But … But how … He wildly shook his head. “This can’t be! You’re lying! You’re clearly lying to scare me. The bird could never go there.”
Nie Chang sighed again and put his hands down. Whatever he did Su Yan wouldn’t calm down any time soon. “Darling, do you really think I’d lie to you about something like this? You could just look it up online or ask your mother or —”
“Don’t bring up my mother! She’s a respectable lady. She wouldn’t know about something like this!”
“Uh. Sure.” Nie Chang looked away. Yeah, sure, as if he would believe that. Wasn’t Madam Su the one who had wanted to set them up from the beginning? She probably knew better than Su Yan what two men did when they had sex! Alright, that was almost a matter of course. Knowing less than his boyfriend would probably equal some kind of superpower.
Su Yan’s expression actually smoothed out a lot when his boyfriend once again agreed with him. Then he remembered the issue at hand. “Don’t try to divert my attention! Tell me where the bird really goes!”
Nie Chang frowned and rubbed his brow. “Darling … You already figured it out yourself and I said it was true. What more do you want me to say?” He looked up at Su Yan again, trying to look as dependable as he could.
Su Yan indeed wavered. It was true that he had already thought it was like that. Nie Chang had said the same thing now and that even without having read the novel. So maybe it was true? But … “This can’t be! How would that even work? It’s clearly impossible to put a bird in there!”
Nie Chang’s lips twitched. Alright. Could his darling stop with calling it a bird already? He was getting some strange thoughts there. Nie Chang forced himself to calm down and took a deep breath. “Don’t worry too much about that. I know how to do it so it’ll work out.”
Su Yan pursed his lips. “Are you sure about that?”
“But of course! You can trust me.” Nie Chang patted the spot beside him. “How about coming over again?”
Su Yan finally relented and came back to the couch. He sat down next to Nie Chang and extended a paw. Nie Chang smiled and put Su Yan’s phone on it.
“Next time something happens, don’t throw your phone again. Who knows if I’ll be able to repair it if it gets damaged?”
“Mn.” Su Yan nodded and went back to the novel. Even though he didn’t like the truth he had found in there, it was still a lot better than knowing nothing. He should definitely read further until Friday!

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