OMF V5C24 A Sensuous Image

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Jinde felt it to be a pity. He might not have much experience but he still knew that seducing Leng Jin Yu would probably be easiest the closer they physically were. Especially so if there was a bed involved.
In other words, their current position was ideal for his uses. Leng Jin Yu might only be sitting but with him kneeling at his feet and leaning so close it still wasn’t bad. In fact, their position was ambiguous enough that had Sect Master Yuchi come back and walked in on them like this he would have dragged Leng Jin Yu out and given him a tongue-lashing he wouldn’t forget for the rest of his life. It just seemed a little too much as if something not so innocent might happen the very next moment and they just had had to leave the door open.
Even though Jinde really would have liked to continue on where they were he still nodded well-behaved. A good partner should always agree to what his husband wanted, shouldn’t he? “That’s a good idea.” His hand brushed Leng Jin Yu’s thigh though and his hair somehow managed to land in his lap when he stood up.
Leng Jin Yu stared at the golden strands covering his legs and his fingers twitched. Mn, they seemed especially soft. And unfortunately, the person that had managed to place them there didn’t seem to notice at all. He just stood there and looked at Leng Jin Yu as if waiting for him to get up too so that they could go and drink that cup of tea they had talked about.
Leng Jin Yu really didn’t know what was worse: Sitting so close to Jinde and feeling troubled by almost every word he said or trying to get out of the situation only to grow even more confused at the mere sight of his hair. Well, it was really beautiful hair …
Leng Jin Yu gulped. Since Jinde didn’t move and just waited for him he had to solve this issue himself. He reached out and grabbed it. The silky strands slid across his skin, feeling even better than he could have imagined.
An image flashed before Leng Jin Yu’s eyes. It only lasted for a spell but it seemed to burn into his memory. He was looking at the same golden hair but it was spread messily on a bed, part of it darker than usual as if damp with sweat. And somewhere in between a slender shoulder was peeking out, showing off a noble pallor that could entice one to touch.
Who wouldn’t want to see if this skin was indeed as soft as it seemed? Who wouldn’t want to leave his mark on this shoulder and claim this person for themselves? And there was indeed one. It was half-hidden beneath the golden hair but there was indeed a reddened spot as if someone had tasted this creamy skin.
Leng Jin Yu hissed and his hand unconsciously shot out and grabbed Jinde’s arm, pulling him closer. Jinde stumbled forward, lost his balance and tumbled into Leng Jin Yu’s arms. His hair slipped down but he didn’t care. His eyes gleamed.
Could it be that he had already managed to achieve his aim? Had Leng Jin Yu decided to take him? He melted into his embrace, all the bit the gentle beauty he knew Chun Yin had liked. Even though he would have liked to, he didn’t touch him in any other way. No, he had to let Leng Jin Yu make the first move. And his lover didn’t disappoint him. He hugged him to his chest, one hand ravishing his back while the other went for his shoulder, pulling at the white robe as if it was the most offensive thing he had ever seen in his life.
Finally! Finally, they were together again and finally, his lover had decided to take this the whole way. Jinde sighed in satisfaction, closed his eyes and tilted his head back. His fingers curled around the lapel of the second half of Leng Jin Yu’s inner robe that had somehow managed to stay in place. He considered pulling it down but finally just waited. He would let Leng Jin Yu take the lead. There was still time enough for him to take action later on.
Leng Jin Yu, on the other hand, didn’t hesitate at all. He pulled the robe from Jinde’s shoulders, ripping the white fabric in the process. The skin beneath was even paler now than in that image he had seen. A pure, snowy white, too perfect to be true. He reached for Jinde’s shoulder and tried to find the mark left there but came up with nothing. Everywhere was the same, perfect, unmarred skin.
How could this be? There was supposed to be a mark there. His mark! How could it be missing now? Hadn’t he just left it there?!
He bent down and greedily sucked on Jinde’s skin, seeking to once again leave proof of their union there, proof that this person was his and would be his forever. The skin reddened but he felt that it wasn’t enough. It had vanished once. He couldn’t let that happen a second time!
He searched for another, for a better spot and finally found the tender skin between his shoulder and his neck, right above his collarbone. He kissed the spot and his tongue flicked out, licking the sensitive skin and making it show a faint flush.
Jinde couldn’t hold back any longer. This was too much. After all this time … His body shuddered in bliss at the strangely familiar touch. One of his hands slid into Leng Jin Yu’s hair as if on its own and a moan escaped his lips. “Jin Yu …”
Hearing this name from Jinde’s lips and while he was pleasuring him no less fury rose in Leng Jin Yu’s heart and he bit down.
Jinde’s yelp was as much born from pain as it was from pleasure but it finally woke Leng Jin Yu up. He froze and his teeth that had just clamped down instantly let go. He retracted his head and stared in horror at what he had done. Just what … had happened?

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