OMF V5C23 Seducing Him

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Jinde stared at the man that had half risen from the bed, his mind in a jumble. What was happening here? What had happened to the desire he had just seen in Leng Jin Yu’s eyes? Where had the predator gone he had just seen? He still wanted to become his prey!
Jinde took a shaky breath and leaned back, his heart feeling a little empty. Was he really too old for this? Had he actually lost his sex-appeal? Was that the problem? Was it that the touch excited Leng Jin Yu but as soon as he looked at the person in front of him he felt his interest wane? Jinde’s gaze inconspicuously moved to Leng Jin Yu’s private parts. Mn, he really hadn’t gotten hard. It seemed like he had indeed been hoping for too much.
Jinde sighed but still touched Leng Jin Yu’s arm where he hadn’t been injured. “Don’t. It’s your shoulder. How will you dress the wounds? It’s still better if you let me do it.” He didn’t wait for Leng Jin Yu’s answer and just continued to clean the wound in a gentle manner.
Leng Jin Yu was unable to reject the help. It wasn’t wrong what Jinde had said and … well, he just wanted to help. The problem was just him thinking too much. Ah, this had to stop. This person was a guest in his house. How could he have designs on him? Although … Maybe he was imagining things but it had seemed as if Jinde had detected his gaze and still not backed off? Could it be …
Leng Jin Yu frowned. This was just wishful thinking, wasn’t it? No, even if it wasn’t, he couldn’t just do something like this, could he? Never mind that he still believed the person missing from his memories was supposed to be his true love, even if there wasn’t that person, it was unthinkable to do something like this. After all, they didn’t know each other. They hadn’t even talked about what they wanted. Was this like becoming dao partners? Or was this just … giving in to primitive lust?
Jinde took out a vial from his spatial ring and generously covered Leng Jin Yu’s wound in the medicine. “This shouldn’t take long to heal. I guess in a day or two you’ll be back to your peak state.”
Leng Jin Yu knew he shouldn’t but he once again opened his eyes to look at Jinde. His voice still sounded a little hoarse. “Two days?”
Leng Jin Yu was a little skeptical. He hadn’t looked too closely but the dragon king had dealt him a heavy hand. He would have thought it would take at least a week.
Jinde chuckled at his doubtful expression and shoved the vial into his hands. “You can believe me. I’m probably not as strong as you but I do know my way around medicines.” He couldn’t help but reach out again, his fingers stroking across Leng Jin Yu’s abdomen. “So, if you’re hurt again, just come to me. I’ll help you with it.”
Leng Jin Yu gritted his teeth and took another deep breath. “I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you.”
“It’s not an inconvenience.” Jinde retracted his hand and smiled. It was seven parts gentle and three parts cunning. Even if Leng Jin Yu didn’t find him very attractive right now, he wouldn’t give up. No, he had promised to fight for him and he would. Such a prime opportunity such as this … he couldn’t let go of it!
He settled down at Leng Jin Yu’s feet, looking up at him with his golden gaze tinged in sadness. “You know for the past years I’ve mostly been alone. There isn’t anyone to accompany me. I’ve been alone for such a long time, I almost forgot how it is to talk to another person or …” Jinde’s fingers lightly brushed Leng Jin Yu’s leg before he retracted them again. He couldn’t be too obvious or he would just seem needy. That wasn’t the impression he wanted to leave Leng Jin Yu with. “Being able to stay with you like this means a lot to me. If I am able to take care of at least one of your needs …”
Leng Jin Yu looked at the face in front of him and felt torn apart inwardly. Heavens! Jinde’s eyes seemed to sparkle in the sun. They were easily the most beautiful thing he had ever seen in his life. There was no question about it. Seeing them and the small smile on Jinde’s lips he felt his heart being submerged in happiness and he immediately wanted to reassure him that yes, he would stay with him and make sure that he never again would have to suffer from loneliness.
Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but also take in the way Jinde’s golden hair fell over his shoulders, innocently exposing the line of his neck. He couldn’t fail to take in the way the white robe hugged Jinde’s body either or how the golden embroidery somehow managed to paint his figure in an even more alluring light. Seeing him like this and hearing him say that he wanted to take care of his needs …
Leng Jin Yu had no idea where it came from but the images his mind conjured up had him take in a sharp breath. Heavens! When had he developed such a side? Hadn’t he always prided himself in being able to withstand all temptation? Of being detached from the world and solely focused on cultivation? Then why … Why did he suddenly feel like he indeed had some bodily needs that wanted to be met?
Jinde watched the subtle changes in Leng Jin Yu’s expression with interest. This man was indeed not as unassailable as he had seemed at first. Actually, he was quite susceptible to this kind of seduction. Unfortunately, his will was firm and he wouldn’t give in that easily. He needed to be more daring if he actually wanted him to give in to his desire.
While Jinde found the direction for the next part of his plan Leng Jin Yu already reigned his thoughts in as well as he could and nodded at him. “I understand. Living in another dimension must have been difficult. Naturally, I’m willing to accompany you for a while. Why don’t we sit down and have some tea? I’m sure there are a lot of things we could talk about.” And I’m sure my thoughts will be wandering less when we’re sitting opposite each other at a table instead of such an ambiguous position.
Well, he was probably right about that. Sitting down for a cup of tea would most certainly be innocuous. At least if one of the people sitting down wasn’t trying to seduce the other.

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