OMF V5C16 Take Care of Me

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Leng Jin Yu and Jinde gazed at each other, both tacitly ignoring the presence of the other person in the room. They didn’t know what to say though.
Leng Jin Yu felt an odd sense of familiarity from the man in front of him but he was sure that they had never met before. After all, wouldn’t he remember this kind of person? He was so beautiful, with such a gentle disposition, certainly, he would remember if he had just so much as glanced at him in passing.
Jinde also didn’t know how to react. They had finally found each other again but this Leng Jin Yu wasn’t his Chun Yin. He couldn’t remember their past and even though he was looking at him this intently, there seemed to be no intention to do more than that. It couldn’t be that this person was indeed more reserved than Chun Yin? Then how would he make sure he decided on him? No, he couldn’t leave this to fate! He had to do something.
With new-found conviction, Jinde looked up at the other man through his lashes, his golden eyes shielded halfway but still halfway exposed. He saw Leng Jin Yu’s Adam’s apple bob up and down and satisfaction submerged his heart. Mn, he still knew him best. Chun Yin had never been able to take it when he looked at him like this! Even that terrible woman hadn’t been able to wrest Chun Yin’s attention from him when he used this move. Even on his worst day, he could still give her fake gentleness a run for its money!
He tilted his head and brushed a strand of golden hair aside, exposing his collarbone for a moment. “You’ve probably heard already that I’ve occupied your house for the last few years.”
Leng Jin Yu stared at that skin and lifted his gaze to those pale lips, watching them move. A hot sensation spread through his body, making him shudder. He forcibly closed his eyes. “Yes, my Master told me.”
“Is that so?” Jinde examined the handsome face in front of him and forced himself to hold back his smile. He had to try very hard to make himself look earnest though. “That’s good then. I hope you don’t mind.”
“Of course not. I … I’m happy I could be of help to you.”
“You were. Very much so.” Jinde turned to the side and took a few steps around him.
Leng Jin Yu very naturally turned with him, not leaving Jinde out of his eyes for even a second.
“I was living in another dimension first but you see there are reasons why I can’t be found by some people. Unfortunately …” He looked at him with the saddest gaze he could muster in the face of his true love.
Leng Jin Yu’s heart jumped. “I understand. You can stay here as long as you want.”
Yuchi Bing Xia used the opportunity to insert himself into the conversation again. “Indeed! The Yun Zou Sect owes you so much. Yu Jin can just move somewhere else. He doesn’t mind.”
“I wouldn’t want to inconvenience you. You’ve lived here for a long time before, haven’t you?”
“I did but —”
Jinde’s soulful gaze froze the rest of the sentence in Leng Jin Yu’s throat. Ah, what had he wanted to say?
“Since that is so I truly can’t expect you to move out. It’s just … I don’t feel that well at the thought of leaving here. There’s still the possibility that I might be found out if I return to the special dimension. I get scared thinking of it.”
Leng Jin Yu shifted closer without any clear thought in mind. He was scared? Then he should calm him down! His hands twitched, wanting to reach out and wrap Jinde into his embrace. He even had the corresponding words on his lips already: ‘Don’t worry. There is no reason to fear anything as long as I’m at your side. Whoever it is that threatens you I will make sure they can no longer bother you.’
Just when his fingertips were about to touch the other’s elbow Leng Jin Yu froze. He took a deep breath and forced his hand away, his gaze also shifting to the side so he wouldn’t get tempted any longer.
Jinde stared at him, inwardly torn. On the one hand, he marveled at his ability to stay clearheaded in such a situation, on the other hand, he cursed him for his lack of activity. Why can’t you make up your mind? In Heaven’s name, just reach out and touch me already! I can clearly see that you want to! Is it really that hard to give in to your desire?
It certainly seemed that way. In that case, he had to step up his game. He had finally found him again. He couldn’t let him slip away again.
Jinde’s lids closed halfway, exposing only a small sliver of gold. It made him seem even more seductive. “So if you don’t mind … There are so many rooms in the house and I think that I’m not too troublesome to live with. So how about you just move back in but let me stay here? I promise you will hardly notice that I’m here. Would that be acceptable to you?”
Leng Jin Yu couldn’t help but look back at Jinde when he heard this suppliant tone of voice. Being provided with the visual of an expression that seemed to say ‘I’m so scared! If there was just a strong man to take care of me …’ he forgot all about his conviction not to look and not to give in to the strange feeling inside him.
He bridged the last step that still separated them, grabbed Jinde’s hands and pressed them against his chest. “Don’t worry. We’ll do as you say. I’ll take care of you for as long as you want.”
Only much later when his Master had managed to pull him out of the house under the guise of ‘teaching his disciple about his future responsibilities’ did he manage to understand that he had just walked right into a honey trap.

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