LWS V4C19 Not a Woodpecker

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Su Yan’s next lesson didn’t take long to appear. Wang Ya Hui and Ling Yu had stayed at the edge of the hot spring for a while and discussed the matter of Ling Yu’s bird extensively until Ling Yu finally decided that he didn’t want to stay there any longer. After all, the place was hot and lying on the floor wasn’t the most comfortable. This presented another problem though.
[Wang Ya Hui reached up, his eyes clearly begging the older man to pick him up and carry him.
Ling Yu raised his brows. “What?”
“Carry me!” Wang Ya Hui had been spoiled rotten by his older brother so he didn’t feel ashamed at all when he asked for something like this.
Unfortunately, Ling Yu wasn’t inclined to do as he said. “Do you think I’m an idiot? If I carry you back to your room like this, then wouldn’t your brother try to kill me?” He hadn’t forgotten that Wang Ya Hui had mentioned an older brother. Even though this hadn’t made him hold back when he decided to make use of his bird, he still wouldn’t go confront him about it directly.
Wang Ya Hui just extended his arms even further. “Then take me to your room. I don’t care either way but you have to carry me! Your bird has such bad aim. It didn’t go straight into the nest and instead had to try for so long. I’m feeling like a ragged tree.”]
A ragged tree?! Having sex meant feeling like a ragged tree?! What did this even mean?! Su Yan looked at his phone reproachfully. Couldn’t this Wang Ya Hui speak clearly? Well, at least he wasn’t the only one who didn’t understand what this was supposed to mean.
[“A ragged tree?” Ling Yu’s eyebrows lifted even higher but he finally bent down and picked Wang Ya Hui up onto his arms. Well, the boy wasn’t heavy at all so it didn’t matter if he carried him. And bringing him to his own room might actually be good. They could have some more fun there.
While Ling Yu was already imagining their next bout Wang Ya Hui was still complaining about his hurting backside. “Mn, a ragged tree. It’s like … your woodpecker wanted to make a round nest but it always got the wrong spot so now it’s a nest with a different form. Isn’t that strange? It clearly was round before!”
Ling Yu smiled. “It’s still round. The tree is just remembering how the bird went inside. It’s nothing bad.”
“It hurts though.” Wang Ya Hui scratched Ling Yu’s chest, leaving faint red marks on his skin.
Ling Yu didn’t think he had done anything wrong. “Like I said it’s not some small woodpecker. It’s a big bird. Naturally, it will hurt more. You’ll have to endure it for a few more days.”]
Su Yan stared at the characters on the phone. It … hurt? And it would hurt for several days? It would hurt even more if the bird was big?!
He mechanically turned to Nie Chang and looked down at the spot between his legs. Nie Chang’s bird … it should be pretty big too, right? He was really tall, after all, and also had quite the well-defined muscles. That kind of man probably had a big bird, right?
So when they had sex … then Nie Chang’s bird and his nest … Would something like this also happen? Would he also feel so bad?
Nie Chang noticed that something was off. Su Yan had been silent after his previous outburst but right now there was another kind of silence in the room. It was like the silence before the storm and it made him become wary.
“Is something the matter, Ah Yan?”
“Ah Chang.”
“Show me your bird.”
Once again, Nie Chang found himself face to face with a situation where he didn’t know how to react. In fact, it felt even worse this time than it had before because he was pretty sure that he had heard the right words and understood the right meaning but it still seemed completely wrong in so many ways. He felt like he should make sure again.
“Uh … What?”
“Your bird! Show it to me.”
“That …” Nie Chang knew he probably shouldn’t feel conflicted about this. They would have sex on Friday anyway and then Su Yan would see everything. Furthermore, he didn’t feel like there was anything to cover up. He even felt that he could be a little proud of his ‘bird’. It might not be especially large but considering the normal range, it was probably on the bigger side. Even if it wasn’t, as long as he knew how to use it that would still be alright, wouldn’t it?
But the problem was that this wasn’t Friday. They wouldn’t have sex today or do anything that required him to pull his bird out. This was just … well, Su Yan being curious? Anyway, casually taking it out like this felt a little strange.
Su Yan frowned. “What is it? You don’t want to take it out for me to see?”
Nie Chang straightened up and his hand automatically moved down. He didn’t open his pants though. Instead, he looked at Su Yan questioningly. “Are you sure about this? You were quite afraid of it before. I don’t want to scare you.”
Su Yan’s brows drew even closer together. Why was his boyfriend making such a ruckus?! “I told you to take it out, so take it out! Stop talking so much!”
Nie Chang raised his brows before he really unzipped his pants. “Alright. If you really want to …”
Even though he had some second thoughts about this he still did as he was told and took it out. Then he awkwardly held it in his hand while Su Yan stared at it. With his boyfriend looking at him like this … Well, if this was a scene from ‘The Adventure of the Four Birds’, then the author probably would have written that ‘the bird excitedly raised its head to take a look at the other person’.
The bird wasn’t the only one growing bigger though. Su Yan’s eyes did the same in response. He might not have any way to judge how this bird compared to other birds but … This definitely wasn’t a woodpecker!

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