LWS V4C8 Getting the Readers on Board

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In the headquarters of the Heaven Corporation or, more precisely, the department of system admission, a certain female official was hugging a bag of chips to her chest while grinning like an idiot.
“Ah! The world is fair indeed! All my hard work is finally paying off!”
She pushed off the ground and whirled around on her chair. Mn, when he finished reading this book even Su Yan wouldn’t be able to misunderstand things! And when he found out just how much fun having sex with his boyfriend meant he certainly wouldn’t want to wait any longer! And then … and then her job was safe!
“Ahahahaha!” Shen Lu’s chair stopped spinning just when she was laughing. She frowned and pushed it around once more. “Ahahaha!”
Great! Too great!
“Adjusting Nie Chang’s list of bl novels was such a great idea!”
Uh? Ahem. Adjust? Had she just said adjust? She looked around but nobody had heard. All her colleagues were still as hard-working as ever. Uh … Yeah. Really hard-working.
She turned away and opened her personal terminal. Honestly, Nie Chang should be grateful. Just what kind of novels had he put in Su Yan’s library? That kind of roundabout wishy-washy story certainly wouldn’t enlighten him on the ways of being a good shou! No, he needed something more … obvious.
Shen Lu stared at the novel she had chosen and opened one of her favorite chapters. Mn … There was one problem though. But naturally, a resourceful official like her wouldn’t let that interfere with her work!
She grinned and navigated to the backend of the company’s bl website. Time to work some more magic!
[Su Yan, our favorite author from lesser planet 32847, has made tremendous progress in his own relationship and even his two stories are doing well. Unfortunately, he still lacks a lot of knowledge in regards to the genre he is supposed to write in. With the help of his gong Nie Chang, this is going to be changed soon too.
Naturally, the Heaven Corporation won’t treat you badly and will provide you with the access rights to all the novels on Su Yan’s reading list. This means you’ll be able to follow along closely while Su Yan takes his first steps as a reader of the bl genre.]
She had just sent the message along with the latest chapter when the first comments came in.
Master’s Favorite Disciple: [Ah, Madam Long, Madam Long, Madam Long!!! O((*^▽^*))o Thank you for the new chapter!]
Let Me Kiss You, Little Junior: [Little Junior, let this senior give you some advice: Go read the chapter first before you comment. Being the first isn’t the most important. The most important is to sound as profound as possible (ʃ⌣́,⌣́ƪ)]
Master’s Favorite Disciple: [Ah, you’re so smart, Let Me Kiss You, Little Junior! (。♥‿♥。)]
Cultivating Sword Arts: [The really important thing is to read fast and comment faster. @Madam Long: Nice chapter. Was as enlightening as ever. I see that it won’t take long for brother Su from the scribal peak to master the scriptures of sword arts now.]
Official Shen Lu nodded at the words of this wise reader. Indeed! Cultivating Sword Arts had understood correctly! Now, he only needed to head over there to educate Su Yan! Unfortunately for her, the discussion between those three readers wasn’t over yet.
Master’s Favorite Disciple: [Whoa! Senior Cultivating Sword Arts already finished reading the chapter?! (*〇□〇)……! I need to hurry too! ๐·°(৹˃̵﹏˂̵৹)°·๐]
Let Me Kiss You, Little Junior: [Are you happy now, brother Cultivating Sword Arts?! You chased my little junior away! (╬ Ò ‸ Ó)]
Shen Lu’s eyes narrowed. What were these guys doing?! Had they still not noticed the message she had sent with the chapter?! They needed to hurry to the network of the lesser planet now to make sure that Su Yan learned the ways of male-to-male love as soon as possible!
Thankfully, while there were unreliable readers, there were also some very dependable ones.
Cold-faced CEO: [I can only repeat myself: Did you forget what the Madam wrote? Why are you still here? Hurry up and do what she asked for! (ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )]
Where’s My Gong?: [Oh! I know that! Now I’m supposed to say ‘Shoo, shoo! Cold-faced CEO is right. Let’s go and educate the shou!’ Right, Cold-faced CEO? o(*^▽^*)o]
The Alpha And The Omega: [And even though we’ve already talked about this, you’ve still gotten it wrong: Educating the shou is the gong’s job! We shouldn’t meddle in that!]
Cold-faced CEO: [Just listen to the Madam]
There was a lull in the conversation as if they had either gone to read the chapter or already hurried over to the network of the lesser planet. Shen Lu hurriedly changed back to the website where Su Yan was currently reading ‘The Adventure of the Four Birds’.
As an employee of the Heaven Corporation, she didn’t have the right to comment herself, unfortunately, but she could at least take a look at what the readers were doing! Would they do a good job? And just how much education would this little shou need before he finally got the hang of it?
Ah, hopefully, Su Yan wouldn’t take any large break while reading! He definitely had to finish this novel by Friday so there wouldn’t be any problems when Su Yan and Nie Chang finally got around to try themselves at ‘dual cultivation’. Well, she couldn’t influence that but at least she had gotten the readers on board early on. If Su Yan found anything puzzling and commented, they could jump in and rescue him from his own cluelessness.
It soon turned out her preparations had been the right move because Su Yan already got utterly confused in the third chapter.

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