OMF V5C14 Does That Make Me Look Innocent?

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At the same time, the people in a certain house further down the Sect Master’s peak were also getting busy. Xin Lan had naturally noticed when Leng Jin Yu returned but he hadn’t gone to greet him on purpose. After all, he hadn’t forgotten his master’s command.
Thus upon seeing the person his master was waiting for return, he stepped into the house and gazed at the person his heart was beating for. “He is back.”
Jinde lifted his gaze from the scroll of paper in front of him, not daring to believe what he had heard. “You … You said …”
“He has returned to the Yun Zou Sect.” Xin Lan stepped forward, knelt down before Jinde and offered him a robe with both hands.
Jinde looked at the pristine white fabric that seemed to shimmer even in the shadows. “This is …”
“Didn’t you want a special robe for this day? You should hurry and change, master. I don’t know whether he’ll come here or report back to the Sect Master first.”
“Ah, yes.” Jinde took the robe and stood up, his hands trembling. It had finally come, the day when they would meet again. What should he say to him? Would Chun Yin … no, would Leng Jin Yu feel anything when he saw him? Probably not. After all, he had no recollection of his past life.
“Xin Lan, are you … are you sure he’ll like it if I wear this robe?”
Xin Lan glanced upward and nodded. “He’d need to be without a sliver of taste not to like you.”
“Alright. Then I should really …” Jinde said so but he still stood there as if rooted to the spot.
Xin Lan got up and took his arm. “Let me help you.” He led him into the room where Jinde normally changed and carefully took the robe from him again, placing it aside. “Don’t worry needlessly. You’re beautiful and the robe will highlight your best points. He’ll be completely stunned when he sees you.”
“I hope so. I just … I’m afraid.” Jinde gulped. Ah, hadn’t he promised himself that he would fight for him this time? Why was he suddenly so timid?
“You’ll feel better after you see him.” Xin Lan reached out and opened the belt around Jinde’s waist. He looked down as soon as it came undone and placed it next to the robe. With his heart beating madly, he stepped behind his master and tugged at the robe, slowly pulling it off his shoulders. His gaze touched on the creamy skin beneath for a moment before he turned away, hanging the robe away.
Xin Lan took a deep breath to calm himself and picked up the robe he had chosen. He gently helped his master into the layers and finally secured the belt around his waist. Then he stepped back. He didn’t even dare to lift his head. Yes, that man would be stunned. He would certainly be the same. It was better not to look.
Thankfully, Jinde was too occupied with his own thoughts to notice anything off. He hurried outside to the pond behind the house and took a look at himself. It seemed … this robe really managed to bring out his good points?
He smiled and ran back inside, almost knocking over one of the tables. Xin Lan caught him with one hand and secured the piece of furniture with the other.
“Careful. How about you sit down? Just tell me what you need. I’ll get it for you.”
Jinde lowered his head. “I’m sorry. I know I shouldn’t be like this. I’m already this old and still … Ah, just thinking about it I get all nervous.” He put a hand on his stomach and tried to calm himself. He felt … excited, even a little nauseous. This shouldn’t happen. He wasn’t that young anymore!
Xin Lan looked away. “What was it you wanted?”
“Ah, a comb. I should comb my hair again. He always … he always loved my hair.” Jinde touched one of the golden strands, his gaze growing distant.
Xin Lan clenched his fists but still nodded and left to find one. When he got back he didn’t hand it to Jinde though. Instead, he knelt down behind him and started to comb through the beautiful strands himself.
Ah, this was madness! Just why was he doing this? Today, his master’s lover would return. After that, his position would be reduced to that of his master’s most loyal follower again. Well, it had never been anything else. Not in his master’s eyes at least. Whether he picked out a robe for him or helped him dress or combed his hair … His master would never see it as anything else than the care his most trusted follower showed him. Only when that man did those things would they become proof of his love.
Xin Lan finished with the last strand and stepped back. “I’m done. You’re ready now.”
Jinde nodded and stood up, his hands twisting. “What should I do now?”
“Just … wait for him?” Xin Lan gritted his teeth.
“Yes, I know. What I meant was … What should I do? I can’t just sit here, right? When he comes in shouldn’t I show him my best side? Chun Yin always loved it when I seemed gentle and refined. What do you think is the most elegant thing I could do? Should I paint? Do some calligraphy? Drink tea? Meditate?” He grabbed Xin Lan’s arm, his eyes wide with worry.
Xin Lan looked at the table where another portrait of Chun Yin was lying. His master hadn’t done much else in the last few years besides painting these portraits. He really wouldn’t be able to take it if he saw him paint another one.
“He isn’t Chun Yin anymore so painting him might give him the wrong impression instead.”
“I could paint some flowers. Maybe a lotus? Would that make me seem especially innocent?”
Xin Lan motioned to the side. “Why don’t you go outside and just admire the flowers there? The light will reflect off your hair beautifully.”
Jinde grabbed Xin Lan’s arm with the other hand too. “Ah, Xin Lan, you still know me best! Thank you!” In his exuberance, he tiptoed and kissed his cheek.
Xin Lan remained standing in the study with a blank expression.

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