OMF V5C10 They Had to Make Sure

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Three pairs of eyes turned to Leng Jin Yu. Both the Heavenly Emperor and the Heavenly Empress blanked. Had they really just argued about the love life of their son in front of a stranger?
Qiang Yan looked at the ceiling. Neither his sister nor his brother-in-law had asked him to speak and Leng Jin Yu wasn’t the kind of person that would speak out of turn. Clearing his throat to draw their attention and make them ask him was already quite daring. Ah, it seemed he’d have to do this in Leng Jin Yu’s stead.
The God of War sighed. “That was also something Leng Jin Yu reported. Jing He breaking up with Qiu Ling was a misunderstanding. He somehow remembered that story about Tian and Xing and got it mixed up with his own past. He believes that the man he remembers from the Nine Heavens is Tian and that Qiu Ling is a stranger. So … He didn’t break up because he remembered any negative feelings about him.”
Bai Fen snorted. “I’d say it’s even the complete opposite. Jing He remembered and those memories, however incomplete they may be, were enough to make him leave the person he had fallen in love with in the mortal realm. So, what do you have to say now, Rong Su?”
The Heavenly Emperor didn’t say anything. He just stared blankly ahead. His son … His precious, little son had actually been taken away by that dandy already? Even though he had repeatedly warned him and tried to keep that bastard away, he had somehow managed to spend enough time with his Jing He to seduce him?
Rong Su staggered back and fell onto his chair. This couldn’t be! Impossible! His son … His precious son wouldn’t have fallen for such a dandy! He wasn’t someone who would be dazzled by just a pretty appearance. He wasn’t as shallow as that! And after being warned so many times, he shouldn’t give anything about some nice words either! Just how had this happened?!
Bai Fen harrumphed. “Don’t pretend to be so shocked. Don’t tell me you really know your son this bad. Wasn’t it obvious from the way he looked at him? He’s clearly smitten with Qiu Ling.”
“That …” The Heavenly Emperor wanted to retort but didn’t know what to say. Could it really be? He had hardly seen his son together with the dragon king and Jing He had always assured him that he definitely wouldn’t consider a man he didn’t accept. Just how could he have fallen in love with him? And why hadn’t he said anything?
If he had known, then … then he could have done something about it! He could have made sure that Jing He would understand that this man wasn’t any good. He could have prevented them from meeting any longer. Or he could have found someone better for him so Jing He could fall in love with that person instead. There would have been possibilities! Now, his son had actually done something like that.
Rong Su sighed and covered his face. “Let’s not talk about what he feels for Longjun for now. What do we do about the matter with the soul-engraving dagger? We have to check if he really used it!”
Bai Fen and Qiang Yan both nodded while Leng Jin Yu tried to minimize his presence again. This really wasn’t anything he should meddle in. He would just wait until they found a solution and then …
Leng Jin Yu looked at his hand where he was still wearing the ring from before his ascension. He had been human to begin with and then he had found fragments of his past life in the human realm. Maybe this was to show him that his place was there? That person … might also be waiting for him there. So, it was better if he returned. Not becoming part of the God of War’s palace was a small matter in comparison with losing out on meeting the love of his life.
The God of War had no idea that he had just lost the person he had thought of as part of his palace already. Instead, his thoughts were still concentrated on the matter at hand. “It would be good to make sure that he didn’t inadvertently injure his soul but who can say for sure that we wouldn’t do more harm than good? Checking a soul …” He shook his head. “I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t dare to do it.”
The Heavenly Emperor’s face didn’t look much better. He too wouldn’t dare to arbitrarily take a look at his son’s soul. The probability that something would go wrong and that Jing He’s soul might be further harmed in the process was just too high.
Silence engulfed the room. They had to check but they couldn’t. What were they to do now?
Finally, Bai Fen perked up. “What about Senior Xin? Didn’t you say he came by because of the demons? If anyone knows how to do this, it’s him! We should ask if he would be willing to take a look for us.”
The Heavenly Emperor nodded. “Senior Xin … He should indeed be able to do this. Unfortunately, he already left with Longjun after he found out what he wanted. Contacting him again after this should be difficult.”
Qiang Yan nodded in agreement. “Yes. And he already disappeared once before this. If not for him showing up on his own again, everyone would have thought he had died.”
“Then how about we ask Qiu Ling for help? Didn’t you say he came with him? He might know where Senior Xin went. If we have at least a direction, we could send someone to search.”
Qiang Yan sighed. His sister wasn’t wrong but … “I’m not sure about that. If I understood correctly, then Senior Xin was pursuing this matter at the late king’s order. The current Longjun might not be that much involved. He probably only followed him since they wanted to get brother-in-law’s help.” He shook his head. This situation was really …
“We should at least try!” Bai Fen took out the transmission stone Qiu Ling had given her and imbued her energy. The stone pulsed with white light but nothing else happened. Bai Fen sighed. “He’s probably still hurt because of what happened with Jing He.” And considering what had happened the last time her son-in-law got rejected he was probably lying somewhere dead-drunk. Reaching him now would be impossible.
The Heavenly Emperor once again slammed his hand down on the table. “Damn this! Now that he could be of use once he just ignores us! How dare he call himself our son-in-law?!”
Bai Fen narrowed her eyes. So now her husband remembered that Qiu Ling was their son-in-law?
Qiang Yan also looked away. And then, he finally noticed Leng Jin Yu again who still stood behind him. Ah, right. He should probably let him go for now. This wasn’t anything he could help with.
“Leng Jin Yu …”
Leng Jin Yu nodded. He had at least half listened to what was being said. “I indeed saw Longjun before returning from the mortal realm. And there were two men beside him. I just don’t know …”
He had seen neither Xin Lan nor Bai Mu before and he hadn’t heard their names. How would he know if one of them was the Senior Xin they were discussing?

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