RMN C5 A Big Family

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Baili Chao led his new disciple toward the area of the admission test. The other Elders, as well as the Sect Master, would probably all be there already so he should hurry over, too. He had to show his cute disciple around, after all.
Yun Bei Fen curiously looked around all the time. The beautiful houses with the curved roofs and the many decorations were nothing like the simple houses from his village. They rather looked like palaces to him. This was probably what his father had tried to describe when he talked about the capital! So his new home was just like that.
Finally, the two of them arrived at the test site for the sect’s admission. Some of the tests had already started but quite a few recruits were still standing around. They curiously looked at the newcomer that was led by an old man and couldn’t help but discuss among themselves who this might be and why he might be brought here like this.
The Sect Master and the Elders weren’t any less curious, though they managed to mask it a little better. Baili Chao hurried over and nodded.
“Sect Master Zhang, this one has returned from his journey and brought his new disciple along.” He pulled Yun Bei Fen in front of him who was still looking everywhere else as if the few old men in front of them really weren’t that interesting. Well, they probably weren’t to him.
Zhang Guan Yu, the current sect master of the Teng Yong Sect, examined the cute little child in front of him and couldn’t help but smile. “Oh? Then who might this be? Little one, tell uncle Zhang your name.”
Unfortunately, ‘Uncle Zhang’ was completely ignored for Yun Bei Fen had found something much more interesting to watch: In the middle of the testing grounds was a wooden ring that was elevated about half a meter. Three people stood inside, facing each other.
Two of them were boys that were maybe a year or two older than him. They wore gray robes that were tied with an even darker belt. Both of them held a sword in their hand and their expressions were grim as if they were about to be dispatched to war the very next moment.
Opposite them stood a youth that was about double their age. He also carried a sword but he still hadn’t drawn it yet. Instead, he was all smiles while looking at the two boys. Coupled with the white robe with the black belt that he wore he gave Yun Bei Fen the feeling of a gentle and friendly person. He instantly liked him.
The two boys raised their swords higher and threw themselves at him with a cry. The youth evaded their attack with just a step. He looked completely at ease even when the two of them charged at him again and even came from two different directions. Yun Bei Fen watched how the youth weaved between their attacks in an elegant manner and his face lit up.
“Eh, Elder Feng, look at this! The boy seems to really like your disciple.” Sect Master Zhang couldn’t help but point out, chuckling quietly.
The child in question continued to ignore him and instead watched the white-clothed youth with rapt attention. Just now the fight ended with the youth hitting each of them once with his hand. They boys opposite him both fell to the ground and had trouble getting up again.
Yun Bei Fen cheered and hurriedly grabbed behind him to tug at Baili Chao’s sleeve while the two boys got off the ring. He could see that two others were already waiting at the side so he had to hurriedly tell his new father about this before the next fight started. He couldn’t miss anything!
“Father, look over there!” He pointed at the youth that was left in the ring to make sure that his new father would see him right away.
Bright laughter startled him out of his worshiping gaze and he finally turned to Sect Master Zhang for the first time.
Zhang Guan Yu dabbed at the corners of his eyes that had teared up because of his laughter. “Elder Baili … haha, is there something you’d like to tell us?” He laughed again but this time he was smart enough to take out a folding fan and try to mask it.
Baili Chao’s face flushed red. This child! Hadn’t he told him to call him master while they were in the sect?! Why was he calling him father again, now?!
Yun Bei Fen had no idea what was going on and he didn’t care anyway. He had already gone back to observing his idol. The fact that he had just made a mistake didn’t register and honestly, he hadn’t done it consciously. He had just forgotten about it because of his excitement.
Zhang Guan Yu’s laughter finally subsided into a light chuckling. “Elder Baili, if the child calls you father and calls me uncle, does that make us brothers?”
Baili Chao smiled wryly. “I wouldn’t dare to call the sect master my brother.” And my disciple never called you uncle in the first place. He thought so but he didn’t dare say it out loud. This shameless guy would only find a way to get back at him.
“Eh, Elder Feng.” Zhang Guan Yu turned toward the youth’s master again and smiled even more brightly. “If you had your disciple marry the boy in a few years, then we could all be a big family. What do you think?”
Elder Feng’s lips twitched. “I wouldn’t dare to call the sect master my brother-in-law.” I wouldn’t want to, either.
“What a pity.” Zhang Guan Yu smiled just as brightly as before.
He definitely didn’t mind what the two Elders had said. Ah, these short-sighted people just had no idea! Just this morning he had divined the future and saw a sign of strong emotion that might lead to either death or marital bliss. He’d be an idiot if he didn’t try his best to make it the latter, wouldn’t he?

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