LWS V4C17 Slipping in and Lying There

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The first step of preparing himself was obvious. First of all, he had to find out what he was supposed to do during sex. Lying down was obvious but considering the things he had read about just now this wasn’t all. So which things could be considered absolutely necessary? It couldn’t be everything, right?
He took a look at the novel once again. Most of this wasn’t actually having sex. There was their meeting and then trying out the hot spring and the kissing … That couldn’t be classified as part of the sex, right? Nah, that should be a separate issue. Nie Chang and he wouldn’t need all this. They would just concentrate on the sex.
So he should probably pay more attention to everything that happened after the hot spring. He slowly read through the passage again. It didn’t seem too difficult, now that he looked at it again. Ling Yu was just placing Wang Ya Hui down and then they kissed for a moment and then he pushed his legs out of the way. After that … After that …
After that the big bird found its nest and made its way inside.
Su Yan blanked before he hit the soft surface below him in rage. What was this even supposed to mean?! What kind of nest had that stupid bird found?! And why did the bird have so much trouble to get into its nest?! Wasn’t it just slipping in and then lying there?! What was so difficult about that?
Nie Chang who had lent his thigh for Su Yan to rest on was just regretting his decision. He certainly hadn’t expected this evening to end like this! He wanted to remind Su Yan that he was still his boyfriend and that domestic violence was never a solution but then he saw his furious expression.
Alright. For his own future happiness, he should probably refrain from commenting and just wait until his darling calmed down. Who knew what he had seen online or how the system had bullied him again?
Su Yan’s chest heaved up and down. This stupid novel wasn’t telling him anything important at all! How was he supposed to prepare for having sex with his boyfriend like this?! If you wanted to write some ‘spicy romance’ that told people how someone had sex with a stranger, then at least include the important details, ah!
Su Yan frowned and scrolled further down but it was just described how the bird had trouble to get into its nest because it was too big and the nest was too tight. Ling Yu somehow made several attempts to have the bird fit in there but finally had to take another approach and first make the nest wider. Naturally, the author hadn’t forgotten to describe this or to mention repeatedly just how good Wang Ya Hui felt when Ling Yu finally managed to barely squeeze the big bird into its nest.
Su Yan grumbled. This novel still refused to tell him anything of importance! Tch, what ‘spicy romance’? Wasn’t this just the author teasing his readers? Or maybe this guy had no idea and just wrote whatever. He probably didn’t even have a boyfriend! So he just made that nest up.
Mn, that had to be it. After all, that bird was, well, a man’s thing, right? That wasn’t anything that needed a nest, right?
Su Yan stared at the scene in front of him and shook his head. This was idiotic. He should probably search for another novel that could actually tell him how having sex worked. This certainly couldn’t be the only one.
Mn? Come to think of it … Su Yan went back to the system. He might not have read the whole novel but he had at least read that strange bird-with-the-nest scene. That should mean he had finished the first part of the new taskline, right?
He took a look but unfortunately, the system didn’t allow him to go to the next part. It couldn’t be that he really needed to read everything, right? Su Yan pursed his lips and went back to the website.
Well, he might at least take a look if there was some more information later on. It wasn’t impossible if he thought about it. After all, Wang Ya Hui only believed in this ‘bird’ thing because his brother had told him that this was a bird. So it was more or less natural that from his perspective this was Ling Yu using his bird. And naturally, he would also associate bird-things like the nest with this bird.
But at the end of the day, this novel was still about Wang Ya Ting trying to find a wife and most likely he would end up with a male wife instead of a female one. If this really was a spicy romance, then Wang Ya Ting should also have sex with his boyfriend. And since those two would be normal adults there certainly wouldn’t be any talk about birds. So, all he had to do was to find another sex scene that didn’t have Wang Ya Hui inside.
Su Yan scrolled down and started skimming the text again. He didn’t need to wait for another sex scene though because the information he wanted was provided for him soon enough.
[Wang Ya Hui rubbed Ling Yu’s chest and sighed in bliss. “I never knew that building a nest would feel this good.”
Ling Yu chuckled and looked down at his lower body. “It all depends on the bird building the nest.”
“That’s true. Your bird must be a pecker then.”
“Ah?” Ling Yu who had just proudly appraised his bird blanked. “Isn’t a woodpecker too small? You should use something bigger to compare!”
Wang Ya Hui grinned and his fingers teased the dark knobs on the man’s chest. “Who’s talking about the size? It’s because of what it did! Wasn’t it hammering into me the whole time?” He let go of Ling Yu and reached to his backside, carefully touching his hole.]
Eh? The bird had … and Wang Ya Hui touched … the hole on his backside?
Su Yan’s face paled. He leaped to his feet and backed three steps off, throwing his phone at Nie Chang in the process. When his boyfriend looked up he was greeted by a gaze that seemed to say ‘I’m a pure maiden. Now, look at this shameless ruffian that wants to violate me!’ Su Yan even went so far as to conspicuously cover his backside as if he was really afraid that Nie Chang might pounce on him and try to shove his bird into his nest the very next second.

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