LWS V4C11 A Corrupted System

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“What birds?” Nie Chang was bewildered. Just what was his darling talking about? He knew nothing about any birds!
Su Yan grew even angrier when his boyfriend dared to further deny his knowledge about that dirty novel. “Hmph!” With a snort, he crossed his arms and faced the other side.
Nie Chang blankly looked at him and finally took a look at the phone. There should be a reason why it had been thrown at him. The last few sentences that Su Yan seemed to have read gave him a rough idea of what the problem was even though he had no idea how some birds figured into that. He found the answer to that pretty quickly though.
[“Something hot?” Wang Ya Hui blinked. “Like what?”
“Mh, like … this.”
The man grabbed his chin and bent down, pressing his lips onto Wang Ya Hui’s. The youth opened his mouth in surprise, only to be faced with a snake winding its way into his mouth and exploring him.]
Nie Chang stared at the ‘snake’. Alright. If that was a snake, then he didn’t need much imagination to guess what the ‘bird’ was. No wonder Su Yan was angry. If you grew up sheltered enough to only find out about same-sex relationships at the age of twenty-one, then naturally, you would find this kind of thing appalling.
Nie Chang scratched his head. He knew that so he certainly wouldn’t have put this kind of explicit novel in Su Yan’s library. So why was his darling blaming him?
He navigated back to the list of novels and indeed, there it was: ‘The Adventure of the Four Birds’. And it even came with a note that seemed to be written by him. This couldn’t be a bug on the website. Not with the message attached. So what then? Had somebody tried to sabotage their relationship with this? But he was the only one who knew that Su Yan had this account.
Nie Chang’s gaze flickered. Well, there was another person or rather thing that knew about this.
He leaned over to Su Yan and put the phone on the dashboard. “Ah Yan, it wasn’t me who put that in onto your reading list. I —”
Su Yan whirled around and pointed at Nie Chang’s nose. “You still dare to pretend! If not you, then who should it be?!”
“Your system.”
“Ah?” Su Yan frowned, his anger overridden by his puzzlement.
Nie Chang knew that now was the time to strike if he wanted to sooth Su Yan’s ruffled feathers. “Mn, think about it: The system was the one that proposed this website as the place where you upload the story. It also tried to push you in the direction of writing boys’ love all this time, didn’t it? And I reckon it would want you to learn more about the genre now that you’ve published your first two stories. So maybe this is something it prepared for a new task? It wouldn’t be the first time it gave you a strange one, would it?”
Faced with Nie Chang’s arguments Su Yan didn’t know what to say. This sounded … really logical. And if he thought about it, he couldn’t see any reason why Nie Chang would add this type of novel to his library.
“But why this of all novels? It’s really strange. Did you have a look at it?”
“Mn. I glanced at it just now. I also don’t know why the system chose this novel. Maybe have a look? The task should already be there, shouldn’t it?”
Su Yan nodded and picked up his phone from the dashboard.
In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation, a certain official freaked out. Alright, she had already known that she had overshot the mark when Su Yan threw the phone at his boyfriend. Now, what to do? She had to salvage the situation somehow! But Su Yan had already picked up his phone! She would never be able to alter the system fast enough to get a corresponding task out there in time!
“Argh!” Shen Lu opened her personal terminal and accessed the file of the Lovely Writing System.
She might not get this done in time but as long as the task showed up soon it should be alright. Nie Chang would certainly find some way to explain this to his boyfriend.
She navigated to the task log of the system and hastily added to the tasks relating to the skills [Get to know the variations of the genre] before closing the log again. She took a look around but nobody had noticed what she had done.
“Phew!” She grabbed another bag of chips from her drawer and ripped it open. “I definitely can’t do this again or the boss will really fire me!”
“Do what again?”
Shen Lu froze. Her gaze flickered to the side before she slowly turned around, one hand in her bag of chips and a smile plastered onto her smile. “Uh, hey, boss!”
Her boss narrowed his eyes at her. “Do what again?” he repeated and propped up his hands on his hips.
“Uh … Well …” Shen Lu lowered the bag in her hands and gulped. Aw, she hadn’t even been able to eat a single chip yet! Why was he here now of all times? “I almost … deleted one of the files for the web novel, boss. But I swear it was the first time! And I managed to save it myself! I didn’t need to go to the support department!”
Her boss frowned. “Well, it’s better that way. Don’t let me hear something like this again!”
“Sure, boss!” Shen Lu nodded very earnestly and watched him leave. Phew! Thankfully, he wasn’t the type to bother too much about their work.
She grabbed a handful of chips and shoved them into her mouth. Ah, that had really been a close call! From now on, she wouldn’t interfere in Su Yan’s matter anymore! Well, not much …

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