RMN C6 A Much Better Role Model

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Yun Bei Fen didn’t notice anything going on around him whether it was his master’s complicated mood or the sect master’s contemplating gaze when he looked at him. He only had eyes for that youth.
Right now, the youth was fighting against the two boys that had stood next to the ring before. Those two were older than the ones from before and seemed to be closer to the age of the white-dressed youth. They were wearing the same gray robes like the ones from before, though.
Once again, the two boys attacked and the youth evaded them. This time, he didn’t wait long before striking. His hands hit them a few times but the result wasn’t as overbearing as before. The two boys grew slower with time, though, as if the continuous hits took their toll on them.
It seemed like they would lose for sure and Yun Bei Fen got ready to cheer for his role model. But then things developed differently. Who knew where he took the strength from but one of the boys in the gray robes jumped even faster at the youth than he had at the beginning, his sword coming dangerously close to his arm.
Yun Bei Fen gave a yelp and clutched his master’s robe tighter.
He didn’t have to worry though. The white-clothed youth drew his own weapon in time. The blade glinted in the sunlight, the white sleeves of his robe billowed in the breeze and the boy’s weapon was thrown into the air, he himself losing his balance and falling to the ground. The youth’s sword drew another small arc and remained in front of the boy.
Once again, he had clearly won the fight.
Yun Bei Fen finally cheered. He turned back to his new father to see if he was cheering, too but had to find out that he wasn’t even paying attention. Yun Bei Fen pursed his lips and looked back at the youth.
His little heart thumped loudly. So this was a cultivator! Now he finally understood what his new father had been talking about. Mn, seeing him he really felt that he wanted to become one. Not just because his parents had wanted that for him but because he really wanted to become like this youth!
Yun Bei Fen turned back to his master and clutched his sleeve with both hands. “Fa—”
Baili Chao hurriedly covered his mouth with a hand. “Disciple, is there something you want to inquire from your master?”
Yun Bei Fen blinked. What was his new father talking about? “I’m called Yun Bei Fen.” He couldn’t have forgotten already, could he?
Baili Chao sighed and picked the little one up. He turned to the sect master and Elders and nodded. “This one will continue to show his disciple around and explain everything to him. Farewell.”
“Mn.” Sect Master Zhang waved magnanimously. “You should bring him over to Elder Feng’s disciple. Let the two of them have a good chat. I feel like they’ll get along very well.”
“Of course, Sect Master.” Baili Chao hurriedly turned around and carried his disciple away. From afar, he heard how the sect master started to harass the other elders.
“Eh, Elder Feng, what’s your disciple called again?”
“Mei Chao Bing.”
“Oh, so it was Mei Chao Bing. Eh, come to think of it …”
His voice faded away in the distance. Baili Chao took a sigh of relief and started to carry his little disciple around, explaining everything they saw.
Yes, these people in casual clothes were the participants of the admission test. Mn, the ones in the gray robes were the outer sect disciples that had the chance of becoming inner sect disciples at today’s test. No, they wouldn’t have the same test. The outer sect disciples needed to fight against the inner sect disciples. Yes, the inner sect disciples were the ones in the white robes.
No, he didn’t need to care about this. He was already his direct disciple. Why should he care about the normal disciples of the outer and inner sect? He was already in a much better situation! What? He wanted to become part of the inner sect?
Baili Chao stopped in his tracks and stared at his disciple. “Why would you want to become an inner sect disciple if you’re already my direct disciple? Didn’t I just explain that being a direct disciple is much better?”
“But he’s also wearing a white robe!” Yun Bei Fen stubbornly pointed at the youth. “I want a white robe, too.”
Baili Chao’s lips twitched. “You want to have a white robe because he has one?”
“Mn!” Yun Bei Fen nodded. “I want to have a white robe like him!”
Yun Bei Fen was stunned. He blinked at his new father and pondered. Naturally, the latter was done while observing the youth in his white robe instead of his master. “I … I want to be a cultivator like him! I need a white robe!” He couldn’t explain any better.
Baili Chao gazed at his disciple contemplatively. He had a very bad premonition. “You mean you want a white robe like mine.”
Yun Bei Fen turned back to him and examined the white robe as well as he could from Baili Chao’s arms. Finally, he shook his head. “No, I want a white robe like his! I want to become a cultivator like him!”
Baili Chao sighed. Child, can’t you see that it’s the same kind of white robe? The only difference is the quality and mine is even better! Why won’t you set your goal a little higher?
Unfortunately, he was just too aware that the boy probably didn’t think like that. He couldn’t judge the difference in quality and he couldn’t tell the strength of a cultivator. In the end, he had probably just seen him fight and decided that that disciple looked cool. Ah, he really should have shown off some moves while he brought his disciple over. Well, it was too late now anyway.
And anyway, at least he hadn’t taken a liking to some trash that was only making trouble. Baili Chao knew that Mei Chao Bing. He was a fine youth and would probably become a good cultivator some day. His disciple could have chosen someone worse.
“His name is Mei Chao Bing. You should keep that in mind if you really want to become a cultivator like him.”
“Mn!” Yun Bei Fen beamed. He didn’t forget about the most important part though. “And the robe?”
Baili Chao laughed and ruffled his disciple’s hair. “I’ll get you one. First, I’ll show you where you’ll live from now on. Alright?”
“Mn. Alright.” Yun Bei Fen nodded happily. He didn’t care what happened first and what happened after. He just wanted to have a robe like him. Mei Chao Bing. Mn.
He continued to smile happily while watching the youth from the vantage point of Baili Chao’s shoulder. Mn, one day, he would be a cultivator that was just as elegant as him! He was sure of it.

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