OMF V5C15 No Need for Formality between Us

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Leng Jin Yu followed his Master down the mountain. He could only smile wryly when Yuchi Bing Xia turned toward him for the fifth time with a look of ‘Will it really be alright to let him see this person?’ Just how beautiful was this hidden expert to make his Master this flustered?
The two of them finally reached the door of Leng Jin Yu’s house. Yuchi Bing Xia straightened his shoulders and smoothed out his sleeves, brushing his hair back at the end before giving a light cough. He couldn’t look shabby when stepping in front of the beautiful god! With that thought, he finally knocked on the door.
Leng Jin Yu refrained from commenting. But watching all this he was more worried about his Master falling in love with that hidden expert than he was about himself. This didn’t have anything to do with age. Or, well, maybe it had. After all, if he considered the time before his ascension, he was older than Yuchi Bing Xia by more than just a few years.
From inside the house, a melodious voice rang out. “Please, come on in.”
Leng Jin Yu’s muscles tensed. This voice … Why did it sound so familiar? Had he met this person somewhere before?
Jinde on the other side of the door didn’t feel much better. His voice might have sounded normal but his heart raced. He patted his chest and glanced at the door before he turned back to the plum tree while taking a shaky breath. He had to look good for him! He had to look his best!
Yuchi Bing Xia opened the door and stepped into the anteroom, his gaze immediately drawn to the other side where the door to the courtyard stood open. He gulped. Thankfully, he had warned Yu Jin insistently! The beautiful god was looking even more stunning today!
Jinde turned around when he heard the steps, a gentle smile lighting up his features. When he saw who stood in the doorway he stiffened and his heart plunged into desperation. “Sect Master Yuchi …” Melancholy crept into his voice unasked. So it wasn’t him. He had … still not come back.
Yuchi Bing Xia cupped his fists and bowed. The change in Jinde’s mood had been too subtle for him to notice. “I hope I’m not disturbing you. My disciple returned today so I brought him over to meet you.” He looked behind him only to notice that Yu Jin was missing. His lips twitched.
Hadn’t he told him how important this was? How could Yu Jin fail to keep up with him now of all times? He cleared his throat and waved at the door as if all of this was natural and he had intended to only invite his disciple in at the beautiful god’s cue in the first place.
Leng Jin Yu breathed deeply and stepped forward, his hands inexplicably trembling. Just why had this voice shaken him so much?
He stepped into the room and his gaze met that of the person opposite them. His lips parted. He wanted to call out but … What was he supposed to say?
The man looked back at him, his pale lips curving up and his golden eyes narrowing into a smile. “So this is the Sect Master’s rumored disciple.” He turned around completely, the blossoms behind him rippled in the breeze, a few petals reigning down and landing in his golden hair.
Leng Jin Yu’s breath hitched. He finally understood why his Master had warned him. This person … was truly too beautiful. He was … Was he real? He wanted to go over and reach out to touch him to make sure that he wasn’t just imagining this. How could such a person exist?
He watched as Jinde stepped into the room, his gaze unwaveringly following him. Even inside the room where the light of the sun didn’t touch every corner, his pale skin seemed to glow, the white robe shimmered, his hair and the golden embroidery twinkling as if inviting him to reach out.
Beside him, Yuchi Bing Xia awkwardly cleared his throat. “Ah, he has never talked much. Please, don’t take offense.”
Unfortunately for the Sect Master, the other two people were already in their own world and didn’t pay him any attention. Jinde walked forward until only an arm’s length separated him from Leng Jin Yu. He would have liked to step even closer but he wasn’t that desperate yet. No, he would go up to him but he wanted to see Leng Jin Yu take the final step. He wanted him to decide.
Well, it might not need much for that anymore. Jinde slightly lowered his head, his lips curving up even further. Xin Lan really knew what he was doing. The robe had achieved its purpose. Just look at him! He was stunned speechless.
“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you. If you don’t mind … How may I call you?” He tilted his head, his gaze flickering upwards to Leng Jin Yu’s face, taking in the unveiled appreciation in the other’s eyes.
Jinde wanted to sigh. Ah, how long hadn’t he felt like this anymore? How long had it been that someone desired him this much?
Leng Jin Yu cleared his throat but his voice still sounded hoarse. “You … you may call me Jin Yu.”
Yuchi Bing Xia wanted to facepalm. His disciple was indeed too young! How often had he warned him on the way to the house? But here he was staring at the beautiful god with passionate eyes, unabashedly showing his desire and even jumbling his own name! What a disgrace! Hopefully, the beautiful god wouldn’t remember this.
Jinde chuckled. This Leng Jin Yu might seem more refined than Chun Yin at first glance but he wasn’t that different deep down. Dropping his family’s name as a mortal just like that … Was this announcing that he already considered him his? Was there no need for that kind of formality between them anymore?
“Mn. Then please call me Jinde.”
Leng Jin Yu nodded, his heart beating faster. Jinde. Jinde … Yes, that was the name he should have called out before. The next time … The next time, he would do so for sure.

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